Plantar fasciitis and its treatment of folk remedies: iodine and other ways

How to safely and effectively treat heel spurs with iodine?

A heel spur is quite common disease, which is characterized by bone spurs in the heel bone. Growth is a spike that compress the soft tissues causing severe pain especially when walking.

As a rule, the main cause of the disease is a constant load on the sole so the more time a person spends on their feet, the greater the chance of occurrence of illness.

Especially subject to disease, those who suffer from excess weight, improper shoes. In addition to this, joint disease, gout, flat feet, calcium deposits, disorders of the blood vessels of the legs also cause this unpleasant disease.

Pain in the heel and can cause a variety of infections, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and some others.

Very often when treatment or heel spur of plantar fasciitis, apply surgical intervention, but this is for advanced cases.

In the early stages use medication, as well as folk remedies, which have proven to be quite an effective way to get rid of the disease:

  • treatment Dimexidum;
  • treatment vinegar and egg;
  • medical treatment of bile;
  • and others.

Among the unconventional methods often use a variety of baths, compresses, baths, etc. Treatment for heel spurs with iodine is the most popular method in traditional medicine.

Iodine, as a remedy

Iodine is a unique drug, known to mankind for a long time, is widely practiced in medicine and folk treatment.

Take it both internally and externally. In the first place is an essential trace mineral, necessary for normal functioning of the thyroid gland, and also it is different a positive effect on overall health. Has antimicrobial and disinfecting effect.

Iodine compounds kill bacteria, so the drug is indispensable for the treatment of wounds, cuts, during a surgical intervention, etc.

It also has anti-inflammatory effect on skin diseases and diseases of the mucosa. Often used as a major constituent for gargling in angina, pharyngitis, etc.

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In addition, drugs containing iodine is used as an expectorant, for preventing ailments of the respiratory tract, in atherosclerosis. Prevention of goiter, in case of poisoning with mercury and lead, iodine can also be indispensable.

Iodine in the treatment of plantar fasciitis

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The use of iodine in the treatment of plantar fasciitis brings excellent results, especially in the early stages of the disease.

A positive effect of the drug is based on its warming and antiseptic qualities.

It quickly penetrates into soft tissue, creates a warming effect and improves circulation. Due to iodine is gradually removed, the inflammatory process and decreases pain.

Iotova therapy includes a variety of compresses, rubbing, baths, which include iodine and some other components. These procedures soften the spur, inhibit its growth, remove congestion.

In order to achieve a positive result, treatment should be carried out regularly. Sometimes to cure, especially at the initial stage of the disease, only need to apply for heel spur iodine mesh, but in most cases require more serious procedures.

Also supposed to take into account the individual characteristics of each organism, and the presence of deteriorating causes, such as obesity and flat feet.

With the aim of a speedy recovery to good additional treatment is a foot massage and some physiotherapy, which improve blood flow and improve the General condition.

It should be remembered that godovye procedure is best holds on the night that the heel was in a state of peace and warmth.

Painful sensations, it is best to abandon long walks. Also do not forget that for this treatment there are some contraindications.

Effectively and painlessly

There are many recipes for the treatment of iodine heel spurs, but the most efficient and effective are:

  1. Application of iodine, salt and honey, baths, iodine, aspirin, yotova mesh. To make the application it is necessary to take 50 g of iodine and 1 tbsp of honey and salt, well mix it. Ready mixture is applied on a steamed heel for the night. This procedure helps to relieve pain and improve circulation.
  2. A good result given the bath with the addition of iodine and salt. 5 liters of hot water add a bottle of iodine and a tablespoon of salt. Patient lower the heel and hold until cool water.
  3. For the following recipe should be 3% iodine, about 1 tsp and mix with 2 crushed aspirin tablets. The resulting solution is applied on a bandage and apply to the sore spot, then well wrapped heel.
  4. The easiest recipe is to put on heel cotton swab iodine grid, this is especially effective in the early stages of the disease. It has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and promotes the resorption of a thorn.
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Contraindications to an iodine therapy

There are several contraindications to the use of the drug in a calcaneal spur.

It primarily affects pregnant women and those suffering a hemorrhagic diathesis and severe kidney diseases.

Also this treatment is prohibited and people who are allergic to drugs containing iodine.

Things to remember when using iodine

Before to treat heel spurs by this method, many experts recommend to find out the cause of the disease.

When an iodine therapy you also need to remember that the treatment can take from 5 minutes to several hours. It depends on the recipe and form of the disease.

Almost all the recipes use only 3 or 5% alcohol tincture. A good addition to these procedures, will be following a special diet.

Recommend eliminating salty, spicy, oily fish, and meat pastries. Preference is best to give vegetables and fruit, dairy products, nuts, seaweed etc.

Remember that rapid effect can be achieved with combination therapy.

The opinion of patients

Reviews of people who practice the treatment of heel spur means on the basis of iodine.

When this problem occurs, and it became difficult to tread on the heel, began to try all the folk remedies, but the pain did not pass. A neighbor suggested to apply the iodine with the salt and honey. Help!!! After a week the pain is almost gone.

Natalia Kyrylivna

Suffered heel spurs for many years, the pain a little bit left, it appeared again. Now smear the iodine on the heel, make godovye baths and feel much lighter.


The heel hurts more than those months, went to doctors, but the result was not. Went to the village, and there was advised to float the heel in water with the addition of iodine. Ten days do not understand how the pain was gone.

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Tatiana, Voronezh

Based on the above information it is worth noting that the heel spurs treatment folk remedies, and in particular, iodine quite efficiently and effectively, especially when the disease is not launched.

And if you follow all the rules during the procedures, the result will not keep waiting.