Pain in knee when walking: causes, treatment

Often, with age, you can hear the repeated complaints of the patients about what pain in my knee when walking. Why? Sometimes the pain is not due to injury, and after physical exercise. The reason — the wear of the cartilage surface. But the danger of knee pain that this condition can be a symptom of a variety of articular disorders and requires serious study and comprehensive treatment.

Causes of knee pain when walking

Болит колено при ходьбе: причины, лечениеThe human gait, its features, can create many problems. Walk without pain in the knee (the inner side and under the knee), hip and ankle joint occurs because of incorrect posture, scoliosis. Lost balance in the foot, the knee joint and around the growth of a person. The skeleton is similar to a building located on a curve basis. If omitted, the arch of the ankle joint during walking will cause pain in the shoulder.

We can conclude that walking is a complex process of muscles and the nervous system. If the right foot steps forward, straining the muscles of the left hand, placing it forward, and the right hand, allocating back. Relax the muscles of the anterior surface of the left and the rear surface of the right hand. This is a classic state of the muscles when walking.

If relaxation of the muscles does not occur, there is a violation of balance, spasms, shortening of the muscles and unbearable pain when walking, back of the knee, the ankle joint also hurts the hip joint.

In addition to gait, there are several other causes of knee pain:

  • injuries and damage (swelling, bruising, impeding movement);
  • infectious-inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, bones;
  • the expansion of the sheath which produces synovial fluid;
  • pinched nerves and instability of the joints.

Common diseases of the knee

Knee pain when walking is the cause of various articular changes: injuries, falls, torn ligaments, disorders of the balance of cartilage.

Adolescents 12-15 years, with frequent injuries and overloading of the knees, there is a disease Osgut-Shlyattera. Is the destruction of the bone core and osteochondropathy the tibia and, as a consequence, the blood circulation in the knee joint.

Болит колено при ходьбе: причины, лечение

Bone, menisci and knee ligaments

Those who engage in such sports as basketball, soccer, athletics, hockey, most commonly suffer from this disease. But it is the growth of the child. To completely get rid of pain in the knee joint, to exclude overload of the extremities.

Inflammation of the synovial Bursa (Bursa) in the knee joint is the cause of the disease called bursitis. It is suprapatellar (inflamed synovium, and there is pain behind the knee), prepatellar (inflammation of the knee bag). People who are overweight, the formation of Baker’s cyst. They occur on the inner bottom of the knee. Appears edema, decreased motor activity. Early in the disease will help light stretching exercises, but if pain increases, it is necessary to resort to combination therapy.

If you have severe pain behind knee when walking, during the ascent or descent of the stairs, swelling and swelling of the anterior aspect of the knee, tendonitis is tendon inflammation. This disease has another name — «jumper’s knee».

Athletes exposed to heavy physical loads of the knee (jump leg), get microscopic tears of the tendons that without the right rest accumulate and lead to tendinitis.

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Many patients have asked yourself the question: why bother with osteochondrosis knee pain? Experts have conducted studies and concluded that the changes degerative degenerative nature in the periarticular tissues of the knee joint with lumbar osteochondrosis. Hence the name of the disease — periarthrosis.

Lower back pain in osteochondrosis is complicated nature. Neurological observations have shown that in the region of the lumbar spine in this disease zaselyalsya the spinal nerve roots, inflammation is progressing on the femoral and saphenous nerve foot, one branch of which innervates the knee joint. Changes occur in muscles and ligaments that support the joint. With lower back pain, osteochondrosis, complicated or hyperlordosis lordosis smoothed, negative effects on the periarticular tissues may have a long standing in one place or very long walk. Patients it is even difficult sometimes to maintain balance.

Lumbosacral degenerative disc disease can cause pain in the ankle joint. Is sciatica. Destructive disease of the cartilage, bone and tendon tissue cause top brass back pain and ankle joint. If you experience these symptoms you need to see a doctor, putting a pressure bandage. Pain in the ankle joint can be eliminated only after correct diagnosis.

To eliminate the disease of the knee, pain in ankle joint, you need to take medicines recommended in osteochondrosis, back pain, and applied to combat this disease of the spine a lot of effort. Only with proper therapy knee pain will go away.

Treatment of diseases of the knee joint

To cure the most common of the above diseases can only complex therapy. One method, the disease did not win.

The main thing in the treatment of diseases of the knee is to relieve pain symptom. Swelling and inflammation of prescribed nonsteroidal medications. These include paracetamol, diclofenac, indomethacin, aceclofenac. Should take only after individual selection. These drugs can only numb the disease but not cure it completely. Therefore, to get involved they shouldn’t.

Болит колено при ходьбе: причины, лечение

When inflammation of the synovial Bursa, which is accompanied by accumulation of unwanted fluid, prescribe corticosteroid hormones. With their help, are blockading the patient’s knee by injection.

A great help to patients who have not passed the knee pain will have various ointments used in osteochondrosis: Niemisel, I experienced an unexpected side effect, vodka, Efkamon, Ben-Gay, Finalgon, Nise, Ketonal. The charity action on pain in the knee have gels and compresses.

Very popular for the restoration of cartilage are chondro. But their action gives the result immediately. So you need to be patient for a few months. The application will slow down the negative processes and improves the condition of cartilages and eliminate knee pain.

