Periarthritis of the shoulder joint: treatment and symptoms

Периартрит плечевого сустава: лечение и симптомы

Irreversible processes: the shoulder capsule becomes inflamed and thickens

Periarthritis of the shoulder joint is quite a common disease, most often it affects middle-aged and elderly. This disease is an inflammation of the shoulder ligaments and tendons. However, the cartilage or the joint are not damaged, and that distinguishes the disease from osteoarthritis or arthritis. The disease develops on the background of injuries of the shoulder or a blow to the area. Excessive strain on the shoulder joint and causes pain.

Consider that between the occurrence of inflammation and the appearance of its first symptoms it will take some time. The disease affects both men and women. Precipitating factor in the development of humeroscapular periarthritis may be the removal of the breast in women. Some diseases of internal organs also contribute to the development of periarthritis of the shoulder joint. This, for example, liver disease or spine in the cervical area, myocardial infarction. Wrong diagnosis can be the cause of poor treatment.

Many doctors with the complaint of the patient with pain in the shoulder, I believe that this symptom is caused by osteoarthritis. However, arthrosis of the shoulder joint — a phenomenon quite rare, the disease occurs only in 10% of patients. But periarthritis — a disease known and common.

Symptoms and signs of disease

Frozen shoulder develops in different forms. If the patient complains of constant pain in the shoulder that occurs with movement of the hand, we are talking about chronic disease. There is also the usual form of periarthritis of shoulder joint, its symptoms are as follows:

  • shoulder pain only occur when sudden movements;
  • there are some limitations in the movements of the hands (difficult to reach the shoulder blades and spine);
  • felt severe pain when trying to straighten the arm to full length and rotate around the axis, it is necessary to overcome the resistance, without which no pain will be felt.
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Периартрит плечевого сустава: лечение и симптомыIf time does not begin treatment of humeroscapular periarthritis, complications can occur in acute forms of the disease. Main features:

  • sharp pain in shoulder and neck;
  • intense pain at night;
  • it is impossible to move your hand up or sideways, but forward movement is carried out without problems;
  • the patient is easier to keep the arm bent at the elbow and pressed to the chest;
  • noticeable swelling on the anterior deltoid muscle;
  • the sudden increase in temperature;
  • the health of the patient worsens, there is insomnia.

Therapeutic gymnastics with scapulohumeral periarthritis in the acute form significantly improves the patient’s condition. Resumes the ability of the hands making movements that decrease pain.

In most cases, periarthritis of the shoulder joint becomes chronic. Its symptoms — slight pain in the shoulder when rotating the arm around axis of the patient feels acute pain. The night tormented by insomnia, which occurs under the influence of a sharp pain.

How to treat shoulder periarthritis

Treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder joint — work for the surgeon or neurologist. Modern medicine is at a level that can cure any manifestation of disease. However, the most difficult to cope with ankylosing disease. First of all it is necessary to determine the causes of periarthritis. The sooner this is done, the easier it will be to get rid of the disease. For example, in the case of the shoulder due to the displacement of the vertebrae assigned to manual therapy. If the disease begins to develop because of circulatory disorders, the treatment is carried out angioprotective drugs.

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Tendons of the shoulder is treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. At the initial stage it will be enough. Periarthritis of the shoulder joint in a simple manner can be cured by applying compresses with Dimexidum or bischofite. Also used laser therapy.

Периартрит плечевого сустава: лечение и симптомыAt the beginning of treatment, doctors often prescribe a course of injections of hormonal drugs. The procedure is valid in 80% of cases. But, according to experts, postizotonicheskoy relaxation is more effective. Periarthritis in this case can be cured in 12 sessions.

Sometimes for the treatment of disease using hirudotherapy. To the damaged area apply a leech, which improves blood circulation due to the special secreted substance. If leech therapy is not helping to cure periarthritis, tribute is the impact of the use of folk remedies.

Folk treatment methods should be used concurrently with drugs. Decoctions of medicinal plants is able to eliminate the pain and discomfort. For example, dried leaves of nettle, heated for 15 minutes in a water bath, has an amazing tonic effect. You can also 1 tbsp. spoon of leaves of Hypericum pour boiled water and to insist 30 minutes, then take 3 times a day. In this disease as frozen shoulder, treatment of traditional methods gives a good effect.

Physiotherapy is able to relieve patients from disease. Complex of certain exercise suppresses pain, increases motor activity of the shoulder. You should find a video that demonstrates physical therapy in scapulohumeral periarthritis.

For complete recovery it is necessary to constantly perform a number of exercises: flexion and extension of the arms and hands, touch your shoulder, pulling with hands. Properly chosen exercises can cure even the most advanced forms of periarthritis.