Posture flat back: causes, treatment and exercises, prevention

Flat back is a direct way to neurological problems

In this posture, like a flat spin, reduced physiological curves in the spinal column.

Patients are not capable of long time to fix in one position the body, they get tired quickly.

Due to the reduced depreciation function of the spine can occur microtrauma spinal cord and brain, causing headaches and fatigue.

How does it look?

The symptoms of disorder are pain in the hips, groin, upper back. To hold poses patients have to bend and straighten knees and hips. Such symptoms can lead to disability, limitation of motion, needs the use of drugs and painkillers funds.

For flat spins characteristic is:

  • long neck;
  • situated right in the head;
  • lowered and moved forward shoulders;
  • flat stomach, buttocks and chest;
  • behind the backs of the wing-like blades.

The consequence of a flat back is scoliosis a disease.

Where lies the reason?

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In the normal state of the spine has physiological curvatures required to hold the posture and bipedal locomotion. When mild or smooth curvature develops syndrome a flat back.

Also cause of the disease can be degenerative disorders of the intervertebral discs, their rapid wear. A flat spin can occur in compression cracks in the vertebrae, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis.

Often the flat back gets a child physically impaired, who have long been in bed. Often pathology develops in parallel with the flat feet and other abnormalities of the organs.

In addition to children, developmentally syndrome may appear when rapid growth of the body, retardation of the muscular system from the bones of the skeleton.

Detection of the disease

In the study going medical history of the patient’s condition (pain, discomfort, surgeries), symptoms ignored long standing in one position.

The determining index is the x-ray examination with side the. Data on disks, vertebrae and patency of the spinal cord reflect the MRI and CT scan.

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The basics of treatment

To determine the tactics of treatment, a thorough examination of the patient, identify the causes of deformation, which requires axis correction of the spine.

Adhering to special measures, it will be possible to do physical therapy for the correction of the vertical position of the spine.

General medicine

To the General therapeutic measures include:

  1. Accurate correction shoes posture. On the basis of orthopedic research, children flat back can be formed as a result of different leg length, mismatched shoes at the age.
  2. Stay on semi-rigid and hard mattress. The mattress selected in accordance with the feelings of the baby. In the presence of pain after sleep, need to find a softer bed and the pillow apart.
  3. To strengthen the muscle skeleton should be back continuously to move, to do physical exercise.
  4. During employment you have the right to sit at the table, not to stand on one leg, do not wear on a single shoulder backpack.

The use of drugs

Drug treatment eliminates the negative symptoms associated with the violation impedes the exercise.

The doctor prescribes the means for the normalization of blood supply, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen). To relieve severe pain it is possible to use anesthetic of Novocaine.

Medical-physiological exercises

With a flat back exercises are selected individually, as their main purpose is to increase the mobility of the spine while tilting forward and back, strengthening the muscles of the shoulders and chest.

Tasks physical therapy is the correction of deformities, improvement of mobility and offloading the spine, increase endurance of the organism, physical development, and normalization of psychoemotional condition of the patient. Strenuous bending are eliminated with pain during torso.

Experienced professionals to physical exercise added procedures on the inclined Board Evminova, gymnastic wall for strengthening the muscle mass of the body. Also in the medical complex includes mechanotherapy, breathing games and massage.

When straightening of the thoracic kyphosis deformed rib cage, which can develop cardio-vascular and respiratory failure.

To stop the reduction of lung capacity, exercise therapy added classes Strelnikova and Catarina Meal. For the General strengthening of the child’s body recommended ball games, therapeutic swimming, and walking.

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With a flat back, doctors prescribe massage, improve metabolism and blood circulation, eliminate pain during exercise. This provides passive correction of the spine, strengthening the muscles, improve the nervous, respiratory and other systems.

There are several options of massage:

  1. Local. The massage focuses on the joints and muscles, which account for the load of the exercises. Duration is 15-20 minutes each day.
  2. Common. Runs for 30-40 minutes once a week.
  3. Preliminary. Designed to prepare joints and muscles for exercise, lasts up to 10 minutes.

Physical therapy according to the methods of the Field Bragg

The complex of exercises promotes the bending of the flat back. For six months, patients can eliminate the pathological process by performing 5 exercises. The method of therapy was founded on the observation of cats and dogs, vigibase back.

The basic principles of the method is to perform exercises according to physical abilities, no sudden movements.

Start physical therapy is necessary with swinging movements, gradually increasing the amplitude of the exercises. Motivation depends on the accuracy and periodicity of implementation of the exercises:

  1. To relieve pain in the head, the upper area of the trunk by doing the following exercise: lie face down on the floor, under the chest to place the palm of your hand, feet placed at shoulder width. Gradually, we should raise the body up, arching your back and leaning on hands, fingers legs. The pelvis should be above the head, legs and arms straightened. The number of repetitions first 2-4, then to 12.
  2. To strengthen skeletal muscles in the lower back, improve the kidneys, gallbladder and liver in the following way: to take the same position as in the first case, but lifting the pelvis up, it is necessary to turn to the right and then the left.
  3. To remove the load from the muscles following exercise: sit on the floor, positioning his hands behind his back and lean on them, then you should raise the pelvis up, with an emphasis on straight legs and arms to a horizontal position and to return to its original position.
  4. To strengthen the area of the spine with spinal nerves can perform the following exercises: lie on your back, hugging her bosom with her arms, simultaneously touching the chin of knees. The position should be maintained for 5 seconds, making 2-4 repeat.
  5. It is recommended to walk on all fours, head down with arched back and raised pelvis.
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Other exercises

Would be useful for classes with lift direct feet from a prone position:

  1. A pair of scissors. Raise straightened legs above the surface, raise them to the sides and to reduce the overlapping, alternating right and left. The lower they will be to the floor, the work will be doing the procedure.
  2. Bike. Legs should be raised, in turn bending and unbending them, simulating Cycling. The pedal is necessary to turn backward and then forward.
  3. The angle. Make original position, picking up two straight legs up until the formation of a right angle between the torso and legs.

Also the patient may be given exercises to develop the chest, increasing the lumbar lordosis. Using wrap to develop coordination, balance, activates all of the muscles.

With a flat back, you should perform exercises in accordance with the instructions of the doctor. It should be remembered that in this disease the muscles are relaxed, so exercises will constantly keep your posture.