Pool exercises for the spine: indications and contraindications

An excellent tool for the treatment of diseases of the spine exercises in the pool. Does swimming with a herniated spine? Water exercises are useful in such diseases of the musculoskeletal system as disc herniation, curvature of the spine, arthrosis and trauma.

Various exercises in the pool for the spine will help the patient to not only restore health after surgery or medical therapy, but also improve his emotional state. Swimming with scoliosis, osteoarthritis of the knee and the hernia of the spine helps to reduce pain, as when immersed in water is lifted, the load on all muscle groups. Therapeutic swimming and exercises in water environment as an element of physical education can positively affect the health and well-being of the patient.

Упражнения в бассейне для позвоночника: показания и противопоказания

Is it possible to perform complex exercises in the water when the hernia

Discal hernia is disease caused by metabolic disorders and a sedentary lifestyle. In this case, there is a shift of the nucleus of the intervertebral disc with rupture of the fibrous ring. Most often hernias occur in the lumbar-sacral region of the spine, which leads to the fact that the patient suffers from severe pain. Herniation of the spine developed various techniques swimming exercises. In this case, everything depends on the preparation of the patient and his health.

Recommended types of exercise.

  • Horizontal curves (first slide on the water, and then horizontal rotations around its axis).
  • Slide (patient kicking off the side of the pool and carries the slide in the horizontal plane).
  • Vertical curves (the patient is breast-deep in water and has a vertical torso twists around its axis).
  • Somersaults (flips back and forth).
  • Squats (patient holds hands over the handrails and perform squats)
  • Walking (walk in place with high elevation of the legs).
  • All kinds of healing techniques must be performed under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

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    Types of water exercises for scoliosis

    Called scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine. The disease can be either congenital or acquired. The main direction in the treatment of scoliosis is to strengthen the habitual position of the shoulder girdle and correction of spinal deformity.

    There are many exercises that help to treat scoliosis. At this stage developed different types of exercises for each disease, of which there are four. It can be as various swimming techniques (freestyle, breaststroke) and exercises in the aquatic environment.

    Упражнения в бассейне для позвоночника: показания и противопоказания

    For the treatment of scoliosis Aqua aerobics is perfect

    However, it should be noted that in different types of scoliosis completely unacceptable exercises on twisting. Therefore, this phase of physical therapy should be excluded from treatment for scoliosis. Pool exercises that are suitable for scoliosis patients — it flops back and forth, slide, backstroke and breathing exercises.

    Do not forget about proper breathing as an important element of training in scoliosis. The breath should be long, and exhale fast. In this case, the amount of blood the supporting muscles. Accelerating the metabolism, which positively affects the state of the vertebrae. That is, the treatment of scoliosis and swimming are closely linked.

    Therapeutic swimming for scoliosis helps to improve the General condition of the patient, to raise the tone and mood.

    Compression injuries of the spine and swimming

    The compression fracture causes such damage to the spine, resulting in compression of a particular vertebra. This can lead to compression of the spinal cord. These injuries are a very serious injury, and the rehabilitation after them long enough. In addition to drug therapy, within the physical therapy to offer the patient exercises in the pool. It can be as swimming and water gymnastics.

    All the pool exercise for patients with compression fractures should be performed with great caution. The patient should not have any negative feelings. The water temperature in the pool should be close to body temperature.

    Упражнения в бассейне для позвоночника: показания и противопоказания

    A vertebral fracture is a serious injury

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    For rehabilitation after a compression injury, you need to consider several factors. This condition of the patient, his age, and fracture site. Therapeutic exercises in water are shown and for more serious changes, such as significant compression, the violation of several vertebrae and concentration of the fracture in the lumbar and thoracic spine. In these cases, the good effect arises in the application of special restorative corset, which allows you to not worry about the deterioration of the anatomical disorders in the fracture during the voyage. With a corset the patient is able to feel the water more confidently without fear of damage to the site of injury.

    Classes in the pool for osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints

    Osteoarthritis most often affects the elderly. It occurs as a result of thinning, the wear of the articular cartilage, which now cannot provide appropriate shock absorption for. As a result, patients have severe pain in the moments of the loads. The patient can continue to live a normal life, since severe pain becomes a constant companion. With the aim to reduce pain and increase of joint mobility and exercises are performed in the aquatic environment.

    The main types of water exercises for osteoarthritis of knee joint is a passive load, but is used and swimming. The style of swimming is determined by the degree of mobility of the joints. If there is limitation of motion in the hip joint, it is required to select the swimming style breaststroke. If restricted mobility of the hip, shows freestyle.

    Упражнения в бассейне для позвоночника: показания и противопоказания

    Squats in the water is beneficial for osteoarthritis of the knee joint

    In order to achieve positive results in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, by bending and straightening the knee, squat in the water. You can offer the patient exercises on a diversion leg to side and back and turns inward and outward. The greater the amplitude of movements, the better.

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    In the aquatic environment is much easier to increase joint mobility and flexibility than in the air. This should be done only under the guidance of an experienced coach without violating the psycho-emotional condition of the patient. These types of exercises suitable for osteoarthritis of hip joint. In this disease aquatic exercises not only contribute to the prevention of diseases of the joints, but are part of complex therapy in their treatment.

    Furthermore, with all these diseases in the water can combine with the hydro-Kinesis therapy, that is, classes not only in the pool, but in the bath or shower. It is advisable to use the Jacuzzi, shower Charcot. You can take a bath with a decoction of medicinal herbs.

    Despite the fact that therapeutic gymnastics in the pool seems harmless enough, there are a number of contraindications for its implementation. It is better to abandon the water treatment in case if the disease is in the acute stage, there are circulatory disorders, heart failure, skin diseases and if the patient is sick with a cold or flu.