Pain in ankle: causes and timely treatment

Боль в голеностопе: причины и своевременное лечениеWhy you may feel pain in the ankle? The ankle is formed by the connection of the tibia with the talus bone of the foot. It is covered with a strong cartilaginous tissue, and inside its cavity contains synovial fluid that reduces friction and provides access to nutrients and oxygen. The joint is framed by strong ligaments, which give it strength.

Ankle provides flexion of the foot, the rotational motion of the foot and tilt. Injury and pain in the ankle joint often occur due to sudden, careless lateral movements. Pain syndrome is caused by various reasons. Most often it occurs when you sprain arthritis, osteoarthritis or fillite ankle. When treatment is necessary to relieve the pain in the ankle joint, inflammation and restore blood circulation. It is also important to ensure good muscle function.

Pain in the ankle joint and sprains

A sprained ankle is a fairly common injury. When walking, the load of the weight of the person affects the ankle. Bad movement can lead to stretching or tearing of ligaments. Signs of a sprain vary depending on the extent of damage. There are 3 degrees of stretching.

Боль в голеностопе: причины и своевременное лечение

The extent of damage to the joint ligaments of the foot

Mild stretching occurs pain in the ankle during movement. The ligament injury is expressed it with a small gap. Sometimes there is redness of the skin.

Tensile average degree there is a strong pain in his ankle. There is an incomplete rupture of ligaments. The victim could not step on the diseased limb. It’s really painful.

At the extreme there is a rupture of ligaments. Redness of the skin. Ankle increases in size. Inflammation and swelling of the ankle joint. The patient feels severe pain and can not walk.

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The stretching treatment performed by the physician. Therapy depends on the degree have damage. Tensile mild need to provide the limb at rest and elevated position. To the damaged area need to apply cold. Usually these measures are enough to fully cure.

Tensile average degree, the doctor recommends the patient, in addition to first aid measures, wear the orthosis for ankle for 10 days. Prescribe a course of physical therapy. The treatment lasts for months.

When extreme stretching, characterized by the rupture of ligaments, the patient can not load the injured limb. Victim make a plaster cast for 2 weeks. Then replace the brace and carry out rehabilitation therapy.

Lesions of the ankle with osteoarthritis

What are the causes of pain in osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis of the ankle joints is a degenerative inflammatory process that begins with the cartilage and ends with the destruction of joint tissue. Arthritis can be cured or to suspend the process, if you start treatment at an early stage of the disease.

Osteoarthritis is characterized by the following features:

  • pain in ankle joint;
  • swelling in the morning;
  • crunching when moving;
  • the deformation process of joint tissue;
  • violation of the mobility of the ankle.

Боль в голеностопе: причины и своевременное лечение

The doctor accurately diagnose the patient using the x-ray picture of the damaged leg

The deformation of the connection doctor diagnose visually or by x-ray picture. The pain in his ankle is worse at night and when walking. With the development of the inflammatory process appears morning swelling. Appear crunching or clicking in the joint during movement. Developed deformation fabrics.

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How is the treatment of osteoarthritis? Therapy is to relieve pain and restore motor functions. It includes the impact of local and General treatment. It is necessary to prevent an inflammation of the cartilage.

The doctor prescribes painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Recommended tools to normalize the blood circulation. The patient is prescribed the acceptance of chondroprotectors.

Treatment of osteoarthritis involves the use of local gels and ointments that reduce pain and reduce inflammation.

Ankle pain arthritis and fillite

Arthritis is an inflammatory process. It develops in the inner lining of the ankle joint. The main symptoms of arthritis are:

Боль в голеностопе: причины и своевременное лечение

Arthritis is damaged cartilage joint and bone

  • pain syndrome;
  • redness of the skin;
  • stiffness when moving;
  • edema and swelling of the ankle joint;
  • increasing the temperature of soft tissues;
  • leakage of exudate in the cavity of the joint;
  • the increase in the size of the joint.

For arthritis treatment involves the elucidation of the causes of the disease and elimination of their impact. Integrated therapy is the General treatment of inflammation, the assignment of intra-articular injections, physiotherapy.

Arthritis is sometimes accompanied by swelling of the tissues due to poor circulation and accumulation of exudate, and synovial fluid. When swelling of the joint causes may be different. The tumor is caused by factors such as:

  • the blood circulation;
  • the output of blood plasma in soft tissue.
  • mechanical muscle damage.

Edema and swelling can spread to affect the smaller joints of the foot. Treatment of edema consists of the following activities:

  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • removal of fluid;
  • the decrease in vascular permeability.
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If the swelling and puffiness caused by trauma, will carry out the restoration of bone fragments (fractures) and the treatment of wounds. Fractures, the doctor eliminates the subluxation of the foot, matches the fragments. Then he puts a plaster cast.

Compound fractures applies the fixation of bone fragments with metal plates or Ilizarov.

Fillet ankle is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. What to do if you hurt the ankle? Inflammation usually begins with pain syndrome. Fillet often develop in athletes and people whose work is connected with prolonged walking. It can also appear if the shortening in humans, the gastrocnemius muscle. Disease begins with inflammation places pair the Achilles tendon and the calcaneus. There are severe pain in the ankle joint during movement.

For the treatment of agilita the patients compresses with medical gall, and Shockwave therapy. Apply gels and ointments that eliminate inflammation and promote early healing. In any case, when it hurts the ankle, need to see a doctor. Only a doctor can determine the cause and prescribe proper timely treatment.