Osteoarthritis: the treatment of nature, the use of chondroprotectors

Osteoarthritis is a common and very serious disease of the hip joint degenerative-inflammatory nature. The disease, if untreated, progresses, gradually limiting movement and human performance, leading to disability. Of the hip: treatment by what means he responds?

The nature of coxarthrosis

Коксартроз: лечение, природа, применение хондропротекторов

The diseased hip joint is devoid of cartilage «cushion»is quickly destroyed

Osteoarthritis is associated with impaired metabolism of the interarticular cartilage. Cartilage performs two functions — skidding and shock absorption. When the cartilage begins to break down, get lost of depreciation loading, broken slide, and the ends of the articulated between the bones begin to RUB directly against each other.

The hip has 3 stages of development. At the initial stage, there is a small pain in groin when trying to get out of the chair after a long walk. Later, when moving you hear a distinctive crunch in the diseased joint, accompanied by pain in back and knee, and groin. There is a gradual deformation of the hip joint, one leg is shorter, gait changes — becomes lopsided. At this stage, for the movement already need a cane.

If you do not pay attention to such symptoms and are not promptly treated, the consequences can be quite severe. Sometimes not to do without surgical intervention. Surgery to replace the diseased joint very long and traumatic, also has a lot of contraindications.

The nature of coxarthrosis associated with the operation of forming the cartilage cells called chondrocytes. It is influenced, on the one hand, genetics on the other — injuries and biomechanical load. Every cartilage injury causes additional blood flow, rich in oxygen, for quick maintenance. The abundance of oxygen leads to the formation of a mass of free radicals, which destroys the chondrocytes. The repair of cartilage, more and more slowing down, his damage is already not kompensiruet, and the case ends with coxarthrosis.

It is important to know how to treat coxarthrosis of the hip joint. Modern methods allow to significantly relieve the patient’s condition on the first two stages, but a full recovery will not be achieved. In the third stage, treatment is almost not help.

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The use of chondroprotectors

Коксартроз: лечение, природа, применение хондропротекторов

More recently, the doctor would recommend in coxarthrosis rest and analgesics. Now, most will prescribe a comprehensive treatment including:

  • use of such drugs as hondroprotektory;
  • a set of exercises to pump the muscles;
  • diet;
  • relaxation;
  • non-pharmacological methods of pain relief.

Chondroprotectors in coxarthrosis — chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Are medicines which nourish and regenerate cartilage, reduce pain intensity and reduce the need for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are used for the treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint on the 1-2 stages of the disease. Today chondroprotectors recognized as the most effective drugs for this disease.

Drugs act very slowly, because cartilage rebuilding is a long process. To take medication should be courses for 3-6 months. From this it follows that the treatment of the diseased joint requires patience. But if you count how many time the disease develops, then a year of therapy will be a doddle.

Chondroprotectors are available for oral administration in the form of tablets or capsules. Different manufacturers produce drugs for about the same price — 1000 rubles per pack (60 pieces). Each tablet or capsule contains 0.5 g of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Among other medicines are the following:

  • Artra;
  • Arthropica;
  • Teraflex;
  • Structum.

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint treated by intramuscular administration of chondroprotectors. For more rapid effect is administered 10 to 20 injections per course. Help to make treatment drugs:

Коксартроз: лечение, природа, применение хондропротекторов

The introduction of medication directly into the diseased joint.

  • Don;
  • Alflutop;
  • Albona;
  • Hondrolon;
  • Naltrex;
  • Aggelon.

In addition, chondroprotectors are available for insertion directly into the joints:

  • Permatron;
  • Sinogram;
  • Synvisc;
  • Ostenil.
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When using chondroprotectors should know that the restoration of cartilage is continued in the intervals when drugs are not accepted.

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. People who have suffered injury or having a predisposition to diseases of the joints, cartilage protectors should be taken as a preventive measure.

Special exercises

Comprehensive treatment involves not only the use of drugs. Need to monitor their own weight. This will help diet and exercise.

The disease begins when limited food joint. This means that the blood stopped supplying a particular organ. The power exercised by the muscles, or rather their vessels. It is for him along with the blood come nutrients and carried away unwanted toxins, toxins. From this it follows that it is necessary to restore the muscles and together with them of the ligaments surrounding the diseased joint. Remember: treats are not any movement, and correct.

People with osteoarthritis should forget about running, football, team sports and training. What? To do exercises for the patient’s joint, the unloading and loading of the muscle. To choose the right exercises will help physiotherapist.