Pain in the knee joint: treatment at home

Боль в коленном суставе: лечение в домашних условияхSevere pain in the knee joint, as practice shows, is not uncommon. Many people from time to time complain of this unpleasant symptom, which prevents them to move freely and lead a normal life.

This is due to the fact that the knee joint is constantly under enormous stress associated with different physical actions (walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs, weight lifting) and overweight. This often leads to serious injuries and even diseases of the knee.

Therefore, if you are experiencing pain in the knee joint, treatment of this symptom should begin as soon as possible, before he caused serious complications.

Struggle with pain in the knee joint

Боль в коленном суставе: лечение в домашних условияхTo eliminate the pain in the knee joint, the treatment of which can sometimes take quite some time, it is necessary to find out the true cause of this condition. There are many factors on which a person may experience pain in the knee region. It can be as different a knee injury received, for example, at impact, and a variety of chronic diseases that can be degenerative or inflammatory basis.

Pain in the knee joint can be sharp and aching, sharp and pulling, localized in the knee and the area beneath it. Sometimes patients knee joints may not show themselves by day, starting to disturb the man only at night during sleep.

Very often knee pain is greatly enhanced when walking or running, or during squats, jumping, and walking up the stairs.

Pain relief at home

At some time limit your usual physical activities that will help to unload the diseased joint and reduce pain. Best of all, if during this period you will observe complete bed rest, getting out of bed only when absolutely necessary. Sometimes this is enough to completely get rid of knee pain. Giving your knee joint can relax you thereby protect damaged ligaments, muscles or tendons from further injury.

But you should stop any movement, including walking, and wait for the moment when the knee pain completely calm down. To provide the foot with maximum comfort and convenience, put under the sick knee, a small pillow or cushion. This offloading helps very quickly to relieve swelling around the knee and significantly reduce pain.

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If you are not able to abandon Affairs and to spend a few days in bed, then try to at least as little as possible to step on the injured leg. To do this, take the cane and walking rely on it, thereby protecting the knee of the load. Even if with a cane, you still continue to limp, then you should buy 2 of the crutch, which will allow you to move, absolutely without straining the affected joint.

Боль в коленном суставе: лечение в домашних условияхIn addition, to enhance blood flow to the affected knee and to reduce pain need to regularly do special massage therapy. For this you need soft flowing movements to massage the area around the joint until, until the skin is slightly red. But what if that massage only increases the pain and inflammation in the joint? Then you should immediately cease all massage treatments with a sore foot.

At the time of the disease should completely abandon all bad habits, especially Smoking, because it significantly slows the healing of damaged tissues.

Treatment of heat and cold

Another proven and very well established way to eliminate a sharp and acute pain in the knee joint are applying to the painful place the bag with ice and various heat treatments. They help soothe the pain, reduce swelling of tissues and when used correctly very quickly improve the condition of the patient.

Боль в коленном суставе: лечение в домашних условиях

The heat draws the blood to the joint and regeneration of cartilage tissue

However, before you start treatment for pain in the knee joint by means of exposure to high or low temperatures, you should remember the rules:

  • Pack with ice cubes or any other cold compress really helps with the bruising or the rapid swelling of the knee joint. Most often, these symptoms are observed in humans with fractures and other types of knee injuries. To cold compress provided the best therapeutic effect on the injured joint, you need to change it about every 15 min, while performing this procedure at least 3 times a day.
  • During the first two days after injury, to warm his bruised knee is in any case impossible, as it may only aggravate the inflammation of the joint and increase pain. That is why doctors do not recommend that people who received a knee injury within 48 hours to take a hot bath or to bathe under a shower in hot water and apply hot compress or ointments and drink any strong drinks.
  • On the third day after receiving the injury, if the swelling around the joint subsides a bit, you can begin treatment of the knee using hot compresses.
  • Some doctors advise their patients alternately impact on the knee joint, then low, then high temperature, that is to perform the contrast procedure.

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    Bandaging a sore knee

    Another effective treatment of various pains in the joint — bandaging the knee. This is best suited to the special elastic bandage which does not hinder movement, but at the same time helps to keep the diseased tissue. However it is not necessary to bandage them injured leg too tight as this can cause blood circulation disorders in lower extremities and greater swelling of the knee joint. If you make a mistake and too tight bandage on the knee, you will feel the following symptoms:

  • At first light, and then stronger tingling.
  • Numbness of the skin and toes.
  • The increase in swelling below the bandage.
  • A marked increase in pain.
  • The elastic bandages helps to achieve temporary pain relief, but the true cause of the disease it does not eliminate it.


    Боль в коленном суставе: лечение в домашних условияхWhen the pain in the injured knee will slightly subside and cease to be too sharp and abrupt, you can start to execute a special complex of therapeutic exercises.

    He not only treats the diseased joint, but also helps to strengthen the periarticular tissue.

    This will allow you to avoid re-injury of the knee joint:

  • Thorough stretching of the knee tendons, which during the loss of elasticity can limit the articular fossa.
  • Pulling the knee to your chest.
  • However, not all exercise is equally useful in severe pain in the knee joint. For example, running, skiing, playing football or tennis can only aggravate your situation and long delay the restoration of health and former health. Important: if you really want to get rid of knee pain, try to avoid all kinds of gymnastic exercises, which can increase the load on your sore joints.

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    Drug therapy

    To fight effectively, even with very strong pain and inflammation in the knee joint of modern physicians recommend taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The medicines can be applied externally in form of ointments and orally in the form of tablets or capsules. However, sometimes in severe injuries and diseases pills and ointments cannot give the desired result. The patient is then prescribed a stronger rectal forms of anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers special injection made directly into the diseased joint.

    Боль в коленном суставе: лечение в домашних условияхBy far the most popular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are:

    • aspirin;
    • diclofenac;
    • ibuprofen;
    • cetanol;
    • Movalis;
    • the paracetamol.

    How to treat a special diet?

    Therapeutic diet for severe pain in the knee joint is aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • To reduce body weight and thereby greatly reduce the load on the knee joint.
  • To ensure that the patient’s body the nutrients needed for faster recovery of connective, cartilaginous and bone tissues of the knee.
  • If there is a patient of a significant number of extra pounds he prescribe a special diet, providing a significant restriction of calorie daily diet. This is achieved by the following methods:

  • From the patient’s diet is almost completely eliminated any fast utilizable carbohydrates such as white bread and other flour products made from wheat flour, sugar, and any sweets.
  • Significantly limit your intake of fats, especially of animal origin.
  • Prohibits all alcoholic beverages, including wine and beer.
  • To ensure fast and complete recovery of all damaged tissues of the knee joint, you need to make your diet as varied as possible. It is important to add more fresh fruits and vegetables, or completely switch to a vegetarian type of food.