Osteoporosis of the hip: symptoms and treatment

Остеопороз тазобедренного сустава: симптомы и лечение

Excessive porosity of the bone tissue leads to frequent fractures

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that affects tissues of the skeletal system. It is characterized by impaired tissue density of bones and their structural changes. Due to a failure of metabolic processes in the body are decrease in strength and increase the fragility of bone structure.

Osteoporosis can occur when a traumatic impact or mechanical damage of bones. There are several methods of diagnosis of the disease. Distinguish osteoporosis of the hip, thoracic and shoulder joints. In some cases, the disease affects the bones of the foot and knee. The causes of the disease and a variety of not foolproof.

The greatest risk of osteoporosis-prone women. Men suffering from such disease in 2 times less. The strong half of humanity, the malady mostly affects the knee and shoulder joints. Treatment of osteoporosis should be carried out on time.

The symptoms and signs of disease

There are many causes of osteoporosis of the hip.

  • Age-related hormonal changes (decreased production of estrogen in the female body).
  • Abnormalities in the endocrine system.
  • Age factor (in the area of risk are the elderly).
  • Lack of food containing calcium and vitamins D. it is poor digestion of these components.
  • Nicotine dependence and frequent use of alcohol-containing beverages.
  • Gynecological abnormalities in women.
  • Genetic predisposition of the body to diseases of the skeletal system.
  • Остеопороз тазобедренного сустава: симптомы и лечение

    As a rule, in the initial stages of development of the disease determine the symptoms very difficult. Osteoporosis is learned only after injury to the hip joint. The symptoms of the disease are very diverse. Occurs aching pain in the back, gait changes (there is a slouch), deformed thoracic skeleton. Sometimes patients complain of periodic cramping in the legs.

    At the first noticeable deviation of the body from the norm should immediately consult the doctor. If the patient has osteoporosis of the shoulder joint, the symptoms will manifest themselves similarly. If the treatment is initiated in time, it will lead to unpredictable changes in the bone skeleton, the consequences of which can be irreversible.

    Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

    The main indicator in the diagnosis is the measurement of bone density. This is done by densitometry. The decrease in bone mineral density more than 2.5 article confirms the diagnosis. Data magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and x-ray examination will help the doctor to determine the disease. Laboratory blood tests for calcium and phosphorus in the bone tissue structure will confirm the diagnosis. Based on the results of all indicators, select the methods of therapy.

    Treatment of osteoporosis of the hip begin with the blocking of pain. Priority will be reducing the progression of destruction of bone tissue and enhancing repair processes. To treat this disease it is necessary, using the method of complex therapy. Use preparations containing pain relievers, and anabolic agents. To stop the destruction of bone structures — the main goal of treatment. To this end, in a fabric base are introduced chemicals containing calcium and phosphorus. Comprehensive therapy provides relief the spread of the disease. In the treatment needs of the entire bony framework of the body.

    Great attention should be paid to the rational balanced diet. You need to take in enough foods that contain calcium and vitamins D. to limit the cholesterol intake, stop Smoking and alcohol. All plant foods should form the basis of the menu.

    Osteoporosis of the hip is a useful walk in the fresh air, a little exercise. Sports are contraindicated for patients suffering from this disease. At the same time, therapeutic exercises, exercises which have an experienced doctor to help in the fight against the disease. Not be amiss and preventive consultation with a rheumatologist.

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