Pain below the knee in back: diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Боль под коленом сзади: диагностика, лечение и меры профилактикиWhen our feet are healthy, we don’t notice what a happiness is it easy to get up the steps, to walk a lot, no problem to sit down and get up from the chair. But you felt pain below the knee. Life is complicated, movement became difficult.

What to do to hurt anymore? Problems in the knee joint a face. This area of the feet exposed to the daily stress of her injury or inflammation is a frequent phenomenon. However, many complain of pain behind the knee back.

Why does the pain appear

You first need to understand the causes of pain that make in the daily life of discomfort and limit mobility.

  • Injury or a sudden movement a leg can cause rupture of tendons, damage to the meniscus or displacement of the patella. Result of an injury can be a sprain (in the worst case, rupture) of a ligament or sprain. All these lesions are accompanied by severe pain in the knee joint, which is the reason an immediate appeal to the surgeon to start surgery.
  • Back pain can be the result of arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, gout — inflammation of one of the elements of the knee joint.

    Боль под коленом сзади: диагностика, лечение и меры профилактики

    How does the human knee

  • Pain under the knee can occur due to infectious diseases — psoriasis, venereal disease or popliteal abscess.
  • When bending the knee can cause pain syndrome, a cyst of the meniscus. Leg will ache below the knee in the back and when walking.
  • Suffering from varicose veins often provoke the pain under the left patella. It worsens when a person bends his leg or climbing stairs. A characteristic feature of pain below the knee is calming down during rest time, therefore, this syndrome is called «trouble Windows». While the person walks, the foot hurts, stopped at the window — the pain below the knee was gone. It patients vein and vascular disease of the legs cause unilateral pain. To care for your veins.
  • The cause of the constant pulling pain can be an aneurysm of the popliteal artery. But this disease is rare.
  • When the disease degenerative disc disease in the lumbar often have pain radiating to the legs. Therefore, the cause of pain under the kneecap may be a disease of the spine.
  • If the foot hurts under the knee and back pain apply on the leg to the foot may cause is inflammation of the tibial nerve that runs along the bottom of the popliteal fossa. Especially noticeable sharp and intense pain when walking or other load on the legs.
  • In the case of stretching, softening and damage to the cartilage can cause pain behind the knee back.
  • If your leg below the knee from behind, then consider the causal mechanisms of pain need not losing sight of all the components of the complex structure of the joint: bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

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    Diagnosis and treatment

    Боль под коленом сзади: диагностика, лечение и меры профилактики

    Ultrasound diagnosis of the knee

    The correct diagnosis for pain behind the knee can only put a doctor. To do this he must examine the affected area, to clarify the nature and the localization of the pain, professional activity and hereditary factors. Then the patient must undergo tests: x-rays, ultrasound, angiography and others, allowing to verify the nature of the disease. Treatment of the knee joint depends on the severity of the damage. When an intense, sharp pain, usually occurs after injury, knee pain cropped, the patient was taken to a hospital where, if necessary, carry out surgery.

    If hospitalization is not required, for relief of pain below the knee on the affected area superimposed special pads or the joint securely. Can be assigned to anti-inflammatory creams, medicines — non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics. Therapeutic exercise and physiotherapy help to strengthen the muscles and restore the damaged functions of the knee.

    Боль под коленом сзади: диагностика, лечение и меры профилактики

    The tumor behind the knee

    At the initial stage can be cured almost all diseases of the knee joint, with the exception of Baker’s cyst that requires puncturing or removing it. A Baker’s cyst is usually accompanied by intense pain under the knee behind the joint swells and under the knee forms a seal. The joint in the human body is covered inside the synovial connective tissue sheath, which produces the fluid. Increased production of fluid in the inflammatory process leads to its accumulation in mishails the bag, so there is a tumor called a Baker’s cyst. The first symptoms — a slight discomfort behind the knee, which, if time does not begin treatment, can develop into a nagging pain.

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    The main thing — time to pay attention to the problem, the correct diagnosis and begin treatment. And we should not ignore this fact, if the foot hurts under the knee back irregular. Once the pain appears, it means that there is a reason its causes.

    After the course of treatment is completed, you need to perform rehabilitation activities: to develop the joint to support the knee with an elastic bandage to take medications that strengthen bone, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels.

    Recommendations for the prevention of pain

    What you need to do to nagging pain below the knee in the back did not arise? What are the prevention of the disease? The first is to avoid hypothermia feet, the second is to monitor your weight. Obesity can cause pain in the knee joint, because the excessive load leads to its deformation and destruction. And to reduce the load on the joint, it is necessary to bring your weight to normal.

    At risk are athletes. Prevention it is recommended to properly distribute the load, adhere to a special diet and use protective equipment — knee pads and cross dressing. Disease of the feet, affected and involved sedentary people, whose limbs are bent or perekrestno condition. They are encouraged to warm up the legs in between work.

    You walked a lot and tired now your legs ache, you feel heaviness in the legs — prepare the warm foot bath. For best results, add some sea salt. If pulls the leg and sore vein, you can make a foot bath with chamomile with anti-inflammatory properties and help to combat the swelling. Brew in a glass of water chamomile, let it steep and pour into the foot bath.

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    To relieve the pain in the knee helps a compress of burdock. For this purpose several leaves of the plant need to be washed, dried, folded on each other, on top put a hot kettle. Knee, greased with vegetable oil, wrap a stack of leaves of burdock fluffy side, top cover with cellophane and secure it all with a handkerchief.

    Sore leg below the knee — prepare a tincture chestnut. It’s an old and time-tested recipe. 300 g chopped chestnut is poured 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 2 weeks (don’t forget a daily shake). Before sleep RUB the affected area and the pain will gradually go away.

    If you are plagued by pain below the knee, whenever possible, try to reduce pressure in the legs. For example, if you are watching TV or reading, lift the leg and lock them cushions.In most of the rest in raised on a chair with their feet during the working day.

    You suffer from varicose veins, you have sensitive veins in the legs and as a result, my leg hurts below the knee back — get physiotherapy. 20 times get up on his toes, then slightly relax and repeat the exercise. Improves blood circulation and strengthens calf muscles.

    People after the age of 40 are recommended to strengthen the muscles of the feet while doing various squats, lunges, forward and back, the exercise «Bicycle». Remember: to prevent a disease is much easier than to cure.