Pain exercises lower back

Despite the abundance of modern effective pain medication, regular exercise for pain in the back remains almost the only way to get rid of back pain permanently. Funds both official and alternative medicine the vast majority are aimed at relieving unpleasant symptoms. But when such treatment lower back pain usually goes away for a short time.Упражнения от боли в пояснице

What are the causes of back pain

At first glance the answer to this question is obvious: pain is a symptom of the development of one of the spine:

  • degenerative disc disease;
  • herniated disc;
  • scoliosis;
  • sciatica.

This explanation, though correct, but does not answer why in modern society are rampant these diseases. The answer is very simple. It is hard to find a middle-aged man (not to mention older, and the more advanced years), which never hurt back. Moreover, long ceased to be unique cases of cervical degenerative disc disease and herniated discs in young people. The cause of all these pathologies is a decrease in physical activity as children and adults.

Hours sitting in front of a TV screen or computer monitor, we don’t think about the fact that thereby rendered a disservice to his spine. And their children not only persecuted from these electronic devices, but also encourage such activities, giving their children smartphones and tablets.

Scientific studies have conclusively proven that it is in the sitting position the human spine is subjected to most load. Is it any wonder that the number of people with serious diseases of the spine increases all the time, and the age of the patients has a marked tendency to rejuvenation.

Why is it difficult to get rid of pain in the lower back

Back pain most often occurs for two reasons: either as a reaction to the overwork of the muscles, or is it a result configuration changes of the spine. This way the body signals us that some of the vertebrae removed from his seat. By understanding how you receive the lower back pain, let’s analyze how we’re trying to get rid of it. First and foremost is the various warming and pain-relieving ointments, compresses, rubbing. Considering that the appearance of pain in the back caused by overwork, most people try to handle it by yourself and don’t hurry to visit a doctor. If the cause of the pain is identified correctly, the treatment is quite effective.

But if the pain is a result of the displacement or deformation of the vertebrae, all these ointments and pills only temporarily help to relieve pain in the back or to reduce them to a minimum. But they are not able to return the vertebrae back in place. Therefore, the deformation of the spine continues and the pain after a while comes back again and again.

A visit to the chiropractor or, as is aptly nicknamed them the people, chiropractor, in some cases, can provide invaluable assistance. But so happens far not always, and not only in the skills of healers. First, a few therapy sessions is not always possible to return the displaced vertebrae to its place, and in some diseases, for example, herniated, such treatment is simply dangerous. And secondly, even if it can be done, the majority of patients, instead of strengthening the muscles of the back continues to lead a normal life, that is, again, continues to do what has led to deformation of the spine.Упражнения от боли в пояснице

Without lifestyle changes the relief of back pain a priori can not be effective.

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Where to find the output

There is a solution, and it is extremely simple: special exercises for the spine. First, it will help to strengthen, and consequently more resilient back muscles. Second, specific exercises back pain will help to stretch the spine and to return the displaced vertebrae to the nature of their intended place.

There are many examples of the effectiveness of such exercise from the lower back pain. One of the most striking examples was the story of a circus gymnast, V. I. Dikul, who, speaking on the trapeze under the big top, slipped and fell into the arena from a height of 12 metres, breaking his spine. Thanks to its own system of gymnastic exercises for the spine, he not just managed to get out of the wheelchair, he returned to the circus arena, becoming a power lifter. And he developed exercises for the spine and today helps many people to literally stand up.

At first glance, this seems a miracle. But let us remember that our back is made up of muscles and the vertebral column, which make up a lot of the movable vertebrae. To make strong muscles on the hands and feet, we train them, load exercise. Just as react to physical exercise and back muscles. But strong muscles are taking on a significant part attributable to the spine loads.

If the exercises allows you to increase joint mobility of the hands and feet, how will it affect the spine? The answer is obvious: special gymnastic exercises the mobility of the spine can be increased significantly. And strong muscles and limber the spine is the two main conditions for the relief of pain in the back.

That is why regular exercises for pain in lower back in many cases to effectively help even without the use of analgesic ointments and tablets. But this does not mean that we should completely abandon medical methods. The problem is that back pain can result from diseases of some internal organs. It could be a tumor of the colon, ulcerative colitis, chronic prostatitis, and a number of other diseases.

If you have hips started aching, you should immediately visit a doctor. Only a doctor can correctly identify the cause of pain and prescribe the right treatment. He will help you choose the right exercises and explain how to make them right.

General rules of exercises for the back

If you decide to treat lower back pain through exercises, then you should definitely follow a few simple rules.

