Pain in the wrist: etiology, additional symptoms, treatment

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system common now very wide. Everyone in their lifetime at least once experienced a similar problem. In most cases, when a particular disease of the musculoskeletal system include pain. It can have different character. Often patients turning to the doctor complain of pain in the wrist. This indication may be in very different pathology, ranging from osteoarthritis and ending with the necrotic lesion of bone tissue.

Боль в запястье: этиология, дополнительные симптомы, лечение

The structure of the wrist joint of a person

The wrist joint is of great importance for normal human life. It is used for the movement of the brush. If it hurts the bone in the wrist, you should consult with a specialist. No need to self-medicate. It is important to remember that arm pain can be a manifestation of serious pathology, requiring immediate assistance. It is necessary to consider in more detail what is the etiology of the pain, which may be additional symptoms and how to stop pain in the wrist.

The main causes of pain in the wrist

The doctor conducting the examination should know the disease in which can appear pain in the area. Interesting is the fact that the pain are not always a sign of a pathological process in the body. Sometimes they may occur under certain physiological conditions, for example, in the period of carrying a child. In this situation, specific treatment is not required.

The most common etiological factors of occurrence of pain in the hand are:

  • traumatic injuries of the hand;
  • gout;
  • some somatic diseases (syphilis, tuberculosis, brucellosis);
  • heredity;
  • inflammatory diseases of the bones of the wrist (arthritis);
  • the nerves;
  • tumors in the wrist area.

In such a situation, the left arm begins to go numb or tingle. Very often the right wrist (and left) is affected when performing heavy work. In this situation, an increased load can cause pain. The wrist joint is able to be amazed when taking certain medications. The cause of the pain may be due to Peyronie’s disease or osteoarthritis.

If it hurts the left arm, it may indicate some cardiovascular pathology, including stroke.

The appearance of pain in the period of carrying a child

The pain may be accompanied by the period of carrying a child. There is such a thing as carpal tunnel syndrome. The most critical is the second half of pregnancy. The pain is caused by injury of the median nerve located in the hand. The main reason for the increase in the body weight of the pregnant woman and the formation of edema. The latter are frequent when carrying a baby.

Pain in the wrist in such a situation occurs not always. The pain may be accompanied by discomfort in the form of burning or tingling. There is often a tremor. Pain is able to increase during sleep. They are permanent.

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The feature of the pain syndrome in trauma to the nerve that it is determined on the Palmar surface of the hand in the area of arrangement of the first four fingers. This pain never occurs in the pinky. Otherwise, it is a different pathology. Additional symptoms of this condition include muscle weakness in the hand, swelling, weakness, deterioration in General health of the pregnant woman. Of great importance is the fact that after birth the pain in my arm disappeared. In some women it may continue for some time.

Боль в запястье: этиология, дополнительные симптомы, лечениеDiagnosis of this condition includes external examination, results of tests on passive extension and flexion of the hand. The doctor may conduct percussion of the affected area of the hand. It is possible to determine tenderness in any part of the nerve. Additionally, your doctor may order an electromyography. As for therapeutic measures, the specific treatment in this situation is not applicable. Pregnant women are recommended not to strain the muscles of the hand (decline printing on the computer and other work related to the fine motor skills of fingers).

During sleep you should not put your hands under the pillow, as this only increases the compression of the nerve. It is recommended that periodic exercises of the fingers and wrist. When expressed pain syndrome, the doctor may prescribe painkillers from the group of NSAIDs, wearing splints at night.

To power the nerve, it is advisable to take vitamins.

Pain syndrome in rheumatoid arthritis

Arm pain may be a manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis. This pathology refers to systemic connective tissue diseases. If arthritis affects the hand, wrist occurs pain syndrome. Pain is not the only clinical symptom. Along with joints may be affected and other important organs such as the skin, heart, lungs. If the pathological process has developed in the wrist, he is able to quickly move on to other joints. Pain in the wrist in rheumatoid arthritis is ongoing, because the disease is chronic.

Most often, this disease affects adults aged 25 to 55 years. Often rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed in children. In this situation, it occurs more acutely. Children may appear not only pain in the wrist, but in the cervical spine. Wrist joint arthritis is able to deform. This occurs in the later stages of the disease. If time were not prescribed treatment, the deformity of the joints can lead to subluxations and dislocations. In severe disease there are tendon rupture, the formation of contractures.

