Pain in osteochondrosis: pills, shots, patches

Обезболивающие при остеохондрозе: таблетки, уколы, пластыриWhat painkillers osteochondrosis is better to use? The main symptom of this disease is pain. Localization of pain depends on what type of degenerative disc disease suffered by the patient.

Osteochondrosis happens:

  • cervical;
  • breast;
  • lumbar.

If you experience any pain therapy should start as early as possible. The main treatments are painkillers. The physician writes the patient a pain reliever in the form of tablets, patches, injections, blockades. For a particular patient, the doctor prescribes the most effective and suitable means to this end.

Pills, eliminating pain symptoms in osteochondrosis

The doctor appoints to the patient certain drugs depending on the type of lesion, extent of disease, its form, stage, localization of pain, and some concomitant diseases suffered by the patient. The medications used in the treatment of osteoarthritis can be divided into different groups according to the method effects on the body: non-narcotic analgesics, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, improves krovobraschenie drugs, sedatives.

Let’s consider them in turn. Most commonly prescribed analgesic — antipyretic medication and is designed to reduce and relieve pain. These include:

  • analgin
  • cetanol;
  • baralgin;
  • phenylbutazone;
  • tribuson.

Обезболивающие при остеохондрозе: таблетки, уколы, пластыриThere are still analgesics — derivatives of paraaminophenol (paracetamol and phenacetin), as well as derivatives of propionic acid. This group includes:

  • paracetamol;
  • Panadol;
  • the tablets;
  • strimol;
  • flutes;
  • askofen.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory used for the elimination of the inflammatory process, damaging the cartilage. They also possess analgesic effect. These include:

  • piroxicam;
  • ibuprofen;
  • Nurofen;
  • diclofenac;
  • brufen;
  • indomethacin;
  • ketorol;
  • naiz;
  • nimesil.

The doctor also prescribed to relieve pain muscle relaxants, for example, mydocalm. These drugs eliminates spasms muscle fibers, relaxes muscles and, thereby, eliminate the pain.

Pills for pain syndrome, doctors recommend a sedative. They eliminate the activity of pain signals and normalize the nervous system. Among them are:

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  • Valerian;
  • Novo-passit;
  • persen.

Injections to relieve severe pain in the back

If the patient has a strong pain, the doctor prescribes him the injection. The injections begin to have a therapeutic effect after a few minutes after drug administration. Injections osteochondrosis of the cervical allow you to quickly improve the condition of the patient. To basic medication to relieve severe pain include analgesics, vitamins, corticosteroids, antispasmodics. Injection, the doctor will prescribe in the following cases: when a sharp unbearable pain, cervical osteochondrosis, injury of lumbar, acute disease.

Обезболивающие при остеохондрозе: таблетки, уколы, пластыри
If you feel discomfort in the thoracic spine, the injections are usually not recommended as these pains are generally of a calm nature. When lumbar and cervical osteochondrosis observed pronounced pain syndrome, therefore, is assigned to the injection. Injections utilize anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce pain, compressions, swellings. Analgesics injections relieve pain, but they do not lead to full recovery. To cure the disease need to undergo comprehensive treatment.

For pain in osteochondrosis use of the blockade. Such injections do directly to the site of inflammation.

Paravertebral block is performed at specific points near the spine. Injection is injected into soft tissues surrounding a nerve or into the recesses located in the region of the intervertebral joints. Epidural blockade is performed directly in the intervertebral disc. This is the most complex procedure, it requires knowledge and clinical experience.

Обезболивающие при остеохондрозе: таблетки, уколы, пластыриWhen the blockade is used dexamethasone or novocaine. Blockades allow you to quickly eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. Blockade of osteochondrosis gives long-term results, however, it is not considered treatment, but only removes the pain. Osteochondrosis of the cervical blockade is necessary to perform very careful not to damage arteries, veins and nerve fibers. The procedure should be done by an experienced medical professional. Be sure to carefully choose your doctor.

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Local pain: ointments

These tools are very much effective. They have rapid effects and can be used as a standalone treatment. Patches and ointments are applied topically applied to the affected area. They have analgesic and warming effect, normalize blood circulation, improve metabolism in tissues. The doctor prescribes ointments such as:

  • Fastum gel;
  • menovazin;
  • finalgon;
  • eye drops;
  • dimexide;
  • we.

Ointment relieves pain, but the main treatment are not. If ointments are used in the complex treatment of the disease in conjunction with other drugs, it enhances the therapeutic effect and leads to recovery. Apply anti-inflammatory, analgesic, warming up ointments and also ointments complex action and chondroprotectors. A specific cream or gel for treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Обезболивающие при остеохондрозе: таблетки, уколы, пластыриFastum gel relieves pain and normalize joint function. It is composed of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The gel penetrates well into tissue, reduces swelling, pain, inflammation.

The gel dolobene is a drug with complex action. It is used to eliminate the pain, inflammation, has antibacterial, protivotoksicheskoe and restorative action. The gel quickly absorbs into the skin and is very effective. It restores joint function, improves circulation of blood vessels.

Capiscum pain reliever, improves circulation, metabolic processes in the damaged tissues, restores muscle function. Symptoms relieves inflammation and pain, helps to restore cartilage. Applied ointment in the daytime with light movements, not rubbing the surface of the skin.

Warms and relieves pain patches

Very useful warming and pain patches with cervical degenerative disc disease causing pain in the neck that spreads to the neck, shoulders, hands. With cervical osteochondrosis medicinal plaster duraplast should be put on the back of the neck, avoiding the surface of the lymph nodes and the carotid artery.

In order to resolve acute symptoms with cervical osteochondrosis, treatment patch is applied for 3-5 days. You can apply the patch in the morning for 12 hours. It is permissible to leave it on all night.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar pain occurs in the lower back and extends to one or both lower extremities as pinched nerves of the spine, and there are spasms of the muscles and tendons in the affected area the pinched nerve. Pain patches applied to the lumbar region across the spine.

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With cervical osteochondrosis helps pepper patch. It is a fabric which is impregnated with extract of belladonna, and capsicum. Patch through a local irritant effect on the skin improves circulation, metabolic processes and recovery of nerve tissue. Extract of belladonna relieves pain, pepper warms the tissue and reduces inflammation.

Painkillers osteochondrosis in complex of treatment prescribed by the doctor, together with other effective drugs have a therapeutic effect and lead to full recovery of the patient.