  • Before you begin the exercises, it is very important correctly to adjust itself psychologically. For example, «I need to do these exercises because my lower back hurts» is incorrect. And the correct should be: «I need to do these exercises that I have never had a bad back.»
  • Exercises for pain in lower back you need to perform regularly. At the beginning of treatment they need to do each day, and further, in agreement with the doctor 2-3 times a week.
  • Exercises should be completed in the order and in the quantities you prescribed by a doctor. To rearrange them, or voluntarily to increase the number of repetitions, if the exercise seems too easy, impossible.
  • Do not abruptly to give the maximum load on the spine. At the beginning of the lesson involves the minimum number of repetitions of each exercise. During the lessons the number of repeats increases to a maximum value.
  • By following some simple rules and demonstrating patience and persistence, you will eventually be able to regain the flexibility of his spine and to forget about the pain in the lower back.

    Упражнения от боли в пояснице

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    The lumbar

    If the pain is localized only to the bottom of the back, then you can perform a special set of exercises from lower back pain. First, you need to lie on your back. Without lifting the heels from the floor, pull your arms up, touching the back of the palms sex, and in this position as much as possible stretch.

    Then spread your arms out to the side, putting his open palms on the floor, and bend his knees. Without lifting your hands from the floor, tilt your legs to the left until the left foot completely to the floor, and right on it. Simultaneously with the rotation of the legs rotate the head maximally to the right. Return the legs and head to the starting position and do the same exercise mirror and feet to the right, and head left. Straighten the knees bent legs, again put your hands behind your head and stretch. The maximum number of repetitions to 10-12.

    Lie on your back on the floor, bend your knees and, holding hands, tighten them as close as possible to the chest. Then slowly tighten the head to the knees, tap their chin and then slowly return to starting position. The maximum number of repetitions to 10-12.

    Kneel with feet together, then sit on your heels, hands put on the floor in front of him. Sliding his hands along the floor, slowly make the maximum inclination of a trunk forward. This is not to tear off the buttocks from the heels. Slowly return to starting position. The maximum number of iterations 15-17.

    Get on all fours. Without moving the brush and holding his hands straight, slightly move the body forward until the thigh touches the floor. Based on the straightened hands, thoracic and cervical regions of the spine maximally rotten ago. Slowly return to starting position. The maximum number of iterations 5-6.

    Same initial position: standing on all fours. But to bend the spine now we need the other way. Slowly tilt your head. Simultaneously the lower back, middle back round to the spine took the shape of an arc. Slowly return to starting position. The maximum number of iterations 5-6.

    Perform the final exercise. Emphasize brush knees and toes. Lift the knees off the floor and reach the buttocks up so your posture will not look like the letter «L». Return to starting position. The maximum number of repetitions to 10-12.

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    Charging for all the back muscles

    In contrast to the above, this set of exercises is used to strengthen the muscles of the vertebrae and stretch the entire back, not just lumbar.

    Original position



    Sitting on a chair, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, put hands between them and strongly squeeze the edge of a chair. Make possible for you in this position, the forward tilt and return to its original position. The maximum number of iterations 20-22.
    Sitting on a chair, place your hands on your knees. Alternately as hard as you can push your hand first to one knee, then another, and then both at the same time. This exercise, despite its simplicity, includes the work of almost all the muscles of the back. The maximum number of iterations 30-35.
    Sit on the floor, one leg stretched forward and the other bend at the knee and set aside. Make a tilt forward, clasping his hands fingers outstretched leg. Return to starting position, switch legs and repeat the movement. Exercise should be performed at a fast pace. The maximum number of iterations 20-22.
    Become right to left there was a table, which you will need as a support for the hand. Right foot pull back, and his left foot set forward, bending your knee. Keeping to the left hand edge of the table, the head and torso move far back as possible and try to sit as low as possible. Return to starting position, switch legs and repeat the exercise. Exercise should be performed at a fast pace, the maximum number of iterations 20-22.
    Lie with your back on the floor, hands extend along the body with palms to the floor, legs straight and slightly apart to the sides. Without bending elbows, slowly raise to the maximum possible for you the height of the left leg and lock it in this position for 8-10 seconds and then slowly lower. Do the same with the right leg. The maximum number of iterations 20-22.

    Take care of your back, while it still hurts. Do not be lazy to get up early, do exercise, exercise on the bar. Such gymnastics is not a panacea for all ills the back but it provides invaluable help in the prevention of many serious problems with the spine.