Popov gymnastics for the spine: two methods doctors namesakes

We have long known that movement is life. Low mobility characteristic of the majority of residents of modern cities, in the afternoon working at the computer, and in the evenings sitting in front of the TV, leads to problems with the spine. And this, in turn, affects the state of the body, aggravates the course of chronic diseases and provokes appearances new. To avoid such problems, you must remember that only special exercises and constant physical activity will help to maintain flexibility, mobility and, accordingly, the possibility of a full life. We have to accustom ourselves to the regular practice. But which of the many methods offered on the Internet and books to choose?

Гимнастика Попова для позвоночника: две методики врачей-однофамильцев

Namesakes Popov — the authors of two powerful complexes for the back

The principle of exposure to many complex gymnastics for the spine — stretching and strengthening the back muscles. And strong and supple muscles allow you to achieve proper position of the ridge during static loads, and during movements. This principle was used in their development Yuri Popov, developing and deepening it. His exercises are simple to perform, but no less effective.

Doctor and scientist, candidate of biological Sciences Yuri Popov, with large knowledge in their field, adheres to the view that disease of the spine occur due to excessive indentations all its natural curves. This is due to bipedal locomotion of a man (under the influence of gravity) and also due to excess body weight. To avoid progression of the curves, biologist Yuri Popov, has developed its own system with some restrictions in diet and physical activity.

  • Is not until 11 am and after 6 PM. Once a week to arrange dry fasting day (not only without food but also without water).
  • Daily Jogging or active walking.
  • Morning and evening for 15-20 minutes to do special exercises Yuri Popov.
  • In contrast to this system, the method chiropractor and doctor of acupuncture Peter Popov is based on the so-called «soft micro-movements». Thanks to its original gymnastics doctor Petr Popov was able to restore the health of the famous Dutch athlete, who during a downhill skiing suffered a serious spinal injury. The goal of the method is to move all parts of the spine and the vertebrae and pozvonocna, which usually remain stationary. Exercise it should be performed rhythmically, gently, with a very small amplitude. And then it will be ensured stable operation of the main frame element of our body — the spine, where each vertebrae is movable and performs its function.

    Two considered methods for the treatment of the spine vary significantly in their principle of action and a set of exercises, although its effectiveness has proven both. Their creators chiropractor Peter Popov, candidate of biological Sciences Yuri Popov, who developed their systems independently from each other.

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    Physiotherapy biologist Yuri Popov as opposition bipedalism

    Bipedalism, which is bestowed upon our nature in the process of evolution, has, in addition to positive and negative sides. Thus, under the influence of gravity with age in humans increase the natural curves of the spine (lordosis and kyphosis), which lead to compression and, accordingly, malfunction of internal organs. And this, depending on the location of the affected section of the spine, leads to failures in the human body, such as:

    • hearing loss;
    • reduced vision;
    • headaches;
    • cardiac activity;
    • lung volume reduction;
    • the omission of internal organs, including kidney, bladder;
    • impotence and infertility;
    • sciatica (pinching) of the sciatic nerve.

    To avoid this from happening, Yuri Popov recommends his own gymnastics center. It should be done while in a horizontal position on a hard floor or in an inclined position on a special simulator. It is also important, as it may seem at first glance, the direction of your thoughts: needed full concentration.

    All your attention when performing exercises need to focus on that portion of the spine to perform the exercise. It is important to visualize (imagine) what happens: turn on your imagination, and you will earn the «inner vision». You will see how pozvonochnik returns to the desired position, as the disk becomes elastic. And it all quite depends on how you are well versed in anatomy of the spine! Here the main thing — desire and imagination.

    Remember to breathe when performing exercises need freely, uniformly without any delay of inhalation and exhalation.

    The technique of special complex

    Гимнастика Попова для позвоночника: две методики врачей-однофамильцев

    In the book «Practice of longevity. The cause of aging — vertical way of life» Yuri Popov, gives many useful recommendations. He describes in detail the developed exercises for the spine. Consider some of the recommended author of 19 exercises. Don’t forget, all of them are performed in the supine position on a solid, level surface.

