Osteoarthritis of the foot

Today osteoarthritis is an extremely common disease among the elderly. The most frequently diagnosed osteoarthritis of the foot, the lesions of other joints (for example, osteoarthritis of the elbow joint) are detected less frequently. Approximately 80% of people over fifty years of age are diagnosed with this disease. Sometimes the disease can occur much earlier. There are a number of cases of damage to them already by the age of thirty years.

Остеоартроз стопы

The disease primarily affects the cartilage tissue that leads to their destruction. Together with the changes in the cartilage occur, and the changes in bone tissue under them. This leads to the formation of bone spurs and joint deformities. If you do not identify the disease at an early stage and time does not begin treatment, the consequences can be very sad, until the complete loss of a joint of its functionality.

What triggers osteoarthritis

To name a specific cause that triggers the development of the disease, can not no doctor. The value is a number of factors within our life leading to weakening of the cartilage. It is the summation of these factors can be a certain time to cause the development of osteoarthritis. While the onset of the disease can be taken in the form of a confluence of adverse circumstances that each person may be different. However, there are several factors that have a significant impact on the development of the disease.

  • Age. The older the person, the cartilage is less elastic and durable. Of course, not all people in old age will develop osteoarthritis, but in combination with other adverse factors, older age significantly increases the risk of developing.
  • Birth defects. In a sufficiently large number of newborns observed connective tissue dysplasia, leading to a hypermobility of the joints and early development of osteoarthritis. If you do not follow medical advice in the field of motoring, the consequence could be the early development of osteoarthritis. Another congenital anomaly is dislocated (complete or incomplete) of the hip joint. If not novel, timely and proper treatment, this anomaly is likely to lead to severe destruction of the joint.Остеоартроз стопы
  • Heredity. Scientists have proven that the predisposition to some types of osteoarthritis is transmitted from parents to children. So, if the mother suffers from nodular form of the disease, her daughter has a pretty high probability of getting sick.
  • Injury. Very often the development of osteoarthritis triggered by strong or repetitive injuries. Most often the result of injuries become osteoarthritis foot osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, knees and elbows are affected a bit less.
  • Comorbidities. The development of osteoarthritis by far occurs more often in people suffering from any metabolic disorders or endocrine disorders. It is noticed that the osteoarthritis also provokes obesity, diabetes, thyroid cancer, and menopausal changes in women. Occasionally osteoarthritis occurs as a result of diseases of the spine.
  • If you suspect the development of osteoarthritis should consider any factors that may affect the appearance of the disease.

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    Symptoms of osteoarthritis

    First, what causes the patient to seek help from a doctor, is pain. It is the pain in the affected joint is the first symptom of the disease, however, it can be as sharp and moderate. To painful sensations can be added to the limitation. Severe pain is usually the result of reactive inflammation of the joint (synovitis) or the inflammation of the tissues around it.

    Inflammatory pain is usually worse from any movement, but the rest do not always provide their absence, often in the second half of the night, they still occur. If the treatment is carried out correctly, mild inflammation occurs quite rapidly as a result are in pain and mobility improves. If the osteoarthritis of the joints is in the early stages, but inflammation is not observed, the pain almost non-existent. However, their appearance is called prolonged elevated stress on the joint.

    The development of the disease can occur in any joint. What joints are primarily affected, depends on which form is related disease. Arthrosis of the first form mainly affects the small joints of the feet and hands, while the fingers begin to form seals (nodules Heberden), are outgrowths of bone around the joint. This forms include osteoarthritis of the ankle joint and often ranked among the osteoarthritis of the elbow joint. Amazed brush lose much functionality even in mild disease.

    If osteoarthritis affects the joints of the reference, then it belongs to the second form. Such joints are hip and knee. Quite often the disease is this form causing pain and spine.

    In the case of destruction of several joints, the disease is called polyarthrosis.

    The lesion of peripheral joints

    Osteoarthritis of the peripheral joints is a degenerative disease takes the chronic form. At its core is the degeneration of cartilage of the joints, which eventually leads to changes in the surfaces of bones and the appearance of marginal osteophytes. In addition, the possible deformation of the joint and the development, in some cases, synovitis.

