Pain in knee when squatting: diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Many people have sore knees when squatting. When there is a similar problem, many actions to commit difficult. For example, to raise an object off the floor, man is not enough to just lean, because the thing can be small and slippery. There is a need to sit with legs bent at the knees. Besides bothersome strange sounds in my knees when squatting.

We will understand why this is happening. The knee joint takes on a huge load when walking, running, jumping. In addition, if the person is full, excess weight exacerbates the extremely vulnerable condition of the knee.

Why is there knee pain

Болит колено при приседании: диагностика, лечение, профилактика

The knee joint connects three. It’s the femoral, tibial, knee. Nature has taken care of that for healthy body movement when squatting uncomfortable.

Articulate the connection has a hinge design. Cartilage performs the cushioning function. The nutrition of cartilage occurs with synovial fluid. It is both the grease that prevent contact and abrasion of cartilage under load.

Many people there are cases of crunch in my knees after squats, this exercise completely painless for them. This phenomenon, if it subsequently leads to pain, can be explained by the friction of tendons and ligaments. However, most crisp sound accompanied by pain in the knee when squatting.

To identify which categories of the population more common this pathology, divide the audience into athletes, nisportino, the elderly and the young. For athletes characteristic increased stress on the joints. This is a consequence of repeated exercise in the process of training and sports competitions. Naturally, there is a limit, and overload may occur pain in the knee.

Esportstv, that is, people who are far from active physical life, too, may experience significant pain and crackling in my knees in an aggravated form, regardless of the load. A group of seniors applies to a special category, which is characterized by age-related wear and tear of the body.

In recent years, an increasing number of young patients who seek medical attention for problems with his knees. Knee pain is often the result of a lesion of the knee joint.

What causes painful conditions:

Болит колено при приседании: диагностика, лечение, профилактика

  • A metabolic substances (salts).
  • A sedentary lifestyle.
  • The systematic lifting of weights.
  • Wearing shoes with high heels.
  • Joint hypermobility (hereditary).
  • Inflammatory and degenerative processes.
  • Injury.
  • Injuries can lead to disease Osgood-Schlatter, a symptom of which is pain in the knee. Mostly is seen in young athletes, due to incomplete formation of the skeletal system. Rarely the disease progresses to the chronic phase. Passes after 2-3 weeks (subject to medical advice).

    Specific causes of pathology in athletes:

    • the lack of a good workout;
    • inadequate stretching, muscle stiffness;
    • improper technique squats (bending the knees);
    • too deep a squat;
    • a sharp increase in the load.

    Diagnosis, treatment, prevention of disease

    Knee pain can be sharp. This happens when rupture of ligaments due to injury or sudden movements. The pain can be aching in nature. It is a result of joint disease to determine which should be screened.

    The knee may swell and crackle. It signals the inflammation of the cartilage. Consultation of the orthopedist in such cases — the first thing you need to take during prolonged knee pain. For a complete diagnosis assigned to fluoroscopy, arthroscopy. Further treatment is administered.

    Болит колено при приседании: диагностика, лечение, профилактика

    Reducing the load on the knee joint is one of the main means of prevention when pain is felt in the knee after squats. Hence, before overweight people face the task to get rid of extra pounds. It must be done mainly with the help of a correct and balanced diet, adherence, and relaxation.

    Physiotherapy prescribed by a doctor. The most simple exercise — «Bicycle» from the prone position. Effective as riding a regular bike or exercise bikes. Another effective way to eliminate pain in your knees is swimming. Regularly visiting the pool, patients can completely get rid of joint pain, not only in the knee. In the water the cartilage is doing the work, but does not feel the load.

    When the doctor accurately diagnosed, the patient must consistently perform all assignments. The doctor may recommend not only medications, but a lifestyle change. What you need to do to the treatment produced a speedy effect, if a person has sore knees when walking, running and squatting:

    • classes special gymnastics exercises at least 2 times a day;
    • the lack of climbing and descending the stairs, maximum avoidance of such actions;
    • the use of knee pads;
    • taking medications prescribed by your doctor.

    Traditional methods of treatment

    If you have sore knees when squatting, as additional funds, in addition to prescribed by a doctor, it is recommended to put compresses. In one of the recipes included milk and bran in a ratio of 1:1. Such lotions have to do daily, maintaining at least an hour.

    We also use various compresses and rubbing of herbs that have a warming and analgesic effect. There are orthopedic plasters, which are based on medicinal herbs. All this helps to relieve swelling and pain when sick knees with a deep squat. When a sharp pain caused by trauma or an awkward sudden movement, perhaps the use of «dry cold,» that is, a compress made of ice. What type of wrap you need cold or heat will determine only the doctor depending on the etiology of the disease.

    To folk remedies that can only be a complement to medical appointments, include the latch peel the black radish. At the beginning of treatment need once a day to make the rind of this root for 5 minutes, then each day add one minute and bring to 15 minutes, proceed in the reverse order, reducing routine to 5 minutes.

    You can make the bath or lotions of solution of baking soda. They will help if very sore knees when squatting. In one liter of warm water add one tablespoon of baking soda. Take the bath for 15 minutes.

    Sometimes used this recipe: scalded with boiling water over a fresh sheet of horseradish, applied it to the sore knee for five minutes. It is necessary to remain cautious. If you have too sensitive skin, it may be a burn.

    If you have sore knees when squatting, use the recipe of the ancient Egyptians. Make a compress of aloe juice. Can also be applied to the knee in the leaves of fresh cabbage, constantly changing compresses.

    Folk remedies, like medication, diverse. Many of them are quite effective when knees hurt when doing squats. But remember, the basic rule of medicine is still in force: it is easier to prevent disease than to treat it.

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