Osteochondrosis of the shoulder joint: treatment and symptoms

Each of us has heard a word like degenerative disc disease. Almost anyone after 20-25 years have at least once experienced the pain in the neck, shoulders, back of the head. In older age she appears more often, she is joined by discomfort in the shoulder joints.

Osteochondrosis: what it is

Остеохондроз плечевого сустава: лечение и симптомыOsteochondrosis (from the Greek «osteon» – bone, «chondros» – cartilage) is a chronic process, which is based on the dystrophic and degenerative lesions of the cartilages and ligaments. Most often this term is used for lesions of the spine and shoulder joints. Osteochondrosis of the shoulder joint (also known as frozen shoulder) is an inflammation of the superficial structures (soft tissue) ligaments and joint capsule. The cartilage and internal structures at the same time, as a rule, not affected.

The most common is the tear or rupture of supraspinatus tendon, as the muscle lies between the shoulder scapula and the cartilage of the humeral head, where injured while driving. In 90% of cases of osteochondrosis of the shoulder is inextricably linked with osteochondrosis of the cervical and cervico-thoracic spine. Often this disease is common in men.

Up to 30-35 years of age, osteochondrosis of the cervical and cervico-thoracic spine is a consequence of injuries and sudden movements, after 45-50 years, the cause of the disease is a primary degeneration (destruction) of the tendon of the frame.

What may develop a disease

The most common causes of pathology of the shoulder joint are:

  • injuries, blows to the upper body;
  • a sharp show of hands with the goods (and without it);
  • shocks, blows or shots hand fall on her.
  • intensive exercise without preliminary warming up of muscles;
  • monotonous repetitive work with one hand (at the bench, when playing tennis or badminton).

Thus, violations can occur after any movement, not characteristic of the shoulder area. Less common causes is a problem in other organs of the chest.

  • Breast surgery and breast muscles, which can disrupt the blood supply and blood circulation in the joint and the entire upper extremity.
  • Some heart disease, which can also lead to impaired blood supply, causing a spasm of blood vessels of the shoulder.
  • The system violations of and synthesis of the connective tissue.
  • Metabolic changes in the body: metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, protein malnutrition, menopause in women.
  • Pathology of peripheral vessels and nerves (polyneuropathy, neurodystrophy, plexitis, inflammation of the lining of blood vessels.
  • Остеохондроз плечевого сустава: лечение и симптомы

    Most often, the development of this disease of the shoulder joint causes permanent muscle tension cervical area in osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic spine and improper posture.

    Clinic and symptoms of the disease

    Shoulder low back pain has acute and chronic forms. The acute form can appear in the background of full health, and on the background of trauma or excessive load on the upper limb. Symptoms: sharp, sudden, increasing pain in the shoulder, a irradiating in the cervical area, neck area, upper limb. When moving the affected limb, the pain increases, especially when moving the hands up through the sides and rotation of the shoulder and when lifting even small weights. Often sudden strong shot in the affected area. May appear slight swelling in the joint, temperature up to 37.5 C, light fever, soreness and muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, collarbone.

    The symptoms are worse at night, the patient tries to lie on the affected side. Determined by palpation muscle tension, pain, seals in the course of the muscles and tendons, sense, «rolls» under your fingers, sometimes even cracking.

    Остеохондроз плечевого сустава: лечение и симптомыAfter 2-3 weeks the symptoms subside, the pain intensity decreases slightly restored the range of motion in the shoulder joint. But if the disease is not treated, it becomes chronic.

    In chronic pain of mild intensity, the symptoms a little amplified at night, in the awkward position of the body during exercise. Backache occur much less frequently. The range of motion in the affected Department is reduced, the patient tries to spare the arm and the load carries on the healthy upper limb, which gradually leads to disorders and in a healthy shoulder.

    If untreated, chronic low back pain frozen shoulder (periarthritis) can develop into more serious diagnosis of ankylosing periarthritis.

    This is an unfavorable outcome of this stage of the disease, which is very difficult to treat. Mend all the tissues and bones inside the joint, it becomes fixed, solid and misshapen to the touch. The amount of movement is sharply restricted, any movement causes severe and sharp pain.

    Diagnosis and treatment of the affected shoulder joint

    Diagnosis is based on characteristic complaints, reducing the amount of motion in the upper shoulder girdle on the affected side, tension and soreness of the muscles around the joint in the cervical area in the region of the scapula or clavicle on the affected side. Must be used for differential diagnosis techniques such as:

    • ultrasonography (us);
    • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
    • computed tomography (CT);
    • radiography;
    • osteodensitometry – definition of bone density and reduction of calcium in bone;
    • arthroscopy (if necessary) – endoscopic examination of internal structures of the joint.

    Furthermore, to the exclusion of other similar diseases are mandatory laboratory blood tests: General and biochemical analyzes, revocable, the serum amounts of uric acid and the level of ionized calcium. When the diagnosis and exclude all other similar illnesses are transferred to the treatment. Curing the disease is possible and necessary! But this should engage a competent specialist. It is often an orthopedist, traumatologist, neurologist, at least – a rheumatologist.

    To relieve pain and to achieve recovery help not only the classical anti-inflammatory drugs, but other methods of treatment:

    • laser and shock wave therapy;
    • massage and physiotherapy in the complex;Остеохондроз плечевого сустава: лечение и симптомы
    • acupuncture;
    • physiotherapy treatment;
    • mud and others.

    Each patient selected individual methods of influence on the affected area and assigns a set of procedures. Definitely attention is paid to the spine and back muscles. This can be massage, rubbing treatment, and warming gels, relaxing treatments.

    To treat the disease is necessary to until the pain goes away and all pathological symptoms in the affected area. It is necessary to achieve full restoration of range of motion. The sooner you consult a doctor, the better will be the result. Take care of your health!

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