Pain in the knee joint in flexion and extension: reason

Боль в коленном суставе при сгибании и разгибании: причины

Ligaments, muscles and bones of the knee joint

The joints of the hands and feet provide normal functioning of the human limb and are involved in the process of walking, Jogging and sports. The most fragile, weak and prone to injuries — the knee joint. The trauma surgeon noted: the minor pain in the knee joint in flexion and extension should not jump to conclusions. Perhaps the reason these pain — age-related changes, they are characterized by a decrease in the volume of joint fluid and worn working surface of the joint. Knee pain is one of the most common reasons why patients go to the specialist.

Despite the fact that the knee joint is large, it is the weakest in its anatomical structure. The joint is surrounded by muscles of the feet while bending and unbending strain it. Because of the daily load can develop rheumatoid arthritis, and will testify to the pain in the knee joint.

To correctly diagnose the inflammation can be a doctor. Because the joint major, it is enough to expert to probe him to perform the puncture. Causes of knee pain when bending and unbending may be different. And from their source depends on the treatment.

The main causes of pain

First, the most common is trauma, for example, when playing sports. Injured most adolescent boys. Suffers, as a rule, only one knee. Patients complain of aggravation of pain syndrome during the descent and climbing stairs, when walking and running, but the most severe pain when bending the leg at the knee joint.

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To cause pain, maybe bursitis, that is inflammation of several joint bursas of the knee joint. Signs: swelling, restriction of movement, severe pain if the patient is sharply bent and straightened the knee. Another reason for pain in knee when bending is inflammation of the sciatic nerve, or sciatica. Caused due to wearing tight long boots, so it is mainly observed in women. If it hurts the knee when bent, then it happened a pinched nerve branches under the skin.

The cause of the pain can be tendonitis. The result of the great activity of walking and skiing or Cycling — irritation of one or more of the tendons that support the connection of the knee of the patient, when the ligaments are too tight.

Боль в коленном суставе при сгибании и разгибании: причиныPain can be experienced even with a slight flexion of the knee. People with moderate physical activity are less susceptible to this disease.

Pain may indicate accumulation of fluid behind the knee or Baker’s cyst. The most common source of problems is a hernia in the knee, cartilage damage or meniscus tear. If time does not seek help, a blood clot forms which is a danger to human life. Need urgent surgical intervention. Fluid accumulation causes severe knee pain even when the joint is in a straightened condition.

Another cause of the pain — knee-femoral syndrome, which causes discomfort around or under the kneecap. The pain is aggravated if the foot is at rest (with a long seat, for example), and after the patient begins to bend and straighten the knee.

For pain syndrome is recommended to do special exercises, which maintain muscle tone. Should put on a knee warmer with ice several times a day and change casual shoes more comfortable.

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Arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis

Injury or hit to the kneecap of microbes leads to suppuration of the joint, resulting in arthritis. The defeat of joints may develop in the elderly and in young age, when a patient is very painful to bend the leg. Treatment is engaged in orthopedic trauma and the recovery process of the knee joint usually very long.

In osteoarthritis there is a change in the cartilage tissues in the joint, which is not treatable. The disease often develops in women. It can occur:

  • as an independent disease;
  • after the injury;
  • as a result of purulent inflammation.

Human movement is constrained and minimized. To ensure the normal operation defective joint, it is necessary to change artificial. Double inflammation, severe pain in the knee in extension and flexion during walking indicate arthritis.
It can develop as an independent disease or can be the consequence of rheumatism or gout.

It must be remembered that to determine why it hurts knee, to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the therapeutic complex can be a doctor. Self treatment of joint diseases is unacceptable and leads to serious consequences. To consult a specialist immediately after the occurrence of pain with flexion and extension of the knee joint.