Pain in the shoulder when lifting the arm: causes and treatment

Болит плечо при поднятии руки: причины и лечениеIf the patient has pain in the shoulder when lifting the arm, then maybe this is a symptom of inflammation of the shoulder joint. The shoulder is one of the most unique mechanism of the human body. Strong physical exertion, hypothermia and injuries lead to early inflammation in the shoulder joint. Later on the affected area of the body may appear swollen, tendon ruptures, the change of the skin.

The shoulder joint is capable of withstanding quite heavy loads to a certain point. A wrong motion, frequent manipulation, lifting weights can cause pain in the shoulder joint and the failure of his work. On the basis disorders of the joint may develop various diseases.

The mechanism of pain

If the patient starts to hurt the shoulder when lifting the arm, it means that the body is any inflammatory process. Pain in the top of the shoulder and the neck may indicate damage to the intervertebral discs. This pain is accompanied by numbness of limbs, limitation of movement, and these symptoms — an indication of the formation of the vertebral hernia. The destruction of the structure of vertebral discs can lead to the fact that they will lose their flexibility and begin to increase. As a result, the distance between them is significantly reduced. In this case, the pain in the shoulder joint due to the compression or squashing of the spinal cord nerves. In the affected area to have swelling that contributes to greater pinched nerve and the pain is worse.

When the patient experiences pain in the shoulder joint, this can be caused by capsulitis — painful tightening of muscles.

This process happens involuntarily. Found this disease is extremely rare and difficult to identify. In most cases, even the patient himself does not notice that his muscles are in a frozen state. In this disease the patient does not raise a hand, it is difficult to get it back. If the disease continues to progress, in some cases, the patient is unable even to do simple manipulations by hand.

Болит плечо при поднятии руки: причины и лечение

Inflammation affects the cartilage and leads to injury of bone

Shoulder pain can be a symptom of deformation of the rotating cuff of the shoulder. Such damage can occur, if you long to keep your hands in an unnatural position. Usually pain occur only 2-3 days. When such defeat it is necessary to consult a doctor to determined how tense the shoulder muscles and prescribed the right treatment. To specify the causes of the disease and the diagnosis mainly on palpation, because the x-rays, this damage can not see.

Shoulder pain can be caused by severe inflammation of the articular box. This disease is called tandoori. Initially, the cause of disease — lesion of the tendons of the muscles. Pain when andalusite sharp, sharp arises, even if the hand is at rest. Swelling can spread to the whole arm and neck.

Disease, provoking pain

When a patient has frequent pain in the shoulder joint, it may be due to the fact that he developed bursitis. This disease usually occurs with tendinitis. The reason for this pain — overload of the joint and swelling in the joint capsule. Similar symptoms can occur due to the formation of a tumor in the forearm.

Pain in the shoulder joint can be caused by deposition of calcium salts. As a result, suffer ligament of the joint. Similar processes can occur in the tendons and in the joint box. Usually the disease affects the scapula and the clavicle. The patients have the characteristic pain in the shoulder, they can’t raise the arm higher than 45°. Pain occurs immediately, so treatment can begin before they begin.

When there is an injury to the shoulder joint, the humerus moves and changes its position. Such damage may cause long-term pain. The patient cannot raise the arm and move it normally. In some cases, if the injury damaged the tendon. If time does not go to the doctor with a similar injury, the disruption of the joint will only improve.

Болит плечо при поднятии руки: причины и лечение

Recurrent shoulder dislocation

Recurrent dislocation of the shoulder — a cause of pain for many young people and athletes. Such damage can be directly to ignore and not to go to the doctor. But the pain did not subside but will only increase. Subsequently, the joint will fall out of the box even with a slight manipulation with the hand. People in the age of such injury may occur as a result of joint wear.

Pain in the shoulder joint can be caused by disruption of the internal organs of the human body. Severe pain in the shoulder can be a symptom of angina, heart attack, sciatica, tumors in the chest. A visit to the doctor with a long strong pain in the hand and a sharp spasm of need.

Gradual pain that increases every day, can be a symptom of a frozen shoulder periarthrosis. This disease does not triggered, but is progressing rapidly and prevents the patient from living the usual life. Most often the disease is exacerbated at night.

During sleep the patient may experience severe bouts of pain. Over time, painful sensations appear not only in the shoulder, but in the brush. Periarthrosis can last several days and even several months.

Getting rid of shoulder pain

Болит плечо при поднятии руки: причины и лечениеIt is advisable to start a fight with pain in the shoulder joint as early as possible. It will bring a more noticeable effect. While the disease is not running, consult a specialist for help. Prolonged pain in the hand occurs when a certain disease is acute and requires immediate treatment. Consult your doctor so he can make an accurate diagnosis.

