Polyarthritis: treatment of folk remedies at home

Полиартрит: лечение народными средствами в домашних условиях

In the diseased joint is depleted and virtually no cartilage connective tissue

Each person decides on their own what suits them best in the fight against arthritis: the treatment of folk remedies or modern drugs. The performance of the first method will be noticeable immediately, the second allows you to achieve a certain effect much faster.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints of man. This leads to pain and discomfort when moving. To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to choose the most effective treatment of arthritis.

Types of polyarthritis

Of course, you first need to identify the reasons due to which inflammatory process has begun. You should see a specialist for exam and explore test results. After that, an experienced physician prescribes certain procedures that you can perform at home.

The causes of joint diseases vary depending on the type of arthritis:

  • rheumatoid;
  • infectious;
  • crystalline;
  • psoriatic;
  • jet.

Rheumatoid arthritis is quite a serious condition as it affects the connective tissue. If you do not take timely measures, affected, and other organs of the human body. Therefore the treatment of arthritis of this type must start at the first sign of the disease.

Полиартрит: лечение народными средствами в домашних условиях

The infectious form occurs against a background of myocardial tuberculosis, gonorrhea, brucellosis. Effective tools will allow you to quickly to stop further damage the joints and other organs, to restore functionality of the whole organism.

When crystalline, or metabolic arthritis in the joints causes accumulation of salts because of disturbed metabolism. It salt crystals cause irritation, which gradually leads to inflammation of the joints.

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Psoriatic skin lesions over time can lead to the development of psoriatic arthritis. Generally, it affects the feet of people who have not yet reached 40 years.

Reactive species develops due to the penetration of an infection into organism. The name speaks for itself: defeat is fast enough. It is very important to start the treatment of arthritis, to prevent various complications.

The main symptoms of arthritis is considered to be the appearance of tumors at the site of the affected joint, redness of the skin, stiffness. In severe forms the person experiences discomfort with weather change. Pain in the joints gradually increase. Very often, increased body temperature, disturbed appetite.

Effective treatment of the disease

It should be noted that the goal of treatment of arthritis is not only reducing the discomfort but also eliminate the causes of disease. It is not enough to use painkillers, which dull the pain but do not treat inflammation. Usually, the effect is achieved when performing complex medical procedures. Many of them you can easily do yourself at home.

The use of any national resources should be agreed with your doctor, as some of them have contraindications. Primarily in the treatment of arthritis folk remedies starts with getting rid of pain. To do this, use contrasting compresses, which are applied to the affected joint. Also effective external medications which are anti-inflammatory. You need to pre-consult with your doctor, who will pick up the recommended dosage depending on age, gender, physical characteristics and disease severity.

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Полиартрит: лечение народными средствами в домашних условиях

Mustard-salt ointment homemade warms up and relieve joint

Helps to get rid of arthritis is a home remedy. It is necessary to mix 20 ml of pine oil, 30 grams of coarse salt, 200 g of pork fat. Mix ingredients and RUB into the affected area every day before bedtime. It should be noted that to obtain the effect required only fresh fat, which has unique properties.

Severe pain in the joints, it is recommended to use the leaves mother and stepmother, burdock or cabbage for wraps or to make things from clay. Shape a small pellet of green or blue clay, attach to the lesion, wrap with plastic wrap and secure with a woolen scarf, leaving the compress on for 2-3 hours.

To reduce the unpleasant symptoms on a daily basis during the week to take a therapeutic bath with a decoction of sage. Instead of broth, you can use the infusion of dry straw. It is important that the water was not too hot, as this will cause increased pain and the development of inflammation.

To prevent re-occurrence of symptoms need to lead a healthy lifestyle, do physical exercises that strengthen joints, muscles, providing health-building effect on the entire human body.