Osteoporosis of the knee: diagnosis and treatment

Остеопороз коленного сустава: диагностика и лечение

Excessive porosity of the bones leading to frequent fractures

Throughout life the human body is experiencing great physical exertion. The major part of them takes over the skeleton, that is the skeletal system. Loads susceptible to foot, knee, hip and spine. Over time, the density of bone decreases, the muscle elasticity is lost.

There is a gradual loss of calcium from bones. For this reason, there are some bone disease. A special concern is the disease of the knees, feet and spine. One of these ailments is osteoporosis. It affects the tissues of the musculoskeletal system. The disease is divided into several types: osteoporosis knee, foot, shoulder and hip joints and the thoracic spine.

The disease can develop in adults and children. According to statistics, women are more prone to osteoporosis. Age-peak at 45-50 years.

The reasons for the development of the disease

Osteoporosis leads to a decrease of the strength properties of the joints due to loss of density and elasticity in the structure of bone tissue. The disease affects almost all the bone elements of the skeletal frame of the human body. This can lead to injury in everyday life even at low loads. The strength of the bones depends on a sufficient content of minerals, particularly phosphorus and calcium. Osteoporosis of the knee occurs when there is insufficient amount of mineral substances, what causes the leaching of calcium.

The imbalance between the formation of new tissues and the resorption of old — the main cause of osteoporosis. The child has mineral components form the skeletal system. With age due to wear and friction, the bones lose their absorbing properties and become brittle.

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For the full life of the organism in the blood should be a sufficient level of calcium coming from bone groups. It is necessary for the safe operation of the heart, brain and other important organs.

The first acute symptoms of osteoporosis often occur after a fracture. Before the disease may not display any signs. Late diagnosis can cause serious disorders in the body. Women to provoke the disease can hormonal changes.

Diagnosis and conventional treatment of the disease

Остеопороз коленного сустава: диагностика и лечение

First and foremost, it is necessary to conduct biochemical analysis of blood by determining the content of minerals and vitamin D. in women, the level of hormones in the blood. The examination used performed. This method to diagnose osteoporosis of the knee joint at the initial stage of destruction of molecules in the bone structure and allows to determine the likelihood of future deformations of the bone.

X-ray radiography and ultrasound examination will help confirm the diagnosis. Before you appoint medicamentous treatment of osteoporosis, the doctor directs the patient to be examined by a physician, a dentist, urologist and a gynecologist (for women). When the complex diagnosis, in addition to the knee joint, additionally tested for osteoporosis of the foot and shoulder joints. When collected all the survey results and finally the diagnosis, a rheumatologist prescribes treatment.

Initially, the emphasis is on drug therapy, withdrawal of inflammation and elimination of pain. Modern medicine has a sufficient number of effective pharmacological agents and drugs. Depending on the severity and clinical manifestations of the disease are assigned bisphosphonates, calcitonin, fluoride and other drugs.

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Остеопороз коленного сустава: диагностика и лечение

Treatment of osteoporosis — quite a long and laborious process, the patient will need patience and discipline. You must strictly adhere to all the doctor appointments, only in this case it is possible to guarantee recovery.

Methods of folk medicine and prevention

Not less effective may be the use of herbal medicines and fees of natural food products. Here are some popular recipes.

    • Onion soup. This dish should be consumed daily for 3 weeks. It may be cooked in the following way. Finely chop and fry 2 large onions in either vegetable oil until Golden brown. Add water (1 liter) and cook after boiling for about 15 minutes. Half an hour to insist, strain and drink. Broth take 3 times a day for one tablespoon.

Остеопороз коленного сустава: диагностика и лечение

A mixture of ground mustard and honey

  • Mix 10 finely chopped lemons (with peel) 5 boiled eggs, making a paste. Leave in a dark cool place for a week. To accept on 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.
  • A very effective means of mustard powder with honey. Mix these ingredients with lemon juice (1:1:2). This homemade ointment to RUB the feet and knees. Well this procedure before going to sleep, wrapped in oiled places tight cellophane.

The diet should contain sufficient amounts of vegetable and grain crops, as well as nuts and legumes. Diet is an important element of preventative measures for osteoporosis. The use of alcoholic beverages and Smoking are strictly prohibited! Daily consumption of calcium-rich food will strengthen the muscles of the skeletal system. Vitamin D group significantly strengthens the immune system.

It is very important to evenly distribute the physical strain on the entire skeleton of the body. Therapeutic gymnastics according to the doctor’s advice will increase the density of bone tissue. Walks in the fresh air and water treatments will help to tone all the vital organs.

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Definitely in the winter to keep feet warm. Violation of the temperature regime will lead to the worsening of the disease. Watch your health and, if necessary, promptly contact your doctor.