The treatment of inflammation, displacement, or other damage of joints possible with the help of manual therapy. When the shoulder joint is impaired blood circulation (as a result of a heart attack or surgery), the patient can prescribe the cure medicines. They improve circulation. Treatment may include anti-inflammatory drugs that will alleviate the swelling and will fight infections. When such pain treatment involves a special diet for the patient.

The doctor may prescribe non-steroidal drugs that will alleviate inflammation. Enough of them at the initial stage of the disease. In some cases, the patient is assigned to laser therapy and medicated compresses. When excess fluid in the joints, your doctor may prescribe a course of hirudotherapy — treatment with leeches. If the patient is not allergic to leeches, then this method will yield good results. Arm pain and swelling will quickly go.

If the patient cannot raise his arm up, he can help special injection. Most often in such cases, injected hormones. This shot is done in the area of the injured tendon or injection is injected in the periarticular bag. Absolute recovery after such a procedure is impossible, but such a treatment helps virtually all patients. To achieve greater effect, this method of treatment is combined with medication, relaxation and gymnastics. When the patient complains of incessant pain in his hand, he can prescribe postisometric relaxation. This procedure can help even people with advanced chronic illnesses.

To combine the relaxation is possible with injections, chiropractic or laser therapy. This will significantly speed up the healing process. Be accompanied by relaxation must therapeutic massage. To start the course of treatment, preferably a few days after hormone injection.

Gymnastic exercises

Болит плечо при поднятии руки: причины и лечение Pain in the shoulder joint can be eliminated through regular physical therapy sessions. For the first exercise sit on a chair, put his hands on your waist and slowly start to rotate the shoulders. Repeat the exercise a few times, first with one hand, then another, then two together. Return to starting position. Print both shoulders forward until it stops. Hold for 2 seconds. Then repeat the same movement back. Make each item for 5 times.

Sit on a chair. Get the injured arm behind his back. The second hand also get back and firmly grasp the wrist of the patient hands. Gently pull it to the side to the limit. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Feel like will develop your muscles. When the arm starts to hurt, slowly return it to starting position.

Put the palm of his damaged hand on the opposite shoulder while the elbow is tight to lean against his chest. Take a healthy arm by the elbow and gently begin to lift it upwards, thereby aligning the arm. The elbow should not break away from the breast, and have to slide on it. When you raise your arm to the limit, hold this position for 20 seconds. Push your injured arm for 5 seconds. Then relax and slowly return to starting position.

Lie on the floor, straighten your injured arm and escort her to the side. Inhale and lift your arm by 3 cm from the floor and hold this position for 15 seconds. On the exhale, return to starting position and relax for 10 seconds. Then again, take a breath and raise your hand. Repeat the element at least 6 times. Keep lying on the floor. Bend your injured arm at the elbow and rotate the shoulder at 90°. The hand palm facing upwards. Tighten your arm and tear it off 3 cm from the floor. Hold it in this position for 20 seconds. When your arm starts to hurt a little, relax it and return to the original position. Follow the item 6 times. Be sure to give the hand a rest 10-20 seconds.

Physiotherapy will help you in combating pain of the shoulder joint.

Treatment of folk remedies

Traditional medicine is often effective helps with any lesions of the body. Arm pain can be cured using very simple traditional ways. In order to prepare a tincture, take 1 liter of alcohol, 10 tsp. of lilac flowers, 2 red pepper and 2 tbsp. l. burdock (root). Stir the ingredients and let the mixture infuse for 4 days. The resulting infusion is necessary to RUB the sore spot.

Prolonged painful feelings will help home ointment. Melt 200 g pork oil and add in ground 6 tsp of marsh cinquefoil. Initially the grass is better grind. Add 6 tsp. dry St. John’s wort and 2 tsp of chili. Mix all ingredients and apply every evening on a damaged shoulder.

Mix 2 tbsp. liquid honey, 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp of dry mustard. Put the ingredients in a water bath and heat for 5 minutes. Again mix the components and place them on a cloth or thick gauze bandage. The obtained compress put on your shoulder and hold for 25-40 minutes. Do the procedure 3 times a week.

Be sure to take healing baths for pain in the shoulder joint.

To prepare the bath take 100 grams of pine needles and a few cones, fill them with 400 ml of water and put on fire. Boil the decoction for half an hour. Pour the ready infusion into a container, close it tightly and let the mixture steep for 2 days. Add 100 ml of infusion in the bathroom every day. Duration — 15 minutes.

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