Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in women

Treatment of osteoporosis in women — possibilities of modern medicine

Osteoporosis is the disease which is accompanied by a progressive thinning of the skeletal system and the violation of the spatial structure of the bone tissue, while the chemical composition of bone remains unchanged.

Especially subject to this disease are people over 45 years of age, and osteoporosis occurs in women and men.

However, the risk of developing the disease in women is much higher, aided by some physiological peculiarities of the female body.

Features of osteoporosis in women

Osteoporosis is dangerous because it leads to frequent fractures of the limbs, vertebrae, ribs, and the occurrence of the damage is quite negligible force injuries.

This is especially true of women – often they have enough injury to form a crack or fracture.

The risk of getting this disease are extremely high in the period of menopause, as at this time, the female body undergoes hormonal changes (decreased production and estrogen), which also leads to changes of bone condition.

Those women who are before menopause was attended by osteoporosis, suffer more as the disease begins to progress.

Doctors found that after 50 years in women annually declining bone density on average by 15%. But not all women exposed to intensive development of the disease – there are women with low risk of osteoporosis. As a rule, the process of thinning of bones in women begins at age 30-40 years, and 70 years of age the possible loss of one third of bone mass.

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The insidiousness of this disease is that all of his symptoms are mild and implicit, can be mistaken for symptoms of other diseases.

Symptoms women osteoporosis do not differ from other forms of osteoporosis, and basically have the same main symptoms: mild aching pain of different localization, fragile nails, paradontose changes, and possible small change of human growth.

Therefore, it is important to diagnose the disease and to take preventive measures to prevent its development.

What are women at risk?

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A high probability of developing the disease in women during hormonal changes within the body. Doctors found that after 50 years, bone density in women annually reduced, and without using techniques of modern medicine to correct changes impossible.

At risk of osteoporosis are women with a fragile figure, who all the time watch their weight and limit themselves to the use of many vital products.

But it does not mean that women with excess weight is absolutely not prone to osteoporosis. Of course, the bones of these women have an increased density, but it doesn’t always help – osteoporosis changes the spatial structure of bone tissue. Women with a high body mass often associated with a sedentary lifestyle, that affects the development of the disease.

At risk also include women with diseases of the endocrine system. Surgery to remove the appendages, uterus, and the lack of secretion of female sex hormones lead to more rapid development of osteoporosis, as hormones are responsible for the necessary calcium levels in the female body.

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Also at risk are women who:

  • have more than four children;
  • drink excessive amounts of coffee and alcohol;
  • smoke;
  • for a long time used hormonal drugs — tools for the correction of the thyroid gland, birth control pills, etc.

Prevention of osteoporosis in women

Prevention of osteoporosis should begin long before the onset of menopause. Preventive measures are based on enhancing bone mass. It is very important to consume vitamin complexes containing calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

It is also important to include in the diet of foods containing calcium, especially low-fat dairy products.

A strict diet have a negative impact on women’s health as well as lead to a shortage of substances that are important for the normal functioning of the body. So women who want to avoid problems in adulthood, do not get involved with diet in youth.

You must give up alcohol and Smoking – it significantly reduces the risk of developing the disease.

Another important point is active lifestyle. No wonder the proverb says: «Movement is life». Playing sports, dancing, just Hiking all contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

Treatment of osteoporosis in women

In fact, this disease belongs to the incurable.

Therefore, the main goal of treating osteoporosis is to reduce the intensity of loss of bone mass and improve the health of women.

Drugs that are prescribed for osteoporosis in women:

  1. Estrogens — drugs for hormone replacement therapy containing estrogen contribute to the slowdown, at least stop the thinning of the bones;
  2. Selective modulators of estrogen receptor effect of the drug is the same as in the first group, there are no side effects of hormone therapy;
  3. Combined preparations containing calcium and vitamin D improve bone strength.
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In addition to taking medications, you need to perform special exercises that are aimed at preventing the reduction of bone density.

However, a set of exercises and medical tools must be selected individually. It is therefore important at the first suspicion of the development of osteoporosis (pain in bones, reduced growth) to seek help from a specialist.