Very effective, along with medication, and methods of magnetic therapy, radiotherapy, laser therapy.

Болит колено при ходьбе: причины, лечениеTo reduce the weight and reduce stress on the knees will help magnetic therapy. It activates the body’s processes that help to remove toxins and increase the permeability of cell membranes. Using this method accelerates the effect of the drugs. The influence of the magnet extends not only to the joint itself, but also on the projection area. Them is the rear upper part of the tibia, lumbar vertebrae (as in osteoarthritis). Treatment sessions should not exceed 15-20 minutes. The course is 15-20 procedures. While mandatory individual counseling. Although magnetic therapy can be used in the home, still do not neglect the services of the clinics.

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The road to recovery sure is through prevention, which means a Spa treatment. Only after removing the acute symptoms you can apply mud therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic baths, exercise therapy sessions.

Moderate exercise will relieve the joints from stress and eliminates debilitating pain.

Health food

Equally important, in the treatment of diseases of the joints, have a medical diet. It is from improper diet, accompanied with sedentary lifestyle, there is pain in the lower back, knee, joints and, especially, in the hip. Disease in the hip joint has a name — deforming coxarthrosis, and treating it first and foremost requires getting rid of extra pounds. Diet will provide the cartilage with all the necessary micronutrients, which in turn will reduce the pain. Because supply in the hip joint comes from the liquid produced in him. This fluid is the main element affecting depreciation. If to saturate the liquid needed nutrients, the cartilage in the hip joint starts to recover himself.

Болит колено при ходьбе: причины, лечениеIn the diet of the patient experiencing pain in the hip when walking, should include vitamins A, b, E, S. you can get Them from cereals and vegetables, and fluoride and phosphorus from fish. Flour products are excluded, when tormented by the pain in the hip joint, in addition to rye, bran and grain bread. Every day patients are experiencing pain in the hip, you need to make barley, buckwheat, oatmeal. They can be filled with dried fruits, cheese and spices. Pain in hip joint treatment diet also involves the full or partial rejection of salt. Dairy products fit in the form of cheese, yogurt except milk. When dieting, pain in the hip, it is mandatory to consumption of fish and liver. The limited intake of sugar and sweet dishes. It is better to replace honey.

If there is a long and time passes the pain in the hip joint, can help some exercise, which is important to the aura of whoever will be conducting the session. Exercises aimed at strengthening the blood circulation in the region of the affected joint or cartilage, restore elasticity of the joint capsule, pain in the hip joint.

Start the procedure with tapping on the top rear edge of the iliac region (at the lower limit of the waist). Here is the nerve affected when the disease. Left hand firmly pressed to the nerve, and the right to perform tapping. The blood from the capillaries to throw out, and the energy of the blows sink deep into the structure. The following procedure is carried out at the head of the hip joint. Similarly impactors. They are stronger than the above, but painless. Both procedures end with vigorous spankings. Next you need to put your right hand on the thigh in front, above the crotch. Strikes are not the fingers and palm edge. So is tapping on the back of the thigh, below the gluteal folds.

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After this procedure, you may feel pain in the hip, but the treatment demands. Don’t be afraid and show them once a week, depending on the severity of the disease.

Folk therapy

Some of the available and widely used in diseases of the joints are traditional medicines. They do not require special knowledge and skills, but can ease the disease for a long time.

The most common tools is a compresses. They can be cooked from herbs, honey, beeswax, yellow or blue clay.

Pain in the hip joint can be eliminated by applying a mortar of blue clay. The ancient people smeared ourselves with this mixture and after some time I felt relieved. If a sore ankle, a compress of clay will have a positive effect.

Болит колено при ходьбе: причины, лечениеSpecial healing effect on joints have chestnut flowers, infused in vodka. You can add color lilac and dandelion. Two weeks infusion should be in a dark place. Then it must be applied on gauze, apply to the affected area, wrap with a film and a warm scarf. Repeat every day for a month and the pain will pass.

Of infusions can be done not only compresses, should be taken inside.

The infusion of Bay leaves will have a positive effect on the metabolism and elimination of pain. 50 g of Bay leaves pour 250 ml of cold water, bring to boil, cool and take 50 g during the four days between meals.

Good effect and will give an infusion of willow bark, dried nettle and parsley root. Tablespoon of the mixture pour in a thermos and cover with water (200 ml). Drink 100 ml twice a day after meals.

At home using herbs you can cook and ointments. They relieve knee pain and inflammation. The most popular ointment based on honey. You need to take 100 g, preferably the may of honey, add 1 tsp mustard powder, salt and baking soda. In the evening put some ointment on the patient’s joint. Enough 5-6 treatments and the pain will go away.

You can mix honey (150 g) with Shilajit (5 g). Knee pain goes, if the ointment be rubbed before going to sleep every day.

Ointments of celandine, Hypericum, yarrow, nettle crushed and mixed with a medical petroleum jelly (1 tbsp). Treatment should continue until the complete elimination of pain.

When you experience debilitating joint pain every day, all good. Applying them comprehensively, after consulting a doctor, you can achieve the desired result. Try to change your lifestyle and switch off from the diet foods that Deplete the cartilage and joints, engage in therapeutic exercise, limit stress on the knees, have pity on your body, and then he will reward you with good health.