Pain in the shoulder joint: the causes of the disease

Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболеванияPain in the shoulder joint is frequently worried about professional athletes, people with excess weight and age group of patients older than 30 years. Every year the number of people who experience pain in the shoulder joint increases. The painful symptoms may have a different character and appear with different frequency.Pain in the shoulder joint can be triggered by several different factors. Quite often provoke the appearance of a painful symptom of various diseases of the joints.

Of disease, causing unpleasant symptoms

There are many diseases of the shoulder joints. Most often the provocateur discomfort becomes inflammatory process, which affects the ligaments in the shoulder of the patient. The person experiences pain in the shoulder joints. Inflammation of the tendons is called tendinitis. It is triggered by excessive load exerted on the arms and back.

If the patient often suffer shoulder joints, then it could be tendonitis of the biceps. In addition to pain, the person experiences tingling, numbness in the damaged region. Often it becomes very hot. Pain in the shoulder joints become stronger in any manipulation and don’t stop to rest.

There are other diseases that trigger this symptom. Bursitis often develops in parallel with the tendinitis. With this inflammation, the patient is also experiencing pain in the shoulder joints. Only in this case accompanying symptoms stronger also seen on the affected location can occur characteristic cones filled with synovial fluid or pus. To hurt the shoulder joint can damage internal organs. If the patient has heart disease, liver or neck, pneumonia or a tumor, such inflammatory processes can affect the functioning of the hands.

Disease of the shoulder joint include a humeroscapular periarthrosis. The illness develops quickly, but soon to be manifested by severe pain most often occurs at night. In lesions of the shoulder joint symptoms is not the end of some unpleasant sensations. The patient is difficult to manipulate the damaged area of the body, he gets fever and swelling. Shoulder pain can be of different nature:

  • Aching.
  • Burning.
  • Shooting.
  • Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболеванияIn addition, the discomfort not always occur in the affected area. Pain in the right shoulder can spread to the whole arm or back.

    Quite often, patients present dysfunction of not only the shoulder but also the elbow and wrist. Pain in the shoulder joint can last from several days to a year.

    Pain during movement may be caused by the presence of salts in the articular ligaments. Pain in the shoulder joint appears as a result of hardening of the ligaments and is manifested in patients after 40 years. The character of such pain in shoulder joint sharp, intense and constant. Painful sensations appear frequently and suddenly.

    The cause of pain — arthritis and osteoarthritis

    Diseases of the shoulder joint include arthritis and osteoarthritis. These 2 diseases can be considered separately, as they often provoke long-lasting agonizing pain in the joints. Sore left shoulder arthritis due to the fact that this disease provoke the development of inflammation. There are several varieties of this disease:

  • Infectious arthritis.
  • Traumatic arthritis.
  • Degenerative arthritis.
  • The infectious form of the disease appears due to the presence in the body of the infection. It affects the shoulder apparatus and causes pain in the shoulder joint. Become a provocateur of osteoarthritis can not only syphilis or tuberculosis, but any intestinal disorder. The disease develops unnoticed, but very quickly. Traumatic arthritis occurs as a consequence of injury. First, the patient has prolonged pain in the shoulder joint. If she did not pay attention, at the site of injury may begin an inflammatory process which will strike the whole of the joint capsule. This form of the disease is often observed in athletes.

    Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболевания

    Bones, muscles, and ligaments of the joint

    Hurt right shoulder can degenerative arthritis. This form of the disease is often triggered by the violation of the exchange of blood and deformation of vessels. Patients noted severe pain in the shoulder, swelling, numbness and tingling of the injured area. If you have severe pain in the shoulder camera, the doctor must come immediately. Degenerative arthritis is virtually untreatable. Therefore, in most cases, the therapy eliminates the pain in the shoulder, but not the cause of the disease. When degenerative type of the disease often changes the shape and size of the joints. The skin around the damaged area becomes red and tense, and the patient’s temperature rises.

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    Shoulder pain can be caused by osteoarthritis. It is a disease that affects the joints and lead to deformation of cartilage. Shoulder pain accompanied by the characteristic crunch and squeak. Susceptible to the disease people after 40 years. But in rare cases this disease can develop earlier on the basis of other diseases.

    Shoulder pain is usually caused by in this case destructive processes in the cartilage. The fabric begins to wear out, get old and loses its integrity. Often suffer from such changes not only of the shoulder region, but the patient’s neck.

