Osteoarthritis of the small joints of the hands

Osteoarthritis of the small joints of the feet and hands is quite a common occurrence in medical practice. Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease characterized by degenerative changes in the cartilage of the joint. The disease affects both large (osteoarthritis of the hip and knee) and small joints. This disease affects mostly elderly people.

Артроз мелких суставов кистей рук

Why is there illness

At the core of why aching joints of the hands, is a violation of metabolic processes in the body. With food in the human body get the vitamins and nutrients. The body fails and cannot absorb and distribute these substances. The cartilage of the hands can suffer from such a violation, because it ceases to need power to maintain its elasticity and strength. The lack of nutrition of the cartilage may also be associated with disorders of the circulatory system. In addition, there are many factors that can lead to the development of this disease.

  • Excessive load. This is one of the main factors causing the arthritis. For example, the disease of the knee joints can occur from excess weight, as well as employment and sports activities associated with carrying heavy loads. Osteoarthritis of the hands occurs from large load on the fingers (e.g., musicians, seamstresses, or workers involved in agriculture).
  • Injuries and bruises. Rupture of the knee ligaments, damaged meniscus might in the future lead to the development of osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Poor diet.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Autoimmune diseases (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis), hemophilia (incoagulability blood), thyroid disease. Osteoarthritis can cause sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea), as well as tuberculosis.
  • Genetic predisposition. Arthrosis of the joints of the hands can be transmitted by inheritance.
  • The disease has a chronic nature, therefore can alternate remission and exacerbation stage. Such patients are especially dependent on the meteorological conditions (possible aggravation in wet weather).

    The stage and the symptoms of the disease

    At first, the disease can be completely asymptomatic, joints don’t ache and don’t bother people. But over time appear insignificant painful sensations. Movements are accompanied by a crunch. Depending on the stage of the disease the symptoms develop and become more intense.

    There are three stages of arthritis.

    Stage The clinical picture Treatment
    Osteoarthritis of 1 degree. There are minor manifestations. The pain is aching in nature. For example, in the knee joints, the pain manifests itself during the starting of the movement or after prolonged exertion. At rest pain does not bother people. Tied down there. At this stage, treatment is possible at home. It is enough to follow a proper diet and exercise.
    Arthrosis 2 degrees. Is characterized by more intense pain. When driving you hear the crunch. On the fingers appear nodules and seals that are in motion. Inside joints have begun the process of destruction of cartilage. The cartilages become thinner, lose their elasticity. Treatment is possible with medication and adjustments in lifestyle.
    The osteoarthritis grade 3 Can be seen visually. On phalanxes of fingers there are «bumps», fingers deformed. Due to the fact that the cartilage tissue is almost completely absent, in their place are formed by bone spurs (osteophytes). Joints hurt constantly. The pain persists even during the night. The patient also feels a burning sensation and aching. Place of inflammation may be red and hot to the touch. At this stage, treatment with medication is ineffective. With osteoarthritis of the knee recommended surgery (e.g. arthroplasty).

    Артроз мелких суставов кистей рук

    The main symptom is pain.

    Classification according to localization of lesions

    Osteoarthritis klassificeret by the number of affected joints. Isolated osteoarthritis of the local and generalized. Local – when it affects the joints only in a certain place (inflammation of the knee joints or hands). Generalized means that multiple inflamed joints (hands, knees, feet).

    Local arthritis is of two types: primary and secondary. Local primary osteoarthritis is a disease the cause of which cannot be unambiguously determined (heredity, adverse environmental conditions, etc.). Secondary osteoarthritis has clearly established the reasons for its occurrence (infection, disorders of the endocrine system).

    Generalized osteoarthritis may also be of two types: primary and secondary polyosteoarthrosis polyosteoarthrosis. Primary polyosteoarthrosis – violation of the musculoskeletal system, which is also characterized by uncertain factors of its occurrence. Causes of secondary polyosteoarthrosis – gout, Kronos.

    In order to protect yourself from this insidious disease, follow the simple rules of prevention for a healthy diet and exercise. Not peretrudites. Do not tighten the visit to the doctor at the slightest presence of anxiety symptoms.

    Remember: treatment in the early stages will bring positive results and help prevent disability.

    How to deal with osteoarthritis

    Treatment of osteoarthritis requires a comprehensive approach. Treatment involves correction of lifestyle, medication, and physical therapy. People with osteoarthritis of the knee you need to get rid of extra pounds, if any. In this patient diet and moderate exercise.

    Proper nutrition is a must not only for patients but also for all who don’t want to have any health problems. You must exclude from your diet salty, sweet and fatty foods. You also need to forget about ready-made meat products like sausages, frankfurters, and foods containing preservatives. Also need to give up drinking alcohol, Smoking and coffee consumption. Divide your daily diet into 5 parts, not the usual 3 meals a day. Eat dairy products (milk, cheese, sour cream, butter). Also useful are eggs and meat. Meat should be eaten only boiled or baked form.

    Medical treatment includes drugs of different actions. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs («Ibuprofen») eliminates the inflammatory process and pain syndrome. They can be in the form of tablets or injected directly into the joint. Vasodilator drugs help to normalize the blood circulation in the damaged joint than improve metabolism.

    A long illness can trigger muscle spasms. In such cases, prescribe muscle relaxants. If the treatment is chondroprotectors, it becomes more effective. These medications are designed to repair and form new cartilage.

    Physiotherapy helps to improve blood circulation in the damaged area and relieve pain if the joints ache. For osteoarthritis recommend magnetic therapy, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches), paraffin. It is also shown Spa treatment with mud or mineral water.

    Another important point is physical activity. In case of arthrosis of the fingers is required every day by doing simple exercises. Within a few minutes of «play the piano» and knead each phalanx of the fingers. For example, in osteoarthritis of the knee shows moderate load during periods of remission.

    The most effective and gentle form of physical activity is swimming.

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