Patellofemoral osteoarthritis of the knee: diagnosis and treatment

Patellofemoral osteoarthritis is manifested by pain in the knee joint. When the disease there is a loss of cartilage between the femur and patella. In the official medicine (international classification) this condition is not considered to be a form of osteoarthritis, although the term is often found in medical publications. Correctly a similar disease called patellofemoral syndrome.

Пателлофеморальный артроз коленного сустава: диагностика и  лечение

Causes and symptoms

The emergence of patellofemoral syndrome caused by the following factors:

  • Cartilage can be damaged as the result of congenital and acquired deformities of the joint.
  • The reason for the change in cartilage may be abnormal development of the knee.
  • Abrasion of the cartilage can cause regularly occurring overload.
  • In the joint due to reduction of a layer of cartilage tissue there is an increase in friction of the bones. The consequence of further progression of the syndrome may be arthrosis of the knee joint. Pain that appears when performing simple movements and restricts mobility of the knee joint, is the main clinical manifestation of the disease. When walking, felt a stiffness on the left and right of the patella. The condition of prolonged immobility of the joint causes him pain that can be reduced by performing special exercises.

    Too much load on the knee increases pain, relaxation helps them to relax. Pain occur when these kinds of moves like jumping, running, squat, climb or descend stairs. The position of the body, where the seat legs is also associated with a strong sense of discomfort.

    Diagnosis and prevention of osteoarthritis

    Пателлофеморальный артроз коленного сустава: диагностика и  лечение

    X-ray the patient with the given diagnosis

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    The disease is diagnosed clinically. The doctor palpated the relaxed joint, shifting the patella, and determines the position of the painful areas. With the reduction of femoral muscle, when the patella is held from movement, it is also possible the appearance of pain. To exclude osteoarthritis of the knee and other disorders that may be accompanied patellofemoral syndrome, the doctor prescribes examination methods of computer tomography, x-ray or MRI.

    With age patellofemoral syndrome may occur more often since the risk of developing the disease increases. For the prevention of its occurrence need to control their weight, moderately to train leg muscles, stretch your joints before increased loads, wear shoes with good shock-absorbing properties. If you have flat feet you should use orthopedic shoes or insoles. Healthy lifestyle and rich in protein balanced diet will help prevent changes in the tissues of the knee joint. Self-treatment is ineffective and fraught with the progression of the disease, therefore, choose the method of treatment and to schedule the procedure doctor can.

    To detect the disease at an early stage and increase the chances of a cure will help attentive to their health. When the pain is around the patella (kneecap) should immediately seek medical attention. Timely detection and treatment patellofemoral syndrome can prevent it from escalating in osteoarthritis of the knee.

    Methods of treatment of osteoarthritis patellofemoral

    If you have any signs patellofemoral syndrome, to reduce pain, prevent inflammation and deformation of the joint, the doctor may prescribe the observance of certain constraints and conduct symptomatic treatment:

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  • You want to reduce physical activity to such an extent where the activity does not cause pain.
  • The joint under load should be fixed with a soft brace that supports the patella.
  • The pain helps applying ice to the knee joint.
  • Severe pain be treated by injection of corticosteroids and anesthetic medications that must be entered directly into the painful points.
  • Osteoarthritis, which has no comorbidities, with the implementation of restrictive measures and doctor’s appointments can go fast enough.

    Prolonged pain can be administered the treatment method of intra-articular administration of chondroprotectors. If the syndrome is accompanied by complications and diseases (articular instability of the patella, various types of deformation), carried out for their treatment medical procedures. If there are signs of degenerative pathology, this means that the syndrome is passed into the knee.

    The physician applies the appropriate therapeutic scheme. Patellofemoral to treat osteoarthritis of the knee (the load) of the joint and using surgical intervention. Performs the following manipulations:

  • When you perform a lateral release to dissect the lateral supporting ligament that returns the patella in its natural position.
  • During arthroscopy removes damaged cartilage. The operation is performed (with the help of the arthroscope) inside the cavity patellofemoral joint. Tool introduced through the incision and remove the diseased tissue.