Pain in hip joint during pregnancy: causes and prevention

Боль в тазобедренном суставе при беременности: причины и профилактика

For any woman pregnancy is one of the most important stages in life, which will remain in memory for years to come. The expectant mother lives every day in anticipation of meeting with your child. But not all tolerate pregnancy easily. Often women face a number of challenges and pain of different origin. One of the more unpleasant phenomena become joint pain during pregnancy. This problem can be faced by almost every woman in position, and at any time.

Compared with childbirth and other tests pain in the joints at first glance seem insignificant. But when the pain starts makes it hard to move or sleep at night, this is a serious problem. Especially hard for those women whose current pregnancy has young children requiring constant care.

Expectant mothers often complain of pain in the hip during pregnancy. This is because it is the largest and accounts for the main load when nurturing children. From the second trimester begins active growth of the fetus in the womb. For the same period, usually have the weight gain, and the volume of the stomach. Such changes are natural during pregnancy and point to the correct development of the fetus. But at the moment, start to increase the load on all joints in the body and particularly affects the hip.

Causes and types of pain in the hip joint

Боль в тазобедренном суставе при беременности: причины и профилактика

There are several reasons why there is pain in the joints during pregnancy. Due to the active growth of the baby inside the womb in the body of the expectant mother there is a nutrient deficiency. If we talk about joints, this disadvantage primarily of calcium combined with vitamin D3. Also during pregnancy there is increased formation of such hormone as relaxin. It is necessary to relax the ligaments near hip bone during labour. It induces the growth of tissue of the cervix, which becomes like a sponge and acquires the desired elasticity for the passage of the childbirth of the baby head.

Relaxin promotes increase of mammary glands and forms extra blood vessels, as in pregnancy, the blood volume in a woman’s body increases by several liters. All this combined with the increase in weight gives an enormous strain on the entire musculoskeletal system that leads to pain in the hip joint. Usually the most severe pain occur in late pregnancy, when the body completes the preparation for childbirth and goes into a stage of early labor.

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In the last weeks of pregnancy the stomach is greatly lowered and the load on the hip joint even more. The pain is starting to concern almost all women, even those who did not have them before. There are a number of reasons for these painful manifestations, but they are associated with the presence of certain diseases and do not relate to natural processes in pregnancy.

Боль в тазобедренном суставе при беременности: причины и профилактика

Pain may be different, sharp and aching. Some women feel them in the night and this can lead to insomnia. Others sleep, but when climbing, when the hip joint is under load, there is a strong sharp pain. Pain localized in the pelvic area, although sometimes you can go from the spine. Pain in the hip joint can radiate into the legs, especially when walking. If discomfort bother lying, when it changes, they usually subside in time.

Sometimes pain occurs in only one joint, and with a long movement without rest the evening starts to hurt the inner part of the thigh. If severe pain in the joints accompanied by fever, consult a doctor. These symptoms can indicate inflammation or other serious diseases. The reason is that during pregnancy there is a rearrangement of the whole body and its systems start to work differently to carry a pregnancy to term. As a result of possible disruptions in their functioning.

If before pregnancy a woman had any diseases associated with joints, the pregnancy can aggravate.

Prevention of joint disease in pregnant women

Боль в тазобедренном суставе при беременности: причины и профилактика

Brace takes the load off the pelvis

In the presence of pain the most important thing is to calm down and consult a qualified physician who will identify the cause and tell you how to get rid of them. It is important to choose the right approach to solving the problem depending on its source. If the pain in the hip joint associated only with increased stress, hormonal processes, lack of vitamins and nutrients, it will be enough prevention.

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Of General recommendations for the prevention it is possible to allocate a number of methods aimed at facilitating physical activity and improving the diet in pregnancy:

  • the administration of vitamins prescribed by the doctor in accordance with the period of pregnancy;
  • the need to follow the bearing to the centre of gravity was in one place;
  • wearing the brace when walking or long stay in a standing position, this helps to distribute the load evenly;
  • the correct selection of shoes: no heel, resistant and soft;
  • full and timely meals, eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients;
  • to do everything in a measured, not to lift anything heavy, because any load can lead to joint problems.

Pregnancy is not a disease but a special state of the organism. By itself, physical activity is essential to him. Effective exercises for pregnant women or easy charging.

Боль в тазобедренном суставе при беременности: причины и профилактика

But it is better to enroll in a special sports courses for women in a position professionally where I explain each exercise and monitor their correct implementation. During exercise a good warm up all the muscles, thereby improving circulation and nutrition of joints. After these exercises the women noted an increase in physical activity. In addition, these classes contribute to the proper development of labor.

Do not neglect the bandage. Hip pain can disturb not only during but also after pregnancy. For effective prevention of pain is very important to rest more often.

Rest is important for pregnant women. First, the expectant mother must rest for two, and secondly, in the first months after the baby is born she will have an acute shortage of free time.

How to get rid of pain in the hips

Phenomena such as pain in the joints during gestation, are temporary and should pass immediately after birth. The main burden of child birth goes away, and pain disappears on its own. But if a woman’s in agony about the pain, which is why there is constant nervous stress, and especially when revealed some serious disease, doctors prescribe the treatment. The use of any medicine during pregnancy must be under the supervision of a physician who watches the mother.

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Only a qualified specialist can prescribe treatment during pregnancy. The approach should be integrated with the examination and tests. If sore joints during pregnancy, after childbirth, even if the pain has ceased, it is advisable to spend time and complete examination of organs of small pelvis and a large.

In the first months after giving birth begins the process of returning of the woman’s body to the old algorithm. If the pain was caused by inflammation in the hip joints, that could affect the operation of nearby organs. In this case, prevention is, of course, can not do, treatment is required.

The doctor will select treatments aimed at eliminating inflammation and pain. The medication can be given medication analgesic action in the form of tablets, candles and ointments. Any other medicine is advised because of the risk of ill effects on the fetus. Perhaps the use of immunomodulatory therapy and special massage.

The detection of serious diseases will be managed, especially if the development of the disease threatens the life of the child or the mother.