Osteochondrosis of the shoulder joint: symptoms, treatment and complications

The symptoms and complex of therapeutic measures in osteochondrosis of the shoulder

Osteochondrosis of the shoulder joint – a rather unpleasant disease, which is accompanied by pain in the shoulder and leads to a significant deterioration of human life.

If time does not begin treatment of this disease, it can cause dangerous complications.

Therefore, when pain in the region of the shoulder joint you should immediately contact a specialist.

The danger is near!

Low back pain falls into the category of fairly complex pathologies, which lead to deformation of the spine. In lesions of the shoulder joint is pinched nerve bundle, which leads to unpleasant painful sensations.

Moreover, the joint begins to nervirovat that provokes the development of periarthritis.

Often this process is accompanied by the development of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine. Therefore, this problem need to be considered comprehensively.

If time does not go to the doctor, the joints can fully deform, which will cause maximum tissue damage. It is much easier to cope with pathology in the initial stage of its development.

The causes and characteristics of

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The main reason for the development of shoulder osteoarthritis are a significant load on the joint.

Often, this pathology occurs in athletes-weightlifters. Also, it affects people who are engaged in bodybuilding or bodybuilding.

In addition to the risk factors include the following:

  • untreated traumatic injuries;
  • stretching of muscles and tendons;
  • incorrect posture;
  • a sedentary lifestyle.

In people over 50 years the main cause of the disease is the occurrence of deformation processes. This reduces the elasticity of cartilage and pain occur with every movement of the joint.

In addition, discomfort or inflammation can be the result of infection. Such problems may cause candidiasis, chlamydia, tuberculosis. Often the reason lies in the presence of a streptococcal infection.

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Rapid progress is a hallmark of the disease

There are several degrees of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint:

  • first degree – it is characterized by a small pain in the shoulder area, the range of motion is not restricted, but the maximum amplitude can cause discomfort;
  • second degree – is accompanied by the more striking manifestations, pain increase, range of motion becomes limited;
  • third degree – at this stage there is a strong strain and constant pain, a hand movement is very limited.

How to identify the disease?

The symptoms of osteochondrosis of the shoulder joint is manifested as aching pain, which often occur in night time.

Such feelings may also be present in the neck and hands. When moving the upper limb pain syndrome increases significantly. When lifting hands and helping aching pain gradually decreases.

Apart from a pronounced discomfort, a painful condition accompanied by other manifestations:

  • stiffness of the joint;
  • lividity of the skin;
  • swelling of the brush;
  • raising sweat;
  • the development of paresthesias;
  • pain during palpation;
  • the decrease in skin temperature.

With the development of this pathology changes the position of the human body. A sore shoulder is pressed against the chest, and his movements limited.

In addition, this area can decrease muscle mass, as the loss of full mobility provokes muscle atrophy. In the presence of additional ribs pain are present much more often.

While pains are shooting in nature and amplified to the end of the day.

For the upper extremities characterized by the development of paresthesias and giperstesia. These syndromes can improve their condition by performing special exercises.

They include head tilts to the affected shoulder and lifts the elbow. Thanks to such exercises you can reduce the force in the limbs. Also autonomic disorders lead to increased atrophic process in muscle tissue.

Treatment of the disease

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the shoulder joint should be carried out in several stages.

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It is recommended to eliminate pain and to stop inflammation in the affected joint. Then you need to start to fight against the cause of the disease.

During an exacerbation of the affected limb requires complete rest. The patient’s hand should be hung on a scarf or to secure a special bus.

Also shown anti-inflammatory and analgesic means. This category includes drugs such as diclofenac, indomethacin, NIMULID. Fairly good results can achieve physiotherapy techniques and laser therapy.

Sometimes to improve the condition of the patient can afford treatment. The doctor may give the person special gymnastics. Very useful post isometric relaxation.

Perfect effect have injections of corticosteroids – can be used diprospan or metipred.

They may be combined with anti-inflammatory drugs and injected in the periarticular region. Treatment usually includes three injections. In subacute disease can be used compresses with Dimexidum or bischofite.

If conservative treatment does not give the desired results is surgery. It can be to remove additional ribs or herniated discs.

Sometimes the dissection is carried out hypertrophied scalene muscle.

A set of exercises

Good results allows to achieve special exercises:

  • put your hands on your waist and perform a circular motion of the affected shoulder;
  • to take the same position and perform a forward and backward movement of the affected joint;
  • to put the affected hand on the healthy shoulder, the second hand gently pull the elbow of the patient’s limbs;
  • to join hands in the castle behind and gently pull the affected arm in the direction of the buttocks.

The popular treatment

Good results can be achieved in the treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies:

  1. Hirudotherapy is the use of medical leeches. To improve the patient’s condition, you will need to spend 5-6 sessions. The disadvantage of this therapy is the frequent development of allergies.
  2. Compresses with horseradish. Such funds must be applied to the affected area in the form of heat. For the preparation of the composition of the horseradish should be grated, wrap the pulp with cheesecloth and secure the compress in the shoulder area.
  3. Rubbing calendula tincture. To get an effective composition, 50 g of flowers plants pour 500 ml of vodka and leave for 15 days. Use for rubbing the affected areas.
  4. Compresses of burdock. To prepare the composition of the leaves should be thoroughly washed in hot water and apply to affected joint. Fix with bandage. The leaves are changing as they are drying.
  5. Rubbing healing broth. In equal parts take the mint leaves, dandelion root, birch buds and coriander, add boiling water and leave for an hour. Received means three times a day RUB the affected area.
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Possible complications

At the onset of osteoarthritis can develop serious complications that threaten human partial or full disability.

If time does not begin treatment for this condition, the shoulder joint becomes deformed, leading to the appearance of intense pain. This, in turn, can lead to partial or complete loss of mobility.

Osteochondrosis of the shoulder is quite a dangerous disease that can cause irreversible changes in the body. To prevent the occurrence of this dangerous disease, should lead an active lifestyle, eat right, exercise.

If the symptoms still appeared, as early as possible consult a doctor.

Only timely treatment can prevent dangerous complications.