Osteochondrosis of the hip joint

Osteochondrosis of the hip joint is a common disease among longshoremen, athletes (weightlifters, bodybuilders), and also obese and sedentary people. Usually it is accompanied with osteoarthritis of the knee as a vertical load on the leg covers not only the upper part of the limb. The mechanism of development of pathology has similar symptoms, the treatment also partially includes the same techniques. Some difference is among the reasons local lesions in either the division of the bones of the lower limb. Had similar symptoms, for example, restriction of joint mobility, pain when moving.

With constant heavy loads osteochondrosis of the hip joint, like osteoarthritis of the knee joint, can develop in a relatively short period of time. Therefore, it is important not to miss the initial stage, in time to prevent serious complications. Very often the consequences are seen, if not promptly treated osteochondrosis of the knee. But the hip joint has to take the brunt of the burden, so the effects can be more severe especially in the elderly.Остеохондроз тазобедренного сустава

The dangers of carrying heavy loads

Lifting heavy objects, or a combination of projects vertical load at the coupling apparatus of the bone. The compression of the two cartilage membranes, increased friction swivel hips at the pressure side and top destroys the cartilage coating. Regular mechanical effect on the tissue, the application of vector forces and compression lead to irreversible degenerative changes. Develops pathology in the hip Department.

Lifting and shifting gravity, man moves in a few sharlena position, with an emphasis on half-bent legs. In the future, from the constant friction under the yoke occurs osteochondrosis of the knee joint. Joints flattened, restructured, starts dystrophic symptoms, dries up the volume of periarticular fluid change depreciation property, destroyed the structure.

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Excessive muscle tension is particularly harmful because it can lead to atrophy and further disability if not promptly treated. As soon as he developed symptoms, you should stop training associated with weight lifting. You must see a doctor and get tested.

If diagnostics has revealed incipient osteoarthritis of the knee or pathological condition of the hip structure, heavy lifting becomes a lifelong medical ban, sometimes even requiring changing of professional activities.

Inflammatory, hormonal and other causes of disease

Weight lifting is not the only cause of deformation of the hip joint. As osteochondrosis of the knee and ankle joints, the disease may have other prerequisites. There are several:

  • inflammation of bone, cartilage, ligamentous tissue after trauma;
  • anatomical features of the figure, the presence of excess weight;
  • hormonal imbalance, impaired function of metabolism;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • systematic studies heavy sports (barbell, dumbbells, counter);
  • genetic factors of predisposition to bone diseases.

The majority of patients who have revealed deformity of the hip joint Department or osteoarthritis of the knee, got the symptoms under the influence of a combination of several causal factors. Therefore, in order to prevent the osteoarthritis of the knee or hip pathology, it is a good idea to take preventive measures, even if the symptoms are not yet at this stage.

By eating a healthy diet, you can get rid of excess weight, which causes many diseases. Proper diet will help you to choose a dietitian who must carefully examine the medical history and consider all the risk factors. If one of the parents articulate a chronic disease (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis of the knee, ankle or hip), it is possible that this is a hereditary factor.

You want to be careful not to gain weight, lead an active and healthy lifestyle, daily to do special preventive exercises.

Остеохондроз тазобедренного сустава

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Diagnostic measures

The main symptoms that are usually the patient comes to the doctor is pain and limited mobility. Such complaints, to recognize the exact localization of destructive processes and prescribe treatment difficult. Therefore, hospitals are consistently diagnostic of the event.

First, the podiatrist conducts a conversation with the patient, figuring out the timing, circumstances and nature of the occurrence of discomfort. The doctor palpated the painful area, asking the patient to perform some tests to check motor functions. After that, put the preliminary diagnosis.

Fixing of assigned procedures radiography, magnetic resonance imaging. X-ray clearly shows the stage of the disease, extent of damage and destruction of tissue. When analyzing a snapshot, a specialist will diagnose the disease condition at this stage.



1 the degree of pathology. Is characterized by the presence of small intraarticular bony growths damaged bags.
2 the degree of degenerative disc disease. Is reflected in the narrowing of gaps between joints, as modified by the contour of the femoral head, increased bone growths.
3 the degree of the disease. Accompanied by a strong narrowing of the gaps between the joints and pronounced outgrowth of bone.

The diagnostics is assigned to the appropriate treatment that must be monitored by a physician, podiatrist, where necessary, a trauma surgeon, nutritionist, or endocrinologist. Depending on the form of the disease prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets, injections, gels, ointments. Appoint chondroprotectors, muscle relaxants, physiotherapy, courses, physiotherapy, massages.

Treatment of patients focused on the restoration of the structure of cartilage, restore joint mobility, health, improve blood circulation. It is recommended that individual diet, avoiding harmful habits, excessive stress. Sometimes you need a change of profession.

Adequate treatment of osteoarthritis can be prescribed only by a qualified doctor. You should not blindly follow the advice of doubtful obscure folk healers. If one patient of the proposed national approach will help, the other can significantly harm. Be sure to consult with a doctor.