Pain in the spine: its causes and treatment

The result of this process, as direct circulation, was the pain in the spine, the physiological curves of the load on the locomotor system has increased significantly. The appearance of bending is an integral part of the load of movement and maintaining balance.

The cause of the pain

Боль в позвоночнике: ее причины и лечениеBefore treatment pain very important to understand the causes of them. The main reason that there is pain in the spine is the overexertion of the muscular system, the support column of the spine and joints attached to it. There is a terminological separation names of muscles according to localization:

  • trapezoidal covering the shoulder blades from the cervical-thoracic;
  • the widest, covering the ribs from the dorsal side, and adjacent to bone in the lumbar.

Back pain are often the consequences of fractures and inflammatory processes in the middle of the spine, degenerative process in bone and cartilage through dysfunction of the internal organs individually and combined.

Diagnosis of the disease

The pain may be very blurred, and often criss-cross with the symptoms of diseases of the internal organs. But the important fact is considered a timely appeal to the doctors to identify the diagnosis of the patient and in order to received treatment, the corresponding medical parameters of the patient.

The reasons for exhibiting the diagnosis when complaints of pain in the spine and assigned a correct treatment of a physician are set by carrying out x-ray, ultrasound pain the lumbar spine and adjacent joints. Equally important additional tests, such as blood, urine and puncture bone.

The degree of manifestation of pain may indicate the development of the disease in the body and affects the use of techniques which will help treat the patient. In the diagnosis it is necessary to clarify all the factors influencing the development of the disease, since the disease can be a manifestation of heredity, which is very rarely treated.

In such cases, to eliminate the pain in the spine, the doctors are trying to individually select the technique for each individual patient.

Treatment of pain in the lumbar?

Боль в позвоночнике: ее причины и лечениеMany people complain that the constant back pain, but not everyone seeks treatment to the doctors. But any pain in the spine or the lumbar spine should be examined by a neurosurgeon, neurologist and hospital. An independent study of the disease and the appointment of a set of procedures can lead to serious consequences.

The treatment of the patient may be surgical and therapeutic ways. In cases when pain spine very strong, but the use of drugs and therapy external influence does not work, tried to use it to surgical methods. The reason for this technique can be a health threat.

Surgery is prescribed for unstable spinal column, which often leads to a shift of the bodies in the spine, with the presence of trauma to the spinal cord. The back along the spine should be treated by surgery if there is background degenerative disc disease. The purpose of the operation consists in removing the damaged disc and connecting the vertebrae, which have a gap. Is relief of pain with the exception of the occurrence of back pain.

Indication for operation can be a herniation between vertebrae. Gryzenia protrusions are often very fast growing, which not only leads to severe manifestations of the disease, but is not exposed a conservative treatment method of health.

Once the hernia is removed surgically, the patient has the opportunity to forget that such pain and return to health state.

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Operation hernia is simple, and in a week people will be able to start a normal lifestyle.

Reasons why pain in the spine, can be varied, but it is very evident among the other syndrome spondylolysis. With this diagnosis, it is seen a violation of the joint capsule with absence of the natural state of fixation of the vertebral bodies. The presence of fragments of bodies or legs can have a traumatic impact on the processes of the nerves and spinal cord. Over time and with increasing age a person’s back pain intensified, and the stabilization of damaged areas can be carried out only by surgery, since this is the only way to protect the nerve sprouts from the deformation.

Боль в позвоночнике: ее причины и лечениеDespite the many indicators in the diagnosis that lead to surgical intervention, the doctor when the pain of the lumbar spine and the whole column in General, I try as often as possible to use a kind of conservative treatment. Deliverance from pain in the lumbar spine and the discs is in the range of drugs analgesic in nature with anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory drugs. Equally important physiotherapy and the use of the corset.

Pain in the lumbar spine can be treated by long-term use of various kinds of drugs, which often can affect the liver.

In order to reduce malformation of organ of metabolism in the body, the doctors are trying to regulate the patient’s condition and food intake through the established diet.

Methods of treatment in the lumbar region

If there is a sharp pain in the lumbar region, it is advisable to enroll in a course of blocks. Among this method of treatment can be divided into two types: local and segmental. Local blocks are used with analgesic solutions, which are introduced into pockets of pain for the removal of the signal. Segmental blockade is used for remote process pain in a specific area of the body, for example, in the lumbar spine.

Blockade consider a very popular method of treatment, especially when back pain in the area that can be diagnosed. Stop the painful blemish, particularly in the lumbar spine, conducted at the initial stage of get rid of diseases of nerve endings and joints.

After a course of blockades often use the necessary drugs to stop the inflammatory process (for removal of the source of pain).

Exercises for lower back

An integral part of each course of treatment for pain of the lumbar spine is an exercise or therapeutic exercise. Each facility has specialist and developed a program that can be selected individually for the indicators of each patient.

Exercises to improve the movement capabilities of the joints in the lumbar spine increases the possibility of a quick recovery and a positive impact on the entire course of treatment health. If medical records the patient has certain contraindications such as fracture, deformation or dislocation, you need to set restrictions on the use of certain techniques in physical education.

