Parsley gout: the use of plants in the treatment of

Gout treatment with herbs has been practiced for several millennia. One of the best plants in this case is parsley. Despite the fact that some scientists deny in their experiments, the use of this plant in the treatment of gout, decoctions, teas and tinctures from parsley always will be a success.Петрушка при подагре: использование растения при лечении

Parsley: a description of the plant

This plant belongs to the family Umbelliferae. It grows up to one meter in height. In the first year after planting parsley develops its root system, and grows on the surface only a small Bush. But in the second year the plant begins to gain altitude. The stem grows straight, has numerous ramifications.

The leaves grow three pieces per twig. Are slightly slanted and cracked. The whole plant has the shape of an umbrella, so the family herbal plants called. Bloom comes in mid-summer. Not only the flower but the entire plant have a strong odor. Parsley roots grow to 30 cm.

Useful properties of green

Herbal therapy has always been successful. Parsley contains large amounts of ascorbic acid. Parsley has volatile oils, vitamins (the largest share of vitamins b and P), minerals (most necessary for the person salts), flavonoids (bring antioxidant effect and affect the strengthen the walls of blood vessels), carotene, glycosides.

Петрушка при подагре: использование растения при леченииParsley is a treasure trove of potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other trace elements. Despite the richness of the composition, parsley belongs to the products with low calorie content. This product has 85% of water in itself. It is composed of 4% protein and only 8% carbohydrates. While parsley is not available any fat.

Decoctions and infusions of parsley are often used in folk medicine. Their uses in the treatment of heart disease, diseases of the genitourinary system. This herb helps to strengthen the immune system. Plant helps with disorders in digestion. If you take her inside, and as a topical ointment or lapping, parsley takes away the itch and allergic rashes.

Parsley juice causes swelling in the human body is reduced due to the fact that the juice of this plant effectively removes fluid from the body. In addition, the juice helps with inflammation and antimicrobial purposes. If there is no appetite in the patient, a small dose can increase your appetite. The juice is useful in indigestion, gastritis, lowered if the acidity in the stomach. The juice helps in the treatment of hypertension. With all of the utility of the juice of parsley is safe and should be used in patients who suffer from diabetes mellitus, since the plant has glucose-lowering effect. Scientists believe that if you take each day, the juice of parsley, the stones in different organs of the human body will gradually be able to decrease and even completely dissolve. If you drink fresh parsley juice, improves oxygen metabolism, accelerates metabolism. The juice helps support the adrenal gland and the thyroid gland.

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It is believed that in acute forms of cystitis and nephritis it is better to refrain from eating a large amount of this vegetation. However, other herbs can always help. Of course, parsley is not called money tree, but it helps in gout.

This is the most common condiment on the table in the temperate climate zone. In summer it is quite difficult to imagine a meal without it. Parsley is used in seasonings and in sauces, and in salads, it can be eaten just like that, with a bit of sugar is the main product and can be added to the soup. In winter, it retains its properties. For this there are two methods. In the first case it is possible to cut the leaves, spread in a single layer and dry in the sun. In the second option, you can cut pieces to put in ice cube trays and cover with water. Then, when cooking the soup, you can add these icicles with a ready-made seasoning. Although parsley is one of the most useful products along with it in folk medicine, used garlic, onion, lemon, ginger, honey and nuts.

All these products have a positive effect on the human body. Particularly strong influence of the different use lemon for gout.

Tincture of the roots of parsley

In the treatment of gout, you can use the recipes with parsley in decoctions, teas and tinctures. To prepare the tincture you can gain the roots of the plant. They must be very thoroughly washed, so that there is no dirt and soil. Then these roots should be cut finely.

For every tablespoon of the roots you need to add half a Cup of boiling water. Now this mixture should be left on overnight to settle. The period of infusion fluid is approximately at least 10 hours. Once the broth configure themselves, you must drain it. Now every day on an empty stomach half an hour before meals, take one tablespoon.

This procedure must be performed 4 times a day. Menu must include this tincture for gout.

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Tea made from parsley

Петрушка при подагре: использование растения при леченииTea of parsley essential ingredients such as parsley and water. Parsley, you can cook 1 bunch. It should not be dried, and fresh. In addition, you will need a glass of water. In order to prepare good tea, you need the following: to prepare a small bunch of parsley medium size, rinse the leaves thoroughly chopped. One Cup of tea you will need one tablespoon of chopped parsley. This volume leaves pour boiling water. Now the tea needs to brew. In five minutes it will be possible to drink tea. For taste and more utility, you can add a slice of lemon. The menu must be the drink, especially in gout. Such tea is very useful in respiratory diseases, urinary tract diseases and in the treatment of gout.

You can do another method that tea. Herbs always help in sickness. One tablespoon of already washed and chopped parsley to pour a glass of cold water and boil this mixture on fire. To cook you need at least 10 minutes. Then to turn it off. Now this decoction should defend no more than one hour. Then, strain the solution. Now you can make it 100 ml three times daily before the main meal for half an hour. This tea can be combined with herbs and honey.

The use of various herbs for gout together with lemon, honey and tea from parsley has a positive effect. Need to know the right recipes. Use in the treatment of gout honey can accelerate the healing process.

Gout you can choose and least time consuming option is necessary use parsley as medicine. Simply crush and grind thoroughly in a single. all the parsley leaves.

Mixed parsley juice and other products

Петрушка при подагре: использование растения при лечении

Pressed greens juice rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals

If the gout has passed the stage of acute or chronic disease, it is necessary to implement a method of treatment of gout, as juice therapy. For this purpose the juice of carrot, ginger, greens, beets. These products should definitely be on the menu. For this you can combine parsley juice with celery juice and carrot juice. If you have gout, the treatment will only accelerate thanks to these juices.

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Ginger will help to speed up treatment for gout, for this purpose it is administered in the diet. The use of ginger for gout pain performs a role and allows you to remove pockets of irritation. Ginger performs anti-inflammatory functions. Has similar functions and honey, so the treatment of gout with honey (adding the ginger) will give a positive result. Also ginger is added to food, tea, salads, vegetables and fruit, you can cook the ginger in the cupcakes. A good result will bring, if every day to eat ginger, at least a little piece. The fruit drinks (pear), in mixtures with other beverages, the ginger tastes great.

The use of cranberries for gout will bring fast and positive result can be a lemon. So not only parsley and ginger for gout are considered drugs.

Food for gout

To gout lead to constant overeating and frequent use of alcohol. Another reason that can cause the gout is a hereditary predisposition. If there is a gout treatment involves proper nutrition. What products are useful?

Forbidden foods for gout the following: grapes, fish, meat, vodka. They are not simply impossible to use in small quantities. They are strictly prohibited. They should not be on the menu. Some of the allowed and recommended to use under developing gout seafood are squid. A beneficial effect on the body have tomatoes in gout.

To cure gout you need herbs, and use blemaren by eating healthy foods. Treatment help recipes from foods such as:

  • beets;
  • pumpkin;
  • cranberry;
  • cranberries;
  • watermelon;
  • seeds;
  • buckwheat;
  • squid;
  • tomatoes.

Gout these foods are not contraindicated. Give a good result used to eat tomatoes.

Can be treated by drinking a decoction of spruce needles. In addition, you can use rubbing and infusions with pine cones and Apple cider vinegar.