Боль в запястье: этиология, дополнительные симптомы, лечение

Rheumatoid arthritis deforms joints of the fingers and causes severe pain to the patient

Interesting is the fact that the etiology of rheumatoid arthritis is still not fully understood. There is evidence that the etiology is infectious in nature. This leads to changes in immune defenses, resulting in formation of immune complexes that damage the joints of the hands or other body parts. Rheumatoid arthritis has great social significance, as it has a high percentage of disability. In severe cases, it can lead to death. The main cause of death in patients — renal and infectious complications.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis should be comprehensive. Used painkillers, corticosteroids, basic drugs (methotrexate, sulfasalazine, D-penicillamine and some other). Antibacterial agents are ineffective.

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Stretching of the ligaments

Arm pain can occur at the sprain. A sprain occurs more frequently in athletes and children. Ligamentous apparatus represented by a dense, elastic strands that bind together the various bony structures of the wrist and attached to it muscles. Pain in the wrist and sprains is common among athletes. Most often, this pathology occurs in boxers and persons working with different loads. Often this disease is common after an unsuccessful exercises on the horizontal bar.

If it hurts the hand, the injury could be obtained at home. Home accidents take an important place in the overall morbidity of the musculoskeletal system. Soreness of the wrist joint occurs after a bad fall. In such a situation, often stretching combined with dislocations. Damage to the ligaments is accompanied by the rupture of elastic connective tissue fibers. This can damage the nerves, blood vessels.

There are 3 degrees of severity of this pathology. At the first stage, the arm pain is insignificant. When the second gap does not exceed 50% of the total number of fibers. Pain syndrome more pronounced. Can be swelling. In the third degree, the hand swells, there is pain. Additional symptoms include difficulty with movement of the brush.

Боль в запястье: этиология, дополнительные симптомы, лечение

What position of the hands and fingers cause injury

Diagnosis is based on anamnesis, external examination and x-rays. In the latter case you need to exclude a fracture. Emergency treatment of tension involves making the rest of the brush by applying a tight bandage or splint cooling of the limb and taking pain medications. Further treatment includes the application of ointments and gels to relieve swelling and inflammation, overlap, fixing bandages, physiotherapy, medical gymnastics.

In severe cases (damage to the joints, nervous and vascular plexus) operative treatment is indicated.

Professional pathology

If the aching wrist joints, then we can talk about occupational diseases. It is known that almost every job has hazards. Pain in wrist joint appear with regular work for a personal computer. In the printing process actively involved fine motor skills brushes, causing the muscles of the hands often get overworked. Such occupations contributes to the rapid wear and the swelling of the ligaments and tendons. Can sometimes become inflamed and the nerve itself. In most cases, a sore arm right, not the left. With the exception of lefties.

Symptoms of occupational diseases include weakness when gripping objects with the hand, discomfort, pain, numbness from the Palmar surface. All the above features characterize carpal tunnel syndrome. Equally important in its development of a spinal cord injury, herniation, degenerative disc disease. In this situation, great importance of prevention. It involves the proper organization of the workplace, a comfortable position when working, including support for elbows and forearms, efficient lighting, breaks, warm-up or massage limbs.

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Боль в запястье: этиология, дополнительные симптомы, лечениеPain in wrist joint are professional pathology of telephone operators, musicians, tailors, joiners, locksmiths, and also those individuals who work with a jackhammer. Often, such a disease becomes a cause of disability. Why hurt your wrist in this category of persons? Almost always the pain is a manifestation of tenosynovitis or avascular necrosis of the bone of the brush. Necrosis develops at the carpenters, crane operators, fitters. The main reason is a one-time injury or permanent trauma of the upper extremities.

The mechanism of occurrence of pain associated with destruction of the carpal bones due to violations of the blood supply. The pain increases with work. Treatment involves providing rest to the affected area, physiotherapy, imposing of a plaster bandage, taking pain. With the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy, a surgical treatment.

For diagnosis and treatment x-rayed or MRI.

Pain syndrome in other diseases

Pain in the wrist joint may be a manifestation of gout. It is a metabolic disturbance characterized by the formation of deposits of urate salts. Most often gout affects the foot, but can be involved and wrists. The main clinical symptoms are:

  • formation of tophi (nodules);
  • pain in the affected joint;
  • restriction of movement;
  • swelling;
  • redness;
  • the high content of uric acid in the blood;
  • the increase in body temperature.

Treatment involves a diet (restriction in the diet of fish, spinach, beans, sorrel, coffee, cabbage), provision of rest, NSAIDs, antipodagriceski drugs, physiotherapy. You need to treat the patient for a long time.

Pain in the wrist may be a manifestation of osteoarthritis. It is formed as a result of injury, after surgical interventions, on the background of tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, dysplasia, or inflammatory process. When osteoarthritis affects the cartilage that suffer from muscle can form bone spurs (osteophytes). Thus, pain in the wrist can occur for many diseases, so it is important to properly diagnose.