Pain in the coccyx when sitting — causes, first aid and treatment

How to help themselves, if pain in coccyx when sitting

The lower spine is called the coccyx. By itself, the word «coccyx» is of Greek origin. Is a sedentary 4-5 fused vertebrae, the size of which decreases from top to bottom.

The coccyx is connected to the sacrum by its broad base, its tip directed down. The vertebrae of the coccyx represent the calf spongy bone substance.

Scientists around the world have come to the conclusion that this is a completely unnecessary organ. He once served as a prop for a tail of human ancestors. Quite often, this seemingly unnecessary body that causes a person sharp pain, which is difficult to sit, walk and even sleep.

After 40 years, all the vertebrae of the coccyx, except the first, are fused together. Often this happens in men.

The coccyx is attached a thin coccygeal muscle is quadrangular. This muscle connects the ischium and the lateral edge niekrasevic and Verkhnekamskoe vertebrae. It facilitates the mobility of the pelvic floor.

Sometimes it is hard to determine localization of pain.

The patient coming to the doctor, complaining of pain in the coccyx.

In this case, the specialist must find out what are the causes of pain in the coccyx – injuries or diseases of the coccyx, and perhaps a disease of another organ (urinary tract, bowel, pelvic bones).

The treatment of the disease depends on the decision of this question.

The function of the coccyx

Vestigial organ – the coccyx performs an important function in the human body.

Anterior serve as a place of connection of muscles and ligaments, taking an active part in the work of the intestine and urogenital system.

Also to the coccyx attached some muscular connections of the gluteus Maximus. It coccyx is involved in the correct distribution of physical activity, serves as a reference point during tilt back.

Why sore tailbone

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Pain in coccyx when sitting and walking may occur for different reasons.

Anakopiyskoy pain syndrome is a very serious illness. It combines a number of manifestations:

  • anal neuralgia;
  • proctalgia;
  • coccygodynia;
  • anorectal pain.

The main symptom is pain in the coccyx, the anus or the perineum.

The coccygodynia is quite difficult to identify. It is difficult to treat. How correctly identified the cause of the pain will depend on the effectiveness of treatment.

Coccygodynia can occur due to injuries or deviations from normal structure. There are times when these two reasons are combined.

The disease is considered to be little studied disorder. The pain is localized and usually with a long seat tailbone hurts all the more. Also and strong stress on the lower spine.

According to statistics, the syndrome is more common in the female than the male.

Often coccygodynia in women occurs as a result of birth trauma. Less of cause can be a tumor or infection.

In the early twentieth century, this diagnosis was very popular. It was used by all patients with pain in the lumbosacral region. In such cases only used with surgery – removal of the coccyx.

Causes of pain in the coccyx, during and after sitting

There are a number of reasons why sitting too long sore coccyx:

  1. Illness or injury of the coccygeal or sacral nerve plexus. Coccygodynia resulting from a fall on the coccyx or blow on it with a hard object caused by the dislocation or displacement of the coccyx, scar formation in the soft tissues. The main feature of this disease is that pain can occur many years after injury. In this case, people can not understand, what is this pain.
  2. Diseases of the muscles and nerves of the perineum or prolapse of the perineum (postpartum syndrome). Gestation during pregnancy and the birth of large fruit. As a result of passing the baby through the birth canal may result in excessive extension of a joint or tear.
  3. The result surgeries possible changes in the anus, constipation or stomach upset leading to long-term toilet seat.
  4. The disease can be caused by the habit of sitting on soft or prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable chair.
  5. There is a connection between coccygodynia and adjacent bodies (the bones of the pelvis, rectum, pelvic floor muscles, cellular tissue of the pelvis).
  6. Pain in the coccyx can be caused by local spasm of the perineal muscles or the reduction of the pelvic ligaments.
  7. One of the main reasons is little motor activity. As a result of stagnant tissue not getting enough oxygen. An inactive or sedentary lifestyle can not only cause pain, but to provoke the deposition of salts. As a result you can make stiff joints.
  8. Pain in coccyx when sitting and prolonged riding or Cycling. During these sports the entire load is transferred to the coccyx.
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Methods of diagnosis

To date, the most effective methods of diagnosis of the disease are:

  1. X-ray study of spine. Before the procedure the patient is undergoing training – dieting, it holds a cleansing enema.
  2. Tomographic study.
  3. Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and the reproductive system of the patient.
  4. A thorough examination of the bowel (if necessary).

Only a complete examination of the body will help to make a correct diagnosis. Mandatory consultation of the urologist, gynecologist and neurologist. In some cases, is finger examination of the rectum.

This method allows you to more accurately determine the cause already in the doctor’s office. During the study, the finger is defined soreness in the coccyx, various seals.

During the ultrasound examination revealed disorders of the spine and injury, tumors and changes of the rectal wall which could cause pain.

With the help of a special apparatus the inspection of the mucous membrane of the colon. Quite often, this technique helps to detect diseases which are difficult, and sometimes impossible, find another type of survey.

First aid

It is first important to eliminate the causes of pain in the coccyx.

When pain in the coccyx during and after prolonged sitting first aid is the use of special pillows made of foam with a hole in the middle.

As the patient places the coccyx directly into the hole, this pillow relieves pain. This method will help to finally get rid of the discomfort in a month.

If such first aid will not help, without the advice of an experienced proctologist can not do.

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In order to forget about the pain in the coccyx, the doctors suggest a complete examination and to address the root cause, otherwise the pain will appear again and again.

Methods and goals of treatment

Pain in the coccygeal area causes discomfort. Quite often the pain is worse by prolonged sitting.

The disease to some extent restricts the mobility of the person deprives of the pleasures of life, interferes in the daily activities.

In most cases, the pain can be relieved without surgical intervention.

There are conservative methods of treatment – physiotherapy and massage. Special exercises will help to quickly restore blood circulation.

During acute pain, the man needed rest. Need to take pain medication. If you can’t afford a bed, for sitting use a soft pillow.


In order to forever get rid of pain in the coccyx, it is necessary to cure the underlying disease.

It is recommended to immediately consult a doctor at the first appearance of pain. This will increase your chances of recovery.

Thanks to modern technology, you can go absolutely painless manual examination. Be always healthy!

Video: Pain in tailbone when sitting

Pain in the coccyx there quite often. Pain are sharp and pulling. In the video a set of exercises to ease symptoms.