Prevention of arthrosis (knee, hip, foot, shoulder, hand): the set of measures

A comprehensive prevention of osteoarthritis or the art of saving joints

The existence of joints the man has no idea until then, until they begin ultimatum to declare his pain, a plaintive squeak, crackle, clicks or «jamming» (which is not always the time).

And together with a surprised realization that now it will not work easily and happily jumping on one leg, playing hopscotch, comes to the woman in the sadness of lost youth, and to male – shame that some obstacles will now have to circumvent, and not to jump on the move.

Visiting the doctor, the patient learns a lot about himself: that he is full of joints, and painful condition of those that are sick, is called «arthritis».

Learns and what he could face further neglect of their health.

In such a situation it is important to make the correct conclusion: now for the full restoration of the condition of the joints one can forget to save what is left.

Three «pillars» of healthy joints

As in the expression «worry about the safety of the joints» Shine through only panic, the best in this case is the decision to master the art of saving joints.

The main «pillars» that underpin the health of every joint and musculoskeletal system in General are:

  • attention;
  • physical culture;
  • proper nutrition.

Hackneyed concepts include careful self-observation with the study of movements that are memorized since childhood – but wrong, as usual – but not physiological in its very essence, and some are simply dangerous.

It is their persistent repetition from an early age and led to premature wear of the joints, and now relearning you have to focus on what you are doing and how you are doing. It is the attention to himself and the culture (physical, now largely became medical).

No less banal a concept of «eating right» is again the focus. But not from what should be abandoned – on the contrary, listening to the true needs of the body, understanding that he really needed.

Not the abstract concept of «vitamins», namely: carrot, Apple at the moment when the hand habitually reaches for the piece of greasy, bloody, piece of grilled meat.

Freed from the burden tagalala and evoke snooze food, the body itself will ask for a motion and suggest exercises to maintain the vitality.

Thus closes the great circle of wisdom of life, healthy and bright like the joints and the entire body.

Ancillary measures

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Other important points for the prevention of osteoarthritis and other joint diseases

  • the research necessary for understanding the more subtle needs of the body (defining the content of minerals and trace elements in blood and tissues by laboratory and x-ray methods);
  • medicinal correction of «defects» in metabolism;
  • physiotherapeutic and balneological treatments;
  • ecological tourism;
  • special methods of influence on the body (massage, yoga, and similar techniques).
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Techniques General health of joints and spine a lot, and at the earnest desire and persistent effort to gain the lost balance (in metabolism and literal, because the joints – this is the balance) and restore the cartilage to the full possible.

After all, the mysterious word «arthritis» is nothing like degeneration (degeneration) of the cartilage. Composed of articular bags and a thick layer which is covered with a head – end sliding on each other adjacent bones forming the joint.

Without his «fixation» slide bones every day will become increasingly difficult and painful, causing tears and rage, until it stops completely, after passing through the stage of arthritis – inflammation of the inner and then the outer articular structures.

Gonarthrosis: «gon» means «knee»

The peculiarity of the knee joint is its unusually high loading, because after prolonged forced balancing on one foot the entire weight of the body presses on a very small area of bearing – tibia.

Given that sometimes she has to make jumps, you can appreciate the incredible durability of this articulation.

Another difference from other joints is the presence of reinforcing in the front of a powerful bunch of large sesamoid bones – patella (kneecap), is able to vyvinute in the outer or inner side or even cold Turkey.

When the dislocation becomes habitual, the joint is damaged much less. He is not only too easy to «sum-decomposed», but acquires excessive mobility – swinging left-right and even strongly unnatural can be rotated around its longitudinal axis.

Therefore, for the prevention of osteoarthritis of the knee should avoid damage to the patella and twisting movements when the femoral head rotates around its vertical axis fixed in the tibia (like a leg wearing a ski).

To preserve the health of the knee joints should also avoid overly deep squats and stay in this position for too long, avoiding the restrictions under the knee of the nerve trunks (as negative result does and the habit of sitting with his legs).

Arthrosis of the joints of the foot

Given that the foot is a «spring», creating two sets: longitudinal and transverse, it is very important to preserve the integrity and security of the properties of its joints.

For this you need to carefully avoid trying to «flatten». Arthrosis of the joints of the foot causes the footwear with high heels and shoes without backs.

The most famous and common pathologies of the foot is «bone» (hallux valgus), arising from a long walk «on tiptoe», which causes wearing shoes with hairpin exorbitant height.

The habit constantly to walk «on heel» leads to a weakening of the tone of the Achilles tendon of the foot during walking are not springs, and «slap» on the floor that leads to injury of the calcaneus.

Wearing the same shoes mules lead to flat feet – the arch of the foot «flattened» both longitudinally and transversely, and the body experiences when walking and running unnaturally strong shake.

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Conversely, walking barefoot is extremely useful to relieve fatigue of the joints of the foot and to return to its rightful place the center of gravity of the body.

A massive blow to the joints of the hands

The number of educated articular joints of the upper limbs-the hands are the Champions among all parts of the body.

And thanks to the incredibly clever design of the elbow joint it is possible to facilitate movements of the most difficult: here is how joint, service extension-flexion, and enabling one bone to ride is to describe a semi-circle around the other.

On the degree of freedom of the small joints of the hand the most perfect, the robot can only dream of.

But the thinner and harder the structure of the system, the higher the exposure of its destruction. After all, to damage the more delicate vessels and nerves that support life joints of the hands and fingers, much easier than similar structures on the legs or body.

Therefore, for these joints, the stumbling block may be as elementary regular hypothermia overheating, and vibration from the operation of pneumatic tools, as their injury, and excessive tension, which is necessary in precise work and art (the violin).

Prevention of osteoarthritis of large and small joints of the hands is to protect from all of these numerous negative impacts.

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder: what is silent is the discus thrower

Who, if not athletes-throwers, know better than anyone what a pain in the shoulder, «flying» along with menuchim shell: a disk, a spear ejected the core?

But also in everyday life a mile at the shoulder joint can be quite significant, whether it’s lifting weights up from shoulder level or transfer something big and awkward in his hand, pushing a heavy wardrobe during the repair or the same action with a stuck in the mud car.

Even worse is the case when pressing or lifting weights accompanied by a sharp jerk. Stretching of the joint capsule at this point reaches the limit, but once passed the acute pain, the victim is usually back to his old job.

About any treatment of speech usually does not go to a «special» case (when the movement of an arm from the body becomes absolutely impossible, not to mention it picked up).

For osteoarthritis of the shoulder can come after a fall on the side on the exposed hand, and as a result of a fracture or dislocation of the shoulder joint, and ultimately the daily maintenance of the outstretched hand and set aside (as in the work of the plasterer, painter, Mason), and from the power overload (important for athletes»jocks»).

Given that arthrosis of the shoulder joint is always a trauma, with the goal of prevention to avoid getting in a similar situation.

The hip joint: the dependent «suspension»

The complexity of the hip joint and a high degree of load on it due to its design features, the femoral head enters the acetabulum of the pelvis at the side and at an angle, wide open bottom.

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Despite the powerful muscle, locking the thigh, his head is able to vyvinute from intended her hole quite easily and without consequences for such a dislocation never takes place – develops coxarthrosis («coke