Postoperative bandage: size, selection, price

Бандаж послеоперационный: размер, выбор, ценаTo keep muscle tone and promote rapid recovery helps bandage postoperative.

Unfortunately, life often develops in such a way that the person may require surgery. Not always the outcomes are very successful, many of them may have an impact on health status even after some time. For some who are carefully watching their appearance and figure, the operation may seem unnatural, as it often leaves marks on the body.

In order to keep the muscles in tone, to remove all marks and scars, use a special support corset — postoperative bandages.

What brace to choose

They all differ in their functions. Basically, these clips are used to support the abdomen or chest, descent and distribution of muscle load on a specific area, relieving excess stress on the spine and joints, help prevent the development of stretch marks.

The basis of the action of these bandages is the principle of compression or sustain certain muscle groups, thereby creating conditions that prevent the divergence of tissues in the wound area, supporting muscles in a certain position and keep them tone. Some of them only perform the locking function. They usually have a high stiffness material and are not suitable for everyone.

Бандаж послеоперационный: размер, выбор, ценаThe main indications to wearing of fixers are:

  • recent surgery in the abdominal cavity;
  • delivery;
  • painful symptoms in the joints of the spine;
  • abdominal hernias.

Do not use bandages in persons:

  • with kidney disease (especially those that are accompanied by edema syndrome);
  • with an active infectious process in the area carry it ;
  • if you are allergic to components of the tissue from which it is made;
  • in some types of pathology of the digestive system (when aggravation of ulcers, significant swelling of the intestines);
  • in the presence of fresh wounds (a period of not more than a week after undergoing surgery).

Currently, there are many varieties of post-operative bandages. They are all different in appearance, sewing, size.

How to choose the product size

The first thing to remember is that sometimes after surgery the body weight reduces. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to choose a postoperative brace.

It is best if the operation does not provide for removal of excess fat, to choose for themselves the latch before it, after such selection is much more complicated condition of the seams. Sizing is best done on the basis of the measurements of your own body and fitting bandages. If this corset is required for the abdomen or waist, is usually carried out measurements of the circumference and compare it with the specified on the package.

Бандаж послеоперационный: размер, выбор, цена

How to put on and lock the corset

Sizes are typically the same, whereby to err rather difficult. However, this tactic does not always work when trying to determine the size of the postpartum brace (used most often after a cesarean section). After childbirth a woman loses a significant portion of body weight gained during pregnancy. She doesn’t know how her body looks now. Because of this, the bandage should be immediately after surgery and based on data of measurements with measuring tape.

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The postoperative bandage is chosen based on the requirements. The first thing to pay attention to the material from which it is made.

In our time, widespread bandages made of synthetic fabrics. They are much cheaper than those of cotton, but sometimes it’s better to pay more for natural bandage and not worry about the possible risk of developing an Allergy to synthetics. Demand a strap of elastane and polyester. These fabrics stretch and allow you to use bandages to almost everyone, even those who failed to choose the right size due to excess body weight.

Model of lock is best to choose individually, as a single person it can be perfect, and on the other the brace after surgery will do more harm than good.

Normal the latch should not cause discomfort when wearing it. Therefore, even at the slightest discomfort, you should try either a different model or change the size more than it is. Need to know exactly how to choose a post-operative bandage.

How to determine your size

A mandatory condition of selection of bandage is it fitting in the vertical and horizontal positions. This is necessary in order to maintain muscle tone in the postoperative period for the prevention of suture line disruption (high risk of similar discrepancies in the selection of the striker several sizes larger).

Each brace is different in its method of fixation. Can be elastic retainers, which due to the properties of the material do not have any ties or fasteners. Other models may have button locking, can be zipper or lace-up. The only condition imposed on the method of fasten is that they should not cause discomfort and does not reside in the area of operating wound. With such a discrepancy it is best to choose a different model brace.

How to choose a suitable latch was clear, but there are situations when it is necessary to make a corset yourself.

