Osteoporosis: treatment of folk remedies, recipes and tips

Остеопороз: лечение народными средствами, рецепты и советы

Osteoporosis is a disease is osteoarthritis. This disease provokes bone thinning and can be quite dangerous. But there is a way to win osteoporosis, treatment of folk remedies. There is a misconception that the disease occurs only in the elderly. It is fundamentally wrong.

Human bone is quite fragile. They are prone to serious injuries, fractures and diseases. Especially the bones become weak those people who suffer from a lack of calcium. This is the main element due to which the bone tissue can withstand very heavy loads and stay strong. Lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis.

It is scientifically proven that all bone mass is formed at any person in adolescence. Bones retain their density is relatively long. After 25 years they begin to weaken at all. That is why today, osteoporosis is considered to be an acute problem of mankind. He ranks 4th on the prevalence in the list of noncommunicable diseases. This means that approximately one in six people may suffer from this disease.


The symptoms can be determined even without visiting the doctor. You can check swipe of his hand. In the absence of disease full scope will be proportional to your height. Treat carefully to how you feel during the day. You can be osteoporosis, if you frequently experience these symptoms:

  • back pain;
  • pain in the joints;
  • looseness of the gums;
  • severe fatigue from staying in one position, physical activity;
  • often slouch.

Decreased bone density in the female body a year, three times more than men. This trend slowly leads to osteoporosis. This disease is dangerous and unpleasant fact that in most cases at the initial stage does not manifest itself. To accurately diagnose the disease is possible only as a result of trauma, a fracture.

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Остеопороз: лечение народными средствами, рецепты и советы

Diseased bone cannot withstand the slightest of loads

The only true symptom that indicates the presence of osteoporosis, constant lower back pain. But most often people don’t look at this sign due attention, refer to fatigue and do not rush to the specialist. Know the symptoms, treatment of this disease is very important. After all, no one is immune from osteoporosis. So take a closer to your body.

If you often fall and badly cut hair, weak nails and translucent enamel of the teeth, probably, should consult a doctor.

Folk remedy osteoporosis

Folk remedy osteoporosis can be, for example, herbs, tinctures, roots. Their impact is entirely aimed at the normalization of hormonal balance in the body. Such tools not only significantly improve your health, but will also serve as an excellent prevention.

But how to treat osteoporosis with herbs? To do this you need wormwood, Woodruff smelly and sleep-grass. To create a tincture, take equal parts of each ingredient and pour ½ liter hot water. Let the remedy to stand for 2 hours and take ½ Cup throughout the day. This drug can cure, and prevent osteoporosis.

There are numerous tips on the use of tincture of dandelion root in diseases of the joints and bones. This tincture, as a steamed herb St. John’s wort should be consumed several times a day. 1 tbsp. l. tincture of dandelion root must be diluted with 250 ml of water and drink at once. Folk remedy osteoporosis does not rule out the use of herbs cocklebur soovidega and alder cones as a tincture. These drugs help normalize the production of thyroid hormones, lack of which can cause osteoporosis. Steamed cocklebur and alder must be in this ratio: 2 tablespoons per 500 ml of boiling water. The infusion should be consumed 50 ml after eating.

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Остеопороз: лечение народными средствами, рецепты и советы

Treatment of folk remedies involves consumption of kelp, seaweed, extracts of motherwort and willow bark. In order to help keep bones strong, you need to drink a tincture of geranium or horsetail. These products increase the content of calcium in the bones and facilitate the absorption of silicon. Suffering from osteoporosis should not be ignored tincture of juniper berries and root of comfrey. The broth can cook both ingredients at once, or separately. For this you need to fill a dessert spoon of the berries or root ½ liter of boiling water. Insist this decoction for 2 hours. All half-liter of tincture is necessary to drink for 1 day.

Ways to restore the level of calcium in the bones of the traditional methods very much. For this purpose, various herbs and tinctures. But it is worth to mention plants, an infusion of which is used for osteoporosis is strictly prohibited. These include rhubarb and sorrel. These products contain oxalic acid which prevents the calcium is normally absorbed.

Unconventional methods

Cure osteoporosis will help the recipes of traditional medicine. They are not always taken seriously, but they are an effective method of treatment. Important product used to combat this disease is honey. You can add it to ready-made teas and tinctures, in order for the drink to digest better. Honey enriches the body with calcium.

To prepare healthy and nutritional medicine, you will need to mix a bit of honey, egg shells and lemon juice. This mixture should be eaten several times a day for 1 tsp don’t forget that eggshell needs to be disinfected, therefore it is better to take boiled eggs.

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Indispensable in the struggle with any illness is considered to be the mummy. This product must be taken for osteoporosis half an hour before meals 2 times a day for a very small piece. The course of treatment with Shilajit lasts not more than 21 days. If necessary you can continue applying the product, after a short break.

When the fracture is very effective can help fir oil. They lubricate the affected area of your body. Oil fir can be replaced by lotions of raw potatoes and boiled onions. Best during the procedure to bandage the damaged area.