Physical therapy and physiotherapy in osteochondrosis

Hardware methods of osteochondrosis: physiotherapy and physiotherapy

To date, the pathogenesis of such diseases as osteochondrosis has been well studied. Despite this, the treatment of degenerative disc disease is a number of problems. Traditionally the disease is treated medically, with the use of various drugs, relaxing muscles and neutralizing the spasms, causing pain.

As a rule, after the procedure of taking the drugs, the pain may return, often with renewed vigor. This is due to the fact that the medications only stop the pain but not cure the initial problem, as the muscles of the back, intervertebral discs remains the same, that invariably leads to a new wave of disease.

For the treatment of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and other types of osteoarthritis have long been used various hardware methods of treatment.

Physiotherapy osteochondrosis

Physical therapy is quite effective and widely used method for the treatment of the spine. Treated with physical therapy of different diseases, including osteochondrosis. The method has many advantages.

The physiotherapist acts selectively on the source of the disease, the neighboring organs and tissues are not affected and, therefore, there will be no negative result. This factor is very important when using the method of physical therapy for the treatment of children and the elderly. The body of these patients quite vulnerable to other forms of treatment.

The advantages of physiotherapy

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  • Physiotherapy can be a great addition to the treatment or act as a separate treatment for diseases that are really cured by conventional methods.
  • Physical therapy is not able to cause a sharp aggravation of chronic diseases that might exist in a patient. When using conventional medications it is very difficult to guarantee.
  • Physiotherapy normalizes metabolic processes in the human body, enhances immunity, improves the General condition of the organism and its individual organs and systems. To achieve recovery is possible by using the beneficial properties of transformed forms of energy: mechanical and electrical, as well as the application of a number of natural factors (light, water, climate, dirt).
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The types of physiotherapy:

  1. Detenzor therapy
  2. Laser therapy
  3. Electrotherapy
  4. Magnetic therapy
  5. Balneotherapy
  6. Shock wave therapy
  7. Vibration impact
  8. UFO
  9. Physiotherapy at home

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is an effective treatment method, which boils down to effects on the body of the light flux. Laser therapy has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Laser therapy reduces pain. This method of treatment in Russia in the ‘ 80s and immediately gained wide popularity.

In neurology procedure is applied to combat neuralgia, neuritis, polyneuropathy, migraine and low back pain.

Advantages of laser therapy weight, the main advantage – the lack of pharmaceutical drugs. Laser aktiviziruyutsya natural forces of the body. The body is struggling not only with the specific disease, but all the common pathologies.

The laser is performed on an outpatient basis, the patient will not need to change your schedule.

Contraindications to the use of laser therapy: tumors, a number of blood diseases. During pregnancy laser therapy is not recommended.

Detenzor therapy

Detenzor therapy is an effective method for the treatment of several diseases, the method consists in the extraction of the spine under the weight of a human body. The spine is drawn using a special Mat.

Mat «Detensor» is a special system of elastic ribs, which are arranged at different angles to the surface of the body. Under the weight of the human body, with its proper installation, these flexible ribs create the traction effect of the spine.

How does the method? Horizontal traction over a certain amount of time is able to relax muscles and relieve spasms, and the pain they cause. Therapy normalizes muscle tone, muscles that support the spine are restored, their work is largely improved.

This «unloading» of the spine and muscle relaxation allows to correct the vertical compression of the vertebral disks, the opportunity for better blood circulation and supply the area with nutrients.

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Detenzor therapy can treat pain in acute and chronic diseases of the spine, migraine and headache, widely used in the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis.

Contraindications to the use of almost no method can be applied even in old age.

In each case, the force of traction of the individual, as it depends on the body weight of the patient. Detenzor therapy eliminates the risk of injury, which is inevitable when using other methods for stretching.


Electrotherapy utilizes the forces of currents and electric fields. This method eliminates the discomfort and pain that may occur at any stage of the disease, the method will also allow to shorten the period of treatment of osteochondrosis.

Shock wave therapy

The method, which consists in the transfer of energy from the acoustic wave affected area is called shock wave therapy. Shock wave therapy eliminate pain, improve microcirculation, have beneficial effects on metabolic processes of the body, speed up the regenerative process.

Magnetic therapy

This treatment is used effect of magnetic fields on the patient. In the tissue appears bioelectric field that stimulates all the processes at the cellular level.


«Treatment by bathing» or balneotherapy includes special methods of application of mud, mineral water, applied topically, or simply as a General shower or bath.

Gases dissolved in mineral waters that have a special beneficial effect on the body.

They penetrate through the skin and other mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract to cells and tissues, affecting the receptors of blood vessels, internal organs and nerve centers of the body through the blood.

Balneotherapy is effectively used for the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

Vibration impact

A form of physical therapy, the effects on the body mechanical vibrations: ultrasonic, vibration massage, General, zone, spot and vibration massage.


It is no secret that when exposed to UV rays our skin synthesize vitamin D. This vitamin, in particular, helps absorption of calcium.

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Is carried out by UFOs with the help of special reflectors that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. With cervical osteochondrosis physiotherapy ultraviolet light are used locally on the back of the neck, on the shoulder blades at the top, on the outer surface of the shoulder and in the infraclavicular region.

The effects produced in the region of the sternum on the middle line of the spine in the thoracic osteochondrosis. in the lumbar-sacral and gluteal region, posterior surface of the thighs and shins are affected with lumbar osteochondrosis.

Before the appointment procedures of a UFO, you should check the sensitivity of the patient to the rays in small doses.

Physiotherapy at home

To perform physiotherapy at home there are a huge variety of portable devices, they are easy to buy in pharmacies and shops. They can be used in addition to the main methods of treatment after consultation with your doctor.

When the disease low back pain treatment with physical therapy should appoint a doctor. After the examination, the doctor must prescribe the required procedures or complex. Paying attention to the General condition of the patient, he shall designate the type and duration of treatment.

Today physiotherapy is at a high level, so many doctors recommend using physical therapy, not only as a concomitant treatment, but as basic in the treatment of osteoarthritis.