Physical therapy in gonarthrosis of the knee: examples of exercises

ЛФК при гонартрозе коленного сустава: примеры упражнений

The affected joint is devoid of cartilage «cushions» that leads to the destruction of bones

Knee pain is a fairly common complaint with which people are turning to the surgeon and a rheumatologist. In most cases, the cause of the illness the patient becomes osteoarthritis. Like many other illnesses, arthritis has several stages. If stage 3, the disease is considered very serious and can be treated only by surgical intervention. On the 1st and 2nd stages of the disease can be overcome with the help of a special program of physical therapy for gonarthrosis of the knee joint.

If exercises therapeutic exercises are chosen correctly, then the result will not take long, and soon the patient will get better. But not only correctly matched the program promotes a speedy recovery. In the treatment is important:

  • balanced diet, diet;
  • regular massage in gonarthrosis;
  • proper execution of gymnastic exercises;
  • administration of prescribed medications;
  • the desire of the patient to recover.

The use of therapeutic exercises

Physical therapy in gonarthrosis is an important component of treatment, and do not neglect it. Enforced the stereotype that are treated only with medication, were long gone. A set of exercises aimed at strengthening of health of the patient, designed specifically to combat the disease.

ЛФК при гонартрозе коленного сустава: примеры упражненийSpecial exercise for gonarthrosis of the knee joint muscles adapt to constant stress, strengthen them. In the result, the damaged joint is warming up, the muscle stiffness passes. This means that the pain experienced by the patient, gradually fading. Gymnastics in gonarthrosis benefits in the event that if one engages in it regularly. In this case, fast enough to pass the pain, patients find it to walk, the knee function recovered gradually. Of course, hardly gonarthrosis will be consequences when using only LFK, but at least he’s not going to progress. Disappear pain and the patient can return to a habitual rhythm of life.

The use of therapeutic exercises lies in the fact that it is an excellent prevention of any disease of the joints. There are several factors that affect the manifestation of osteoarthritis:

  • long-term stress on joints;
  • weight;
  • heavy physical exertion.

Therapeutic exercise can help relieve fatigue, relax muscles, not allowing a person to overwork and give strength.

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Rules of performance of exercises

Gonarthrosis is a difficult disease, it is characterized by degradation of cartilage. In order not to aggravate the processes occurring in the body, you need to follow certain rules of exercise for gonarthrosis of the knee joint. They will help to make exercising safe and enjoyable.

ЛФК при гонартрозе коленного сустава: примеры упражненийExercises, do not apply excessive pressure on the knee joint. Make soft movements. Feel your body. Respond to any soreness, do not ignore them. The actions should be pleasant and relaxing, not to cause pain and discomfort. If you feel severe discomfort, stop the exercise. Give your muscles rest for 1-2 days, then continue the course.

Classes should be regular, but to get the full course costs only after they have undergone acute pain. The duration of the gymnastics may be different. It is advisable to start with 10 minutes a day, and then on its capacity to increase the time. Maximum duration — 30 minutes. You should pay attention to the fact that a load physical therapy should be static and not dynamic. In a certain position can be delayed. In this case the muscles receive the necessary load, but the damaged joint remains at rest.

Do not attempt to rapidly increase the duration of exercise and degree of stress. My muscles get stronger, first and foremost, they should become flexible and elastic. So first of all start with simple exercises that will prepare your body for a longer and more severe stress.

If you do not understand how to perform an exercise, or don’t know when you can and when you can not increase the training time, don’t be afraid to ask advice from a specialist.

Exercises to maintain health

Examples of such exercises are very different. First and foremost, they aimed at strengthening and muscle relaxation. One of the main exercises done to stretch. To run it, take a piece of fabric 10 cm wide and 20 cm in length. Lie on the floor. Grasp the edges of the fabric strips and thread the loop leg. So, you pull the ends of the fabric on yourself, and pull the middle leg in the other direction. Try to bring the leg as far as possible. As soon as you feel that the muscles are quite tense, hold the leg in this position for 15 seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg.

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Continuing to stretch the muscles and joints to develop, you can do lunges. In order to feel calmer and don’t lose your balance, grab the back of a chair. Don’t do lunges dramatically: it can lead to painful sensations.

Get down on the floor and lift the upper torso. For more comfort, lean on your elbows. Bend feet in knees. Now carefully straighten each leg at an angle of 45 degrees. Pull the fingers is not necessary. Try to hold the leg in the air for as long as I can. Repeat the task 10 times for each leg.

These exercises well develop muscles, make them more elastic and strong. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Place between the legs of a soft ball and squeeze it. Hold this maximum voltage as long as possible. Then give yourself a break. Repeat the exercise several times.

ЛФК при гонартрозе коленного сустава: примеры упражнений

Stand with your back to the wall, lean on her hands. Rise on tiptoe and slowly lower yourself to the starting position. Then transfer the weight to the right foot and the left try to take away. Hold it for a few seconds in the air. Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.

Perfectly strengthens any muscles walking. Try every day to walk at least half an hour on the street or marching at home in one place. To Supplement the set of exercises can be swimming or water aerobics. These classes will benefit, because they promote the repair of damaged muscles and joints.

Diet in disease

Food in gonarthrosis should be saturated with products important to the successful functioning of the body and maintain its health. Very useful in this case vitamin C. It slows the progression of any form of arthritis and participates in the creation of collagen. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that can reflect the effects of free radicals. In gonarthrosis the patient should consume 200 mg of vitamin C daily. This is significantly more than the daily requirement healthy person, but absolutely safe. You can find vitamin C in bell peppers, oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, melon, strawberries, kiwi.

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ЛФК при гонартрозе коленного сустава: примеры упражнений

Beta-carotene — a vital antioxidant, the consumption of which is necessary for gonarthrosis. This substance is safe in any amount, so do not be afraid that people with osteoarthritis should consume it in the quantity that is 4 times higher than normal. Diet for gonarthrosis of the knee joint involves the increased intake of beta-carotene due to the fact that it nourishes the cartilage and protects it from negative influence. Products with a high content of the substance is boiled spinach, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, mango, peaches, red peppers.

Vitamin D plays a significant role in calcium absorption, necessary for bone tissue and the normal functioning of the joints. If the patient will not eat a sufficient amount of this substance, arthritis can continue to develop. Vitamin D is produced by the body during exposure to ultraviolet radiation. To obtain the necessary body dose need to spend 20 minutes a day in the sun. But not always people have the opportunity.

In order to maintain normal bodily functions and to obtain vitamin D, it is necessary to eat salmon, mackerel, eggs and milk.