Osteoarthritis of the hands: stage, treatment of the disease

Остеоартроз кистей рук: стадии, лечение заболевания

Looks like the hand on the last stage of the disease

Osteoarthritis finger joints — a disease in which there are degenerative changes of joint cartilage tissue that leads to its irreversible destruction. When this cartilage loses its properties and can not cope with its functions. Thus, after deformation and destruction of the cartilage of the affected bone under the joint.

Osteoarthritis is not the only disease in which joint damage occurs the fingers. The same symptoms have gout, arthritis, and other diseases. If you note the following symptoms, consult a doctor. It will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

The etiology of the disease

There may be 2 types of osteoarthritis: primary (idiopathic) and secondary. The latter starts after the inflammatory diseases, injuries, etc. It is a complication resulting from some underlying disease. The cause and origin of idiopathic osteoarthritis is unclear.

How to understand whether you have the predisposition to osteoarthritis? Need to know the factors that contribute to disease development.

  • Belonging to the female sex. This disease, according to statistics, more often affects women. The risk of developing this disease increases after menopause.
  • The genetic factor. The predisposition to the disease can be transmitted from parents and grandparents.
  • The disease develops in diseases of the musculoskeletal system: bones, joints, muscles. This can facilitate operations on these organs.
  • The presence of excess weight.
  • Every year, especially after age 40, the risk of Contracting the disease increases.
  • Overload of the musculoskeletal system, injuries of bones and joints.
  • Остеоартроз кистей рук: стадии, лечение заболевания

    Osteoarthritis most often affects the joints of the fingers. Can marvel ultimate phalanges — nodules Heberden. When the disease progresses, osteophytes appear. In this case bone tissue grows, so that it becomes visible thickening of the joint. At the extreme stage of the disease the finger becomes immobile or has an unnatural mobility.

    The joints on one hand affects gradually, one by one, not all at once. Appear the aforementioned nodules, seals, they do not hurt, and can only issue a crisp sound when driving. In this case, when the revival is hard to move your fingers, although after 20 minutes it goes. Inflammation in the joint gives the feeling of increased temperature, burning at the site of the lesion.

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    Between the surface of the nail and a sick joint can appear soft balls is a cyst. When you click on them there is a sharp pain. The cyst may spontaneously explode, it’s fine.

    If left untreated, it will progress and go into an irreversible stage. Phalanx will be uneven, the fingers are bent, there will be discomfort, and then added the pain during the movements. If you do not slow the progression of the disease, you can be in a wheelchair.


    Остеоартроз кистей рук: стадии, лечение заболевания

    The x — ray effective diagnosis of diseases of the joints

    Most often the disease affects only certain joints. Osteoarthritis of the brush affects the metacarpophalangeal joints II through V, the elbow and wrist joints. The x-rays very clearly visible signs of the disease even in its primary form. In subsequent stages of the disease symptoms can be seen with the naked eye. We must note that the General analysis of blood shows no presence of disease. The results will be observed that the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein was normal.

    There are 3 stages of this disease.

  • External differences are not noticeable. Changes in the structure of the joint is visible only on x-ray and biochemistry of the synovial fluid of the joint. The patient experiences discomfort only when the load on the joint.
  • On x-ray between the joint surfaces you may notice the bone growth. The patient begins to experience pain constantly and in any situation.
  • At the last stage of the disease are present not only pain but also limited mobility in the joint. The x-rays it is possible to notice severe thinning or disappearance of cartilage in the joint, the synovial fluid will be quite small.
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    Therapy of osteoarthritis of the finger joints

    Остеоартроз кистей рук: стадии, лечение заболевания

    Basic exercises for the prevention of disease

    In osteoarthritis of the hands treatment can be operative and conservative. Usually choose the second option. Treatment of osteoarthritis is aimed to minimize consequences of the disease and its symptoms, such as pain, inflammation, deformity of the cartilage, limitation.

    When therapy is used:

    • physiotherapy: electrophoresis, phonophoresis, etc.;
    • physical education.

    To treat osteoarthritis of hands you need with the help of physical exercises. If you have issues with food and excess weight it is recommended a special diet.

    Effective use of NSAIDs (nesteroidne anti-inflammatory drugs): ketorol, ortofena, etc. They remove all the symptoms of inflammation and pain at the same time. Applying them, you need to remember about the side effects: drugs may cause problems with the stomach, creating ulcers. There are NSAIDs selective action (Movalis, celecoxib), they protect the stomach wall. The familiar paracetamol, NSAIDs are also allocated in a separate group, it can help in acute forms of the disease. Colchicine is a very effective drug.

    In addition, it is possible to use various excipients. These include drugs on the basis of chondroitin and glucosamine in various forms. It is from these substances partly consists of cartilage. These drugs have a cumulative principle: one should not expect that the effect from them will appear the next day. They are applied at the final stage of treatment after administration of NSAIDs, because they cannot be used in the event of severe inflammation.

    You must first cure the inflammatory process, and then to implement prevention using hyaluronic acid. Previously, doctors believed that helps the delivery of oxygen to the inside of the joint, supposedly this unloads the joint, creates a cushion of air. Now this method is not used. Now inside the joint capsule are injected hyaluronic acid, which softens the friction between the surfaces.

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    If the patient is in pain, but conventional treatment does not help, it is necessary to conduct the operation. When surgical intervention is the replacement of the joint of the limb or correction of deformity and replacement of the cartilage. Such operation is called arthroplasty. Now, with unsuccessful traditional treatment methods do not wait for an extreme stage manifestations of the disease and immediately hold the prosthesis.

    Osteoarthritis of the hands is the most common disease of the joints. According to statistics, it is the biggest obstacle to live and work in communities around the world. In the United States alone suffer from this 20 million people. 80% of people over the age of 75 years experiencing this disease.

    Most often osteoarthritis affects the joints of the hands, then the inflammation goes on the hip, knee and ankle joints. To cure this disease completely impossible, you can only slow down its development and to get rid of the discomfort.

    Coxarthrosis is a heavier version of osteoarthritis. In this case, the affected hip joint. In coxarthrosis the probability to remain disabled. It occurs due to anatomic anomalies (different leg length) or in tissue necrosis. Gonarthrosis is not such a terrible disease. He claims he is constant pain in the joints.