Osteochondrosis of lumbar spine: treatment of folk remedies and its benefits

There are people who claim that they have never in my life have a bad back. Another thing is that to the doctor on this occasion people come rarely, preferring not to take medication, and to act on the principle «be patient, yet eager, perhaps been ill». This position can be respected, but smart won’t call her. Pain in the spine are often the result of degenerative disc disease of his lumbar spine, and this insidious disease may later cause chronic sciatica or herniated discs.Остеохондроз поясничного отдела: лечение народными средствами и его преимущества

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine and its causes

To find the effective methods to treat the disease, you need to see how it affects the body. Simply put, degenerative disc disease of the lumbar is the destruction of the intervertebral discs, resulting in the violation of the mobility of the spine.

The causes of this disease are many, chief among them:

  • overweight;
  • heavy physical work;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • the constant stress on the spine due to poor posture or flat feet;
  • injuries of the spine;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • aging and related changes in the body.

But this list of reasons does not end there. The appearance of osteochondrosis of the lumbar can cause any long-lasting effects on the spine. For example, frequent and long stay in an uncomfortable position, as well as much-loved women’s high heels.

About the problems in the lumbosacral spine indicates back pain, often radiating into the legs.

The pain may appear suddenly, cough or awkward movement. It can be sharp or dull and aching. In the initial phase of the disease for a long period of rest helps to reduce pain, even if not to take painkillers: pills and ointments.

The basics of treatment with traditional methods

To diagnose degenerative disc disease of the lumbar can only be a doctor after the examination, when applying modern methods. Accurate diagnosis is essential: this disease is very tricky and requires long-term continuous treatment of six months or more. Moreover, during periods of exacerbation you need to treat it medication using pain pills and ointments.

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After the consultation and with the consent of the doctor can be treated at home. Although drug treatment is very important in the period of remission does not have to swallow pills. It is possible to do with traditional methods, definitely adding vitamins. The latter is very important as vitamins In the return sensitivity of the skin, vitamins A and E needed for the recovery process, and vitamin D strengthens the bone tissue.

Остеохондроз поясничного отдела: лечение народными средствами и его преимуществаAfter the period of exacerbation mandatory expensive medications can successfully replace drugs from the Arsenal of folk medicine. They are able to significantly reduce pain, relieve inflammation and incipient even in large measure to repair damaged tissue. But only if medications are prepared correctly.

People’s funds are divided into several large groups:

  • warms compresses and ointments;
  • massage;
  • pain tincture;
  • herbal bath.

Compresses, ointments and baths affect the damaged areas of the spine, warming them and reducing pain.

Massage in the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease is partially able to replace worn on the waist belt of sheep or dog hair, which gives the right to include this method in the treatment of folk remedies. In addition to wearing the belt, you can ask someone from relatives to thoroughly RUB hands painful areas of the back. This is not a full massage, but this procedure, especially with the use of essential oils helps to relieve muscle tension and greatly improve blood circulation in the damaged area of the spine.

How to treat lower back herbs

Herbal bath can have on sore back fast and effective healing effects. For their preparation using crushed fruits of horse chestnut, birch leaves or chamomile flowers. After the first bath, the patient will feel a noticeable relief, but such a course «vinoterapia» should not exceed 7 receptions. This is enough to remove the pain from the spine, but not enough to consolidate the achieved positive effect. Therefore it is better to treat the disease is the alternation of baths and other methods.

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To pain tinctures should always be treated with caution. Without proper experience of the herbalist are drugs the right way to make difficult, and funds improperly prepared can cause poisoning, sometimes so serious that it required medical treatment. Apply these drugs inadvisable and even for the reason that in the period of exacerbation of pain you need to take doctor prescribed pain pills, and after acute pain is relatively tolerable, and tablets it is possible to replace prepared on the basis of a variety of herbs warming ointments and compresses.

Recipes effective compresses and ointment with your hands

Остеохондроз поясничного отдела: лечение народными средствами и его преимуществаFolk remedies have a rich Arsenal of prescriptions for the treatment of pain in the spine and lower back. Time-tested methods allow you to quickly cope with the disease. The most effective treatment to restore the spine are obtained by inclusion in the composition of St. John’s wort, have the unique ability to deeply penetrate into the bone tissue and regenerate damaged areas of cartilage.

Half a litre of any vegetable oil is added 150 g of flowers of Hypericum, the oil then half an hour of languishing in a water bath, after which it has another day to infuse. The resulting infusion is a day to RUB in the spine, pre-steam in this place the skin for maximum penetration rubbing the oil deeply into the skin. Half a liter of this oil is enough for 10-12 days of daily use.

Another recipe great facilities, able to effectively treat lumbar degenerative disc disease, includes the leaves of burdock, dandelion root and herb St. John’s wort. All 3 components are taken in equal proportions, are crushed and poured boiling water 1 tbsp mixture per Cup of boiling water. A decoction need to bring to the boil, then allow to stand 5-15 minutes, then strain. Clean cloth, preferably linen, soaked in this herbal decoction and apply the compress on the lower back for 10 min. the Period of use of such drugs is not limited, it should be performed daily until complete recovery.

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In addition to St. John’s wort, widely used to treat osteoarthritis drugs on the basis of oak bark, chamomile medicinal, pine needles and aloe. But we should remember that despite the proven effectiveness of preparations from the Arsenal of folk medicine are only help in treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine.

To get rid of this disease is possible with comprehensive treatment methods, including traditional medicines and alternative remedies, vitamins and physiotherapy. Then it’s safe to say that the disease is defeated.