    The process of osteosynthesis of the humerus

    Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболевания

    Fixing destroyed bone shoulder titanium plate

    Patients often happens bone lesions, which can lead to partial rupture or fracture. Diseases affect the bone and can cause severe pain in the shoulders. Such destruction can occur in trauma, when shock in a patient may be a dislocation or fracture. In some cases, the presence of dislocation may lead to further bone tissue. To apply the conservative treatment for the fracture pointless. The only way to bring the patient the ability to move surgical intervention.

    For osteosynthesis using various clips. Depending on what stage of development is a condition such retaining device and is used. Certain models placed in the bone, others at it, and still others combine both types of devices. At strong lesion of the humerus, the implant remains within the tissue.

    In order to fix the implant within the body using special screws, plates and wires. The osteosynthesis may be extramedullary and intraosseous. Similar operation occurs when the broken bone and promotes rapid healing. It also reduces the pain in the shoulder joint. Operation can be:

  • Closed vneochagovogo.
  • Open.
  • It depends on whether the damaged area is exposed or not. The causes of fracture may be different, but in most cases this injury. It provokes shoulder pain in a patient and gives him normally manipulate by hand. Has recently become a popular minimally invasive prosthetics. In this case, the implant is placed through the small holes in the skin. Rehabilitation after surgery takes very little time, and after a few days the patient can move the injured limb.

    Damage to the bone can cause pain in the muscles and inflammation around the affected region. Therefore, to place the clip and repair the damage as soon as possible.

    Often when complex damage, causing the breaks, set the external fixator, which is a rod apparatus. It fully supports the injured arm and assists in the coalescence of bones.

    Secondary causes of pain

    Provoked by the painful symptoms can be caused by a number of secondary reasons:

  • Narrowing of the joints and tendons.
  • Damage to the rotator cuff.
  • Inflammation in the shoulder and arm.
  • The leaching of calcium from the forearm.
  • Hypotrophy of the muscles.
  • Neurogenic pathology.
  • Of herniated discs.
  • Inflammation in the shoulder muscles.
  • Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболеванияQuite often, the painful symptoms are caused by mechanical or traumatic injury. Pain in the shoulder joint is the result of a fall, shock and injury. This injury shifts the bones and strain the joint capsule. Arm pain can also be caused by tendon rupture. To provoke a painful symptom may the neoplasm or congenital anomaly. Damage in the joint of the shoulder cannot be left without a medical examination. Otherwise, the affected area can progress inflammation and the shoulder can lose capacity. Traumatic injuries often occur during sports. Damaged shoulder muscle to cause pain and do not give the OK to manipulate the damaged limb. Patients violated the AKS.

    Painful sensations can occur in the shoulder, not only due to direct damage. Enough to damage the elbow to have pain in the whole hand. Sometimes pain can be associated with the development of osteoporosis or wear of fabrics. Basically such a gap occurs in the elderly. Professional athletes who daily lift weights (body builders), constant pain in the shoulders. This is triggered by excessive load and stress, that muscle. They have shown aching pain in the left shoulder joint and can cause a tear of the cartilage. If there is injury to the cartilage that forms a ring inside the glenoid cavity, the pain gives to the left shoulder. The patient may partially lose the sensitivity in his hand.

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    Damage to tendons can cause pain in the shoulder joint that will last a very long time. The character of the pain usually depends on what part of the hand was damaged. Tendon rupture becomes the reason of sharp attacks of pain that spreads to the entire limb. And injury of the biceps provokes pain below the shoulder.

    Treatment of injuries of the joint

    Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболевания

    Surgery to repair damaged ligaments

    There are several goals pursued by the physician in the treatment of injured joints:

  • To eliminate the root cause of the disease.
  • To prevent the progression of the disease.
  • To eliminate the symptoms of the disease.
  • To repair damaged tissue.
  • To prevent the recurrence of the disease.
  • What to do if a sore shoulder? You first need to apply promptly for medical care. The doctor can prescribe the right comprehensive treatment. Initially, you must discover what triggers pain in my left shoulder. Further, by the use of drugs is necessary to eliminate this factor and to deal with the elimination of painful symptoms. In order to eliminate the pain in the hand, usually use some kinds of medicines:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Hormonal substances.
  • Narcotic analgesics.
  • Hormones and drugs are used only in the case if a sore joint is very and other medications can’t relieve this symptom. Drugs can be taken in the form of tablets, ointments, to do a special injection. Quite often, special gels are used, if the patient has a sore right shoulder or left. These ointments are chondroprotectors. They have influence only on a certain area, so you need to apply them locally. Inflammation in the right or left shoulder is often due to the presence there of large amounts of fluid or pus. The use of chondroprotectors contributes to the normalization of quantities of liquid, eliminate inflammation, improve metabolism and blood flow.

    Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболеванияOften joint destruction treated by the administration of chondroprotectors inside of the joint. In this case, the apparatus gets damaged collagen, which promotes rapid cell regeneration. After these procedures, patients no longer hurts the shoulder joint, and its power is normalized. In addition, there are other methods of treatment.

    Patients are offered to undergo post-isometric relaxation. This is the best treatment, if you have a sore shoulder joint. On average 10 sessions are sufficient to keep the patient became much better. This treatment involves the alternation of relaxation and contraction of muscles.

    If the patient has a long time hurts the shoulder joint, such rehabilitation will help as soon as possible to restore it and get rid of the pain.

    Folk remedies therapy

    Why hurt your hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder? The reason for this is the damaged joints, cartilage, injured muscle and bone. Using traditional methods, can significantly decrease painful symptoms and improve their condition. If you are experiencing severe pain in my left shoulder, it is necessary to make an ointment that can be rubbed regularly. To create it mix 75 g of fat, 5 grams of propolis and mix well. If the consistency is too thick, you can add 1 tbsp of olive oil. Ready ointment can be rubbed into damaged joints.

    To prepare the broth you want to add to the bathroom, take 2 tbsp of crushed mint leaves, 3 tbsp dandelion root, 7 tablespoons of buckthorn bark, 3 tablespoons of parsley seeds and pour over them 500 ml of water. Place the container on the fire and boil the medicine on low heat for 20 minutes. Remove the broth from heat, strain and pour into the bathroom. The water temperature should be 36-38°.

    Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболеванияPatients are often numb right hand. In order to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to prepare a special solution which can be rubbed into damaged joints. To do this, take 450 g of crushed flowers Kalanchoe and 800 ml of vodka or alcohol. Mix ingredients and place in a dark and dry place to infuse for 1 week. Then strain the cure through cheesecloth and RUB into the damaged joints.

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    Pain in the right shoulder can be eliminated by using honey and yogurt. Make ointment by mixing 2 tbsp. of fresh honey and 1 tbsp yogurt. The mixture should be thick and viscous. Apply the mixture on the joint and the top cover with clingfilm. Cover the damaged area with a warm scarf and leave it on all night. Pain should partially pass after a few treatments.

    Pain in left shoulder can relieve, if you do special gadgets. To prepare the medicine, take 5 tbsp of the seeds of thistles and pour ½ l of vodka. Place a container of medicine in warm dry place and leave for 14 days. After that, strain the infusion and moisten in it a gauze bandage. Apply the lotion to the affected skin area and cover with cling film. Wrap the injured area with a warm scarf and leave it on for 5 hours. In addition, the area around the inflamed joint can RUB mummy. Repeat this procedure up to 3 times a day. This will help remove swelling, pain and numbness.

    Gymnastics in diseases of the joints

    Why shoulder hurts? Pain is often due not only to a destructive process inside the apparatus, but also the weakness of the muscles, tendons, which cannot adequately support the joints. In order to strengthen these tissues, it is necessary to do therapeutic exercises. These simple exercises eliminate pain in the shoulder joint, faster rehabilitation, return flexibility to joints and strengthen muscles. This is a very effective therapy, but it will bring result only if all exercises are performed regularly and efficiently. Better the first time to conduct classes under the supervision of a coach who can point out mistakes and help with the implementation of the elements.

    Боль в плечевом суставе: причины заболеванияFor the first exercise you need to placed a face to the wall at a distance of 20 cm. stretch your arms forward and lean your palm to the support. Tear from the wall right hand and make a circular rotation. Return to starting position and do the exercise with your other hand. Return to original position. Now gradually raise your left arm up the wall until it stops. Whole body stretch her up. Slowly lower it. Now do this same exercise with your right hand. Return to starting position, place hands a little wider and try to do push-UPS from the wall 5 times.

    Turn to a support back. Attach to the wall of dipped palm and move the hand 45° to the side. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then lower your hand. Now do the same element with the other hand. Repeat for 7 times for each limb. Give yourself a break of 10 seconds. Now lift 1 arm forward and hold for 3 seconds, then lift her up and stretch her to the ceiling. Slowly return to starting position and repeat the element with the other hand.

    Now sit down on the chair. Put palms on shoulders. Take a rotary movement, first forward, then back with the right hand 8 times. Then return to starting position and repeat with the left hand. Now bend your arms at the elbows. Exit 1 straighten arm forward and pull the shoulder joint.

    On the inhale return hand back. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Give yourself a break. Now the right hand stretch to the left side, feel like stretching the joint. Hold for 3 seconds and return to starting position. After that, repeat the element on the left hand.