    In women, the most frequently observed lesion of the metacarpal-carpal joint in the thumb. The development of such bilateral osteoarthritis usually occurs. It begins usually in menopause.

    Osteoarthritis of the elbow joint occurs a little less often. The consequence of it are a pain arising from arm movement, and some limitation of motion (mainly deteriorates the extension). In addition to these types of osteoarthritis can affect the shoulder and ankle joints. Quite rare osteoarthritis of sternoclavicular joint.

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    Among all afflicted with osteoarthritis of the joints is necessary especially to highlight the ankle. The disease mainly occurs due to various injuries, which happen quite often. As a consequence of this disease is the deformation of the joint and violation of the walk, which may cause curvature of the spine.

    Over time, can begin the development of osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, which in most cases is bilateral.

    Problems of the foot

    Osteoarthritis of the foot is a chronic pathology characterized by dystrophic and degenerative processes in the tissues of the articular cartilage. Alas, but it is pathology of the foot has become for middle-aged people and the elderly a real problem, because most of them suffer from this disease. Most often, the lesion affects the big toes, but often extends to other joints.

    The disease may be provoked by many factors, common to which is a violation of proper blood circulation in the foot. Quite often, the arthritis begins to develop in people suffering from flat feet, asymmetry of the legs or having deformed toes. Manifestations of the disease is clearly determined by the extent to which it has progressed.

    Degree Symptoms Forecast
    The first stages of the disease, characterized by: periodic pain in the fingers, which become stronger after exercise, although the beginning of the pathology often takes place virtually without any symptoms. If timely identify the disease and begin treatment, the disease often fails to suspend. It is possible, and treatment of folk remedies.
    In the next stages of the pathology observed: lesions more severe, the pain begin to wear almost a permanent character, begins to develop inflammation. Becomes clearly noticeable deformity of the joint, and arthrosis can capture and the knee joint. Treatment is complex.

    Freedom of movement of the ankle is limited, there is a change in gait, which sometimes leads to spinal curvature.

    Methods of treatment

    Treatment of osteoarthrosis of the foot can be started once the diagnosis is clear. The doctor, after exclusion of other diseases with similar symptoms, shall appoint an x-ray examination. This is followed by a series of blood tests. In the clarification stage of the disease helps arthroscopy, accurately showing the internal damage in the joint. Treatment is appointed in accordance with the particular stage of the disease. To postpone it is not recommended because the unpleasant consequences can occur quite quickly, for example, sometimes there is curvature of the spine.

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    Остеоартроз стопы

    The treatment is carried out with the aim of restoring mobility and getting rid of the pain. Almost always the treatment of this disease is complex. Usually prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and in some severe cases, even the injection of steroids directly into the joint cavity. In addition, be sure there are courses of physical therapy and promoting the restoration of the joint physiotherapy. The relatively large number of patients are not neglected and folk remedies.

    In the process of treatment and further prevention of the disease great importance is the diet. It is important that the diet of the patient should include more oily fish, various meat products, lean meats, low fat dairy products and greens. It is recommended to limit or eliminate the consumption of sugar, assorted baked goods, sausages, pasta, chocolate and fast food products.

    The diet involves eating moderately salty and fatty foods.

    Traditional methods of therapy

    Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies used by many people and has sufficient effectiveness. If the disease is identified in the initial stage, the folk remedies may provide pain relief and restore movement ability. However, be aware that the treatment of folk remedies can be carried out only at the initial stage of the disease, their effectiveness in the development of the disease is greatly reduced.

    And diet, treatment of folk remedies should be used for a long time and be systematic. Prevention of folk remedies helps to stop the development of pathology, without requiring large financial expenditures. You only need to take them regularly. If there is aggravation, folk remedies successfully managed to remove the pain.

    Various recipes to help sufferers with osteoarthritis was developed by healers since ancient times, so a lot of them. Note that these recipes are strongly tied to the natural conditions of a specific region that determines their composition. Traditional medicines can be a decoctions, ointments and mixtures.

    Despite a reasonably effective means of alternative medicine, it is recommended to be examined in medical institution and to the recommendations of an experienced physician. Only in this case the prognosis can be quite good, and the progression of the disease stopped.