How to sew a corset by yourself

Бандаж послеоперационный: размер, выбор, ценаSometimes there is a situation where store-bought bandages are not suitable for any of the above criteria. It may be a mismatch in length or width, the inconvenience of dressing or binding, excessively rigid fixing, delivering painful feelings. In such a situation it is best not to try to buy the striker in the shop and make it custom-made or sew yourself. But here there are nuances. How to choose the material of the retainer:

  • The first thing to take into account the individual features of the physique. The bandage needs to fit perfectly to all the curves of the body (i.e., to correspond to the orthopedic requirements) and does not restrict movement in certain joints. Because of this, in the manufacture of the bandage should be given to the benefits of fabrics made of elastic materials due to ability to stretch will be able to adapt to your body type.
  • Keep in mind that the clips of the band should be fairly easy for buckling or fastening. It is best in this situation to give preference to rubber bands as they will fix the bandage, it is possible not to be afraid of their significant effects on the surgical wound, as the load on them is evenly distributed around the circumference of the fixation. The only downside of gum is that while wearing the retainer, they will be in the stretched condition. If you will experience weight loss, the old brace is no longer suitable for wearing, as it will not be able to provide adequate fixation and support.
  • Sometimes the use of self-stitched corsets and locks can affect health in the future. Known cases of scoliosis after using the makeshift bandages. That is why you should be and to take the signature certified by bandages, passed the necessary clinical trials and proved its security.
  • Therefore, for those who can’t find a ready-made bandage, the only way out is self-tailoring. However, remember that these clips do not always have the desired effect for wounds and figure, and therefore it is better to give preference to branded tires.

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    Bandage and compression after abdominal surgery

    Бандаж послеоперационный: размер, выбор, ценаThe purchase of the lock — in our time a simple matter. The compression bandage can be sold in stores medical equipment. In this situation, it’s simple: come into the store talking about the compression bandage what size you need and in what area. Subject to availability, the pharmacist selects the appropriate model.

    Even better, if there are specialized orthotic shops, which profile is like fixing clothes. These shops profiled on sale brand bandages. Only they will have a wide choice of models, and choose the desired version of the bandage will not be difficult.

    The compression bandage in medical and orthopedic certified shops and has a mark of quality. He passed the required tests and have proved their effectiveness in the rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

    The third source where you can purchase compression bandages, is online shopping. Usually on their websites you can see the record that they collaborate with the most renowned firms and have the necessary guarantees of quality. In rare cases it is so, and the tires were indeed purchased from an authorized distributor, certified. However, most of these shops do not have such certificates. Some of them are buying a defective product that is then sold to the consumer. Order and buy the bondage in such a shop — a purely personal matter.

    4 source — distributors. Here the situation is even riskier than online stores. Using distributors is not recommended to buy anything as the product sold by them usually stolen, with no proof of identity. Usually distributors trading secondhand goods which will not have the desired effect, and can only hurt. Buying a product with hands, be aware of high risk.

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    If all the same to buy quality and certified products, you should know what firms are most popular.

    Widespread compression bandages German company Orlett. This firm specializiruetsya on creating an orthopedic garment. It is already quite long ago gained recognition in the market of medical products and continues to occupy one of leading places at the present time.

    Among domestic manufacturers of well-known companies such as “Crate”, “Fest”. They spetsializiruyutsya not only in the production of compression bandages, but also for the manufacture of bandages for pregnant women.

    The price of bandages is a bit different. German bands are way above domestic counterparts, however, are in great demand. Price depends on what area you intend to use the brace, from its size. Inguinal bandages are in the range of 700-800 rubles, but such bandages of Russian companies can be purchased for 300-400. The average cost for abdominal bandage from the German firm is about 3,000 rubles, while Russian counterparts can be purchased for around 1700-2000 rubles.

    How much to pay for the brace — it is a personal choice. Someone is ready to buy bandages German production, some domestic, but some prefer to do it yourself.

    Wearing the bandage in the postoperative period is recommended by many doctors. It would seem, such simple and ugly-looking design brings a lot of benefits. That is why those who seek to maintain and preserve their health on a high level, and also to recover properly after the surgery, bandage is the surest remedy.