    Original position Execution Impact
    Lie down on your stomach, straighten your legs, arms stretched forward, fingers of his right hand to clasp the big toe of the left (or Vice versa), to raise his head. The focus is on the spine. Second option: the same lying on the back. Strain all the muscles of the body and stretch in the string. The whole body roll on one shoulder, then go back and then roll to the other side. The joint crackled. Inhale — rotate, exhale — return to its original position. This exercise ozdoravlivayuschim affects the spine completely, and, consequently, on the entire body.
    Lie on your back, legs straight, arms extended and bent at the elbows, the wrist look up the knuckles and bent into a loose fist, the fingers touching the cheeks. The focus is on the shoulder joints. To stretch the chest muscles and arms. Much, but gradually move the forearms to bring together over the chest, then return them to the floor. Option: rotation of the forearm in the horizontal plane, without lifting them from the floor. Breathing arbitrary. Develops vermehrung spine and shoulder joints, normalizes heart function, acts on the pectoral muscles and prevents sagging of the skin and muscles of the hands, which often brings experiences of women.
    Lie on your back, legs pulling, arms extended behind head, fingers of right hand again to clasp the big toe of the left (or Vice versa). Focus on the lower back. To stretch the body, pull the stomach and chest, head and hands to keep on the same line. Without a breakthrough, but vigorously raise the straight leg to bring them up, and then without a stop at the side of the head and then behind your head, fingers trying to get a foot of the floor. Pausing briefly, slowly return to the starting position. Acts on the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine. This exercise reduces lumbar lordosis and effectively increases the mobility of the vertebrae in the lumbar spine. In addition, the improved blood circulation in the legs (which is useful if you frequently feeling cold feet), reduced or eliminated leg cramps.
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    The latter of these exercises, which is similar to one of the yoga asanas (pose «Plow»), there is a contraindication: high blood pressure. In addition, you cannot perform all 19 exercises immediately, repeatedly and intensively. Do not overload the body. Important: the correctness of each movement. Stick to the principle of reasonableness and continuity.

    Start with 2-3 repetitions and then gradually increase their number to 30 in the regular classroom.

    Dr. Peter Popov and his «pendulum» microgenetic

    In the opinion of the author, with the development of osteochondrosis damaged vertebral discs are locked. These blocks due to constant muscle spasms: tight muscles resist further displacement of the discs of the spine. And the chain is closed: the affected segment of the spine becomes rigid, and healthy vertebrae in the neighborhood — hypermodernity.

    The complex of exercises of trauma and P. Popov doctor of acupuncture is designed to restore the normal condition of the vertebrae and harmonious work of the dorsal muscles. Known and conventional exercise, says Dr Peter Popov, unable to unlock the problematic vertebrae. To do this, you must, first, extend the spine up, and, secondly, to make a smooth movement along the arc.

    And if the majority of the known systems of gymnastics is based on major muscles of the back, closer to the surface, physiotherapy Peter Popov helps to develop the small deep muscles. Other exercises require working in a relatively large scale. Microgenetic, based on the micro-movements performed with small amplitude.

    The movement smoothly flow into one another — by analogy with the oscillations of the pendulum.

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    The types of micro-movements

    Consider the types nizkotemperaturnyh movements used in the exercises.

  • Stretching. This is a great workout for the ligaments of the spine. Look at the cat as she stretches, waking up. Here one must learn to take care of your spine every day! Do not deny yourself such a simple movement and do it with pleasure every morning.
  • Jiggle. These gentle movements are reminiscent of the stroke of the pendulum. During their implementation disappear pain. If you do them regularly, restores sound sleep, increased mobility of the body, improves mood.
  • Rotation. Used to improve the functioning of muscles and proper functioning of the entire spine.
  • Small concussion. It a small shake. Thanks to them, disappear muscle spasms, and the muscles relax. Usually the person performs these movements unconsciously, for example, shaking or a slight jiggling leg.
  • It is important to consider the following points. Each movement consists of a combination of vertical stretching, dips and turns in different directions. Stretching should be done with a combination of stretching and releasing movements. Every time we try to increase the limit of stretching, but very gently. Each movement is performed along the arc. Thus it is necessary to count to 10 — it is easier to determine the length of the element.

    Exercises should not cause pain. Pain, even slight, is a signal to terminate the session. Also there must be negative emotions. A positive attitude is the key to successful treatment.

    All these simple kinds of movements that are performed with small amplitude United in a uniform complex of microgenetic. Often through these exercises you can even avoid surgery. But it is necessary to follow the recommendations on the frequency and correctness of execution of all elements of the complex.

    Exercises on techniques of Yuri Popov and Peter Popov has been successfully used by many in the treatment of diseases of the spine, and to prevent development of various diseases of the spine.