Pain in the joint of the big toe: symptoms, causes, treatment

Боль в суставе большого пальца ноги: симптомы, причины, лечениеThe big toe is very vulnerable to various injuries, bruises and many chronic diseases. This is due to the enormous workload that falls on it during physical activity, for example, when walking, running or jumping. That is why this symptom is pain in the joint of the big toe is familiar to many people, especially those who have already crossed forty.

The cause of this condition may be different chronic diseases. These include arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, gout and many others. These diseases are quite dangerous for the overall health of the person and require timely treatment.

Symptoms and causes of the defeat of the big toe joint

Pain in the joint of the big toe is always a symptom of a serious disease. It is usually related to inflammation of the joint, which is sharp, burning and throbbing pain. The intensity of this pain syndrome is greatly enhanced by the night and reaches its peak during nighttime sleep. The big toe joint on the foot is markedly swollen and the skin around it gets bright red or even purple hue. In some cases, this disease can occur and other distinctive characteristics.

  • Limitation or complete lack of motor function of the thumb.
  • At the slightest physical activity soreness in the joints increase significantly.
  • The local increase in body temperature, localized in the joint of a finger.
  • Whole body hyperthermia that affects the entire body.
  • If the patient has marked all of the above symptoms of inflammation of the big toe, he must immediately seek help from a doctor.

    There are many reasons why a person may be a pain in the joint of the big toe. However, most often, these painful sensations arise due to certain factors.

  • A weakening of the immune system, which pathogens freely enters the human body and cause various infectious inflammation. Usually, this condition occurs in humans due to the previously transferred diseases, such as influenza or acute respiratory diseases and in women during pregnancy.
  • Various serious infections, such as syphilis, tuberculosis, or gonorrhea.
  • Violation of metabolic processes in the body, which is the main cause of gouty inflammation of the big toe.
  • Various injuries and bruises of the big toe.
  • Genetic predisposition to joint diseases.
  • Regular excessive load on the toes.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Timely visit to the doctor is important. In the advanced form of the disease can lead to dire consequences. They can be eliminated only by surgery.

    Diagnosis of diseases and elimination of pain

    Боль в суставе большого пальца ноги: симптомы, причины, лечение

    To determine the exact diagnosis of the patient is sent for x-rays

    When first the pain in the joint of the big toe is necessary to consult a therapist and to tell him about the symptoms of this disease. Before you choose the best method of treatment of the inflammatory process in the joint of a finger, the doctor will try to determine the cause and type of inflammation. The patient will need to undergo the following diagnostic procedures:

    • x-rays;
    • ultrasound examination;
    • certain laboratory tests.

    Боль в суставе большого пальца ноги: симптомы, причины, лечениеAfter it received the results of diagnostic tests, the doctor will be able to choose for the patient the correct treatment of inflammation of the joint of the big toe. If, however, therapeutic methods of treatment of the disease will not lead to the desired result, the patient will be directed on reception to the rheumatologist. It is very important to start the treatment of lesions of the great toe at an early stage of the disease to prevent severe and irreversible changes in the joint.

    At the beginning of the disease to ease pain and reduce inflammation in the finger will be possible to manage without drug therapy, limiting treatment compresses, electrophoresis, physical therapy and multiple injections in the patient’s joint.

    However, a bad disease for the patient’s recovery will require a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the disease, including compulsory admission of all prescription medicines and special healing exercises.

    Medical and surgical treatment

    Treatment of pain in the big toe joint is carried out using the following medications:

    • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs);
    • pain injection into the diseased joint and steroid (hormone) anti-inflammatory drugs;
    • treatment of non-steroidal origin.
    • natural supplements and Supplements designed to restore the damaged joint of the thumb;
    • chondroprotectors.

    Боль в суставе большого пальца ноги: симптомы, причины, лечениеTo reduce the load on the diseased joint and thereby protect it from overvoltage, doctors advise to wear on the big toe, a special fixing bandage, which will help to significantly reduce pain while walking.

    Depending on the severity of the disease doctor may recommend the patient treatment massage. This method is very effective for people suffering from diseases of the joints, including inflammation of the big toe. Therapeutic massage contributes to a marked improvement of blood supply to the diseased joint, as well as reducing the tension in the muscles of the big toe and reduce pain. In addition, massage treatments help to bring out of the inflamed area are toxic substances that leads to the healing of the affected tissue.

    However, you should not use massage for the treatment of acute forms of the disease of the big toe, because it may only aggravate the already difficult condition of the patient. At particularly difficult stages of lesions of the thumb the only effective way to treat the disease is surgery. In the course of this operation to be partial, and sometimes complete joint replacement of the finger of the patient’s feet.

    With a strong arthrosis, arthritis or gout, there is a complete deformation of the bones of the big toe, causing even the slightest attempt to step on the injured leg ends for man are very strong and sharp pain. That is why for many patients, surgery is the last opportunity to regain health and return to a full life.

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