Боль в позвоночнике: ее причины и лечение

Exercises against back pain

If back pain in the spine, it is important to know that any kind of exercise, which can be used for the benefit of the body and to remove pain in the lumbar spine, should be conducted only under the supervision of a qualified expert and after identifying why your back hurts.

Pain in the lumbar spine may also occur after the course of treatment, so do not forget that to carry out certain exercises, such as exercises, preferably daily. The rate of exercise must be very small, and the types of activities to meet individually technique, since gymnastics should benefit, not harm.

If the tilts and turns a discomfort, which did not exist previously, it is advisable to visit a doctor.

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Prevention of pain

Subsequently not to wonder about why back pain how much it hurts or that the Department should prepare your body and preventive procedures. For those who lead a very active lifestyle, exercises the lumbar region is considered the most important daily procedure. No matter what the pain in the middle back or the lower and upper parts tends to occur, it is advisable to protect yourself from certain diseases of the joints.

Everyone can be prone to injury, including in the lumbar region, fractures. It is helpful to relate to environmental factors and to their way of life. In particular, it is desirable to timely visit doctors for preventive inspection. Even if it’s just a headache, it can lead to nerve pinching between the discs.

Боль в позвоночнике: ее причины и лечение

Pathological changes in the spine, causing pain patient

The consequences of such disease is very serious, because often people are in wheelchairs due to improper or delayed treatment.

You can protect the joints from premature aging and abrasion. It can be done, avoiding strenuous exercise, perevarivaya to one side when moving, using comfortable shoes and with constant presence of the back in vertical, not bent position.

If there is a need to carry heavy objects, it is desirable to carry out such a process and less on a particular technology. Thus, it is possible to transfer the voltage of one of the joint several other, that will be the proper distribution of force and load.

If you often concerned about pain in the lumbar region, should pay attention to rest as often as possible. And if there is time, it is advisable to take a horizontal position with a raised knee Department. It helps to improve blood flow and, consequently, the blood circulation at the joints.

An important factor in long spinal health is considered to be the weight of a person. If excessive kilograms begins to disrupt the metabolism and increases the load on the hip joint, the knee and, accordingly, the discs of the vertebrae. The consequences can manifest in a sharp pain and cramping.

In today’s world preventive procedures pay enough attention in order to help people to save their joints from damage and deformation.

The symptoms of the disease

Pain in the lumbar and square the location of the spine is manifested in the individual mind in relation to each disease. It is worth noting that all people have different pain threshold of the body on which the evaluation level criteria, as, for example, back pain in the sacrum.

The complaints of the patients are in aching pain, seizures, stress state of the body, even in the presence of peace. Given the fact that the pain can manifest from several sides, to determine the nature of symptoms only by a qualified specialist.

When it hurts in the back, he becomes limited. May experience nervous breakdowns, a certain desire as soon as possible self correct the situation. Incorrect application techniques influence the disease, manifested by symptoms of back pain often leads to consequences, because without medical education it is impossible to determine the fact that the pain in the lumbar spine belongs to or is an echo of a spasm of the organs that are close.

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In most cases, neurologists hear complaints against the division of the vertebra between the shoulder blades, which can affect bipedalism and the ability to work. There is some difference by gender, which can affect the development of neuralgia between the shoulder blades. For example, the fair sex throughout life is a lady’s handbag on the same shoulder joint. Thus, the effect of gravity, even the lowest amount on housing can lead to misalignment over time, including pain are not very pleasant character.

Regarding the male population of the planet is the most often pain in the lumbar. This occurs due to the fact that men tend to stoop. When spending time at the computer, reading the newspaper, for the repair of electrical appliances is much easier to lean forward than to keep the back in a straight condition. Thus, gradually, the body becomes inclined (or stooped). Often, the consequence can be the formation of a hump between the shoulder blades and the stiffness, but the data may appear when sharlena condition throughout life, as the joints get used to their permanent position and begin to adapt.

Diagnosis of back pain gives unpredictable results. For example, when complaints of pain between the shoulder blades, the flow of pulsating, aching pain on the left side and the ribs can be a question that the person is tredjeparts position. Is to identify for the experienced neurologist. If pain under shoulder blades have a uniform picture of the presence, it becomes a symptom of stomach cramps that occur every second inhabitant of the planet due to malnutrition.

Боль в позвоночнике: ее причины и лечениеRenal colic is often confused with pain in the lower back as the area of distribution of the signs of inflammation is very extensive. In particular, the main mistake in the manifestation of such symptoms is the use of warming ointments and warming. Kidney absolutely can not heat and be subjected to such procedures, as the consequence may be admission to the hospital with kidney failure.

Almost every third person is facing this disease as intercostal neuralgia. The manifestation of this diagnosis starts at a more Mature age, and under certain conditions. For example, those who have a sedentary lifestyle, constant stress, improper nutrition or too serious physical exertion, not appropriate weight class, faced with this disease more frequently than others. After the appearance of intercostal neuralgia will remind myself always, even with careful and long-term care specialist.

It is important to note that neuralgia can be controlled through massage, blockades, through attendance at courses of psychotherapy. Hardly anyone can believe that the emotional state directly affects the spinal cord, but it is in fact the case.

Treatment of neuralgia can last for a long period, but subject to all of the recommendations of the variant of positive outcomes.