Paul Bragg exercises for the spine

Technical progress, bringing into our lives comfort, robs human health. Creating all kinds of machines, to save yourself from the monotonous hard physical labor, people began to move less. And by creating a means of communication and entertainment – TV and computer – he did and sat down in the chair in front of these smart devices, leaving your spine to stay many hours in the unnatural and uncomfortable position – sitting. Is it any wonder that the payback was immediate? The number of patients with diseases of the spine today, almost caught up with the restraint before many years the undisputed leadership of the cardiovascular disease.Поль брегг упражнения для позвоночника

Familiarity with the system Field Bragg

Paul Bragg, a legendary personality, valeolog and nutritionist from around the world, mainly engaged in the problems of healthy nutrition. He is the author of world famous book «the Miracle of fasting». Paul Bragg has developed and actively promoted by their example, their own system of improvement.

One of its sections is a set of exercises for the back, capable, according to the author, to fully restore the health of the spine. In addition to physical exercises, the system is based on the basic principles of fasting, proper nutrition, hardening and positive mental attitude. The author argued that living by his system, people can live well over a hundred years.

Paul Bragg died at age 95 of a heart attack shortly after he nearly drowned in Hawaii, having fun surfing. At autopsy the pathologists were amazed by the condition of his internal organs, corresponding to the age of 35-the summer man, but not the 95-year-old.

The Bragg system a lot of both supporters and opponents. But no one can dispute the fact that it helped many people get rid of health problems. Therefore, it is rational.

Rules and restrictions

The system has 5 basic exercises aimed at prevention and effective treatment of many diseases of the spine. These are exercises which strengthen back muscles, restores blood circulation in diseased areas of the spine and there is a General improvement of the body.

Like any other system Bragg has its own rules and limitations:

You need


Getting to the exercises, a person must be completely relaxed. By doing exercises, you cannot change their sequence and the order of execution.
Initially, exercises should be performed with small amplitude of movements, which should increase as better. During exercise it is impossible to give too strong a stress on the spine.
After each exercise, you need to take a short break to the body a little rest. Increase the amplitude of the performed movement and the load on the spine is not sharp.
At the initial stage of exercises should be performed daily and after improvement spine a number of classes can be reduced to 2-3 per week. With a strong back pain exercises should not continue, the activity should stop.
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Поль брегг упражнения для позвоночникаFor effective operation of the system to Bragg very important the mental attitude of the patient. Exercises «under duress», treat them as burdensome significantly reduces the effectiveness of treatment. Conversely, if you to enjoy classes, a positive result will come much sooner and be much more productive.

Each of the five exercises is to strengthen specific muscle groups of the back and to stretch a certain section of the spine. Their implementation allows not only to restore the spine, but also to debug most of the internal organs.

Exercise for cervical

You need to lie on the floor face down. Leg raise-width apart, facing your palms to the floor with hands beneath chest. Slowly, using as a support the palm and the toes, lifting, arching the back arc. Do not move the feet and not scrape off the floor of the palms.

Head down, raised the pelvis should be above her level. Knees and elbows are straightened to create tension in the spine. Then you need to slowly lower the pelvis down, and his head raised up to the maximum throwing it to the back. When properly executed this exercise in a few of his replays notably the emancipation of the back, as in a periodic deflection of the spine back and forth is the emancipation of the vertebrae.

In the beginning this exercise should be performed 2-3 times with a small amplitude. In the future, depending on health, the number of repetitions gradually increases, reaching 10-12 in one session. The systematic implementation of this exercise has a beneficial effect not only on the spine, but also stimulates the nerves that serve the head and eye muscles, and the stomach and intestines.

This exercise not only relieves the patient from many spinal problems, but also headache, indigestion, and to regulate eye pressure.

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Develop thoracic spine

Starting position same as for the first exercise. As in the first case, relying on the palms of the hands and toes, raise the pelvis above the head and arch your back. Without bending the knees arms and legs, slowly tilt and rotate hips to the left, then slowly return to starting position and do the same movement to the right.

Start performing exercises need two turns alternately in each direction, gradually in the course of employment increasing the number of repetitions and bringing them eventually up to 10-12 in one session. This exercise helps to stretch the spine and insert displaced vertebrae to their usual place, restoring back mobility and eliminating the ridge from the aching pain. Health benefits from this exercise will soon be felt not only in the back, but throughout the body.

Exercise is beneficial not only to the thoracic but also to the functions of the nervous system responsible for the functioning of the liver, gall bladder and other internal organs located in the thoracic spine.

All the attention, thoracolumbar region

Поль брегг упражнения для позвоночникаYou need to sit on the floor, bend your knees, put your hands behind your back and stretch your palms to the floor. Leaning on hands and feet quickly to lift the pelvis up to the spine was in a horizontal position, and then just as quickly, but very carefully so as not to hit his tailbone on the floor, to fall back.

The exercise is quite easy to implement, so initially, repeat it 5-6 times, and then gradually increase the number of repetitions up to 30-35. This exercise, in addition to the study of the thoracolumbar region of the spine, also:

  • stimulates the nervous system;
  • strengthens vertebrae pelvis;
  • affects the back muscles including the longest muscle connecting the ends of the sacrum and the base of the skull;
  • helps to return to the correct position of displaced vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

Because the pelvis is of great importance for the normal functioning of blood circulation, this exercise effect also on the system of the body to normalize its work.

How to work out lower back

Lie on the floor on your back with your arms out to the sides and straighten the legs. Bend your knees, pull them towards your chest and clasp hands. Clenched girth hustled hips and knees from his chest and at the same time try to get the knees the chin. To fix the body in this position for 5-6 seconds and then return to its original position.

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Поль брегг упражнения для позвоночникаInitially, the exercise should be performed 1-2 times by the end of training bringing the number of retries up to 4-5. During this exercise the body receives a severe physiological push, stretching the spine. Increasing the intervertebral intervals and discharged strangulated nerve endings.

One spine the therapeutic effect of this exercise is not limited. Because it is in the lumbar region located nerves for the stomach, then the regular performance of this exercise allows you to develop and his work.

It is useful for thigh and gluteal muscles

Stand on all fours, then straighten your arms and legs, arching his back arch and his head bowed down. Without bending arms and legs, and without changing the position of the body, walk around the room. Before beginning the exercise you need to do 2 pass, and the improvement of health to increase the number of penetrations up to 10-12 times.

This exercise is one of the most effective for stretching the spine. During its execution is accompanied by twisting of the spine, relieving acting on the back pressure. Moreover, during its execution fully involved in the work of the spine through which nerve endings responsible for the colon.

Taking the decision to start the treatment of the spine according to the method of Bragg, be sure to consult with a specialist. If these exercises you are not contraindicated for health reasons – is engaged. If you clearly understand your goal, believe in achieving it and are willing to work for it, the achievement of a positive result – only a matter of time and patience.