Postpartum corset how to wear

Postpartum corset is one of the most popular accessories among women who gave birth. After giving birth to recover is not easy, especially for those who underwent surgery. This applies not only to health, but also appearance. Every young mom wants to look good, so trying to find the way to the solution.Послеродовой корсет: как правильно носить

The consequences of pregnancy

You know that pregnancy gives you not only the child but also the extra pounds. This happens most often due to stretching of the uterus — it for 9 months gradually stretched and eventually after giving birth affected your tummy. In this case many have resorted to various methods. However, the method of adjustment of the back and pelvis with postpartum girdle is not always considered to be a reasonable solution. Here the experts are divided, there are lots of «pros» and «cons». In fact, slimming corset is suitable only in individual cases, and the meaning of wearing it is to health first and foremost.

Wear it just to maintain the figure, in certain situations is unacceptable and even harmful to health. Postpartum bandage is required for women who underwent a caesarean section. But the wear time is not more than 4 weeks. This is because the waist corset, a lot of compression, which adversely affects the internal organs and superimposed seams.

Corset postpartum waist abdomen, thereby affecting the pancreatic system. Thus, there are problems with the digestive system or the pancreas.

Послеродовой корсет: как правильно носить

Bondage panties for the correction

It is known that before the girl always wore corsets, and dying in childbirth. This occurred because of frequent wearing the brace affect reproductive functions, as a rule, negative.

If you do decide to wear it, then try to reduce the term of its operation, to avoid any consequences. If we talk about the pros, the bandage postpartum helps women get rid of diseases of the back. You can successfully overcome osteochondrosis and other common diseases of the spine. Only one condition: to wear a belt only if it is prescribed by a doctor.

It is advisable to consult a specialist who was monitoring your condition during pregnancy. Take this seriously, this corset is not worn unnecessarily. Besides, it is able to worsen blood circulation, which always slows the healing of joints after surgery.

The advantages of corset

Corset of this type it is unwise to apply only for cosmetic purposes because it has healing properties. So try first of all to think about health. One of the rare occasions, when wearing a slimming corset should do is after surgery. The fact that every person need to move, bed rest for weeks is tiring. Any mother wants to hold her baby, but because surgery is impossible. She can feed him only in lying position. It also comes not always so, medicine has found the treatment zone.

Thanks to him, a young mother may not worry about the divergence of seams — waist corset can withstand any load. However wearing should be non-permanent, preferably only in the first month after birth. Another case, when the bandage is useful is a pain in the back. You have carried the baby for 9 months and therefore, the load on the back of increased at least 20-30 lbs. If you have not played sports, then you will have a hard time after the birth of a child, intervertebral hernia will know about yourself. Corset will help you to maintain an even posture and a healthy spine, only to wear it to not more than the specified time frame.

Послеродовой корсет: как правильно носить

Belt supports the abdomen and helps to lose weight

Another important reason of wearing a brace are the sudden changes from a state of rest to a state of activity. After all, to exercise during pregnancy is not recommended, and excessive physical activity after delivery is also not advised. Therefore, temporarily unable to wear such a belt for keeping the spine and evenness of the back.

Activity you will recover gradually, preferably through gymnastics. In the belly, by the way, don’t worry — gradually, the uterus takes the usual form. If you want to restore shape in a short time, then do a complex of physical exercises aimed at that area. When it is recommended to wear slimming corset? Doctors are prescribing it from the first day after birth. However, if the woman gave birth safely, wearing it is her choice. If you want to accelerate the reduction of the uterus, a tight bandage must be applied only on the 8th day after birth.

Disadvantages of shape wear corset

Most physicians believes that, to pull, brace negatively affects the internal organs and blood circulation. If you try to wear it for one day in order to maintain the shape, after removing it you will feel significant relief. Why?

Tightening the corset, you provide yourself with dizziness and chest pain, as well as problems with the digestive system. In some cases, appear cramping in the stomach and intestines. This happens because the bandage compresses the chest and abdomen — hence the discomfort. Another problem wearing the belt is considered to be poor circulation.

The woman begins to feel even worse, because in some organs the blood flows less. This, in turn, impairs wound healing (if any) and General condition of the body. Thus, the doctors brought 2 the disadvantage of this belt, which I advise you to pay attention.

How to wear a postpartum bandage

Послеродовой корсет: как правильно носить

Long wearing a corset can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract

If you want to wear a corset, you should consider several important points. For example, wearing a corset should be no more than 4-6 weeks, as then it will only harm your health. A woman who underwent a caesarean section, it is recommended to wear a bandage for about 4 weeks — treatment zone may slow the healing process of stitches. When choosing such things should bet on convenience.

Corset in any case should not put pressure on joints or compress the chest, you should breathe easily. Doctors do not advise to use briefs corset, as any results you get. The best option in the presence of external seams the woman is a therapeutic corset-type skirt.

The properties of corsets and their varieties

As a rule, all the elastic bandages are made on the basis that the woman was comfortable in it. If you want a beautiful figure, then you should buy corsets with hard edges — they adjust the available forms under the desired parameters. Many of them have special fasteners that can be located on the side or bottom.

As for the types of postpartum girdles, here are several: Bliss, Livaa and versatile bandage. If we talk about the first option, this belt provides maximum fit, that is, it can not be seen under clothing. In addition, it has a special clasp, which is located below, i.e. you do not have to remove the belt whenever required. Thus, such an arrangement would be a great solution for women who have had surgery and want to look good.

Postpartum corset type Livaa designed for comfortable carrying. They have no hard edges, so it can be worn even if you have stitches. However, if the stitches are recently discovered or irritation of the perineum, these briefs corsets to wear is not recommended. These corsets provide a nice line of the hips, supporting the belly. Plus tyres of this brand is that they can be worn not only as underwear but also as sportswear.

Universal type postpartum corset is worn before and after pregnancy, as it provided all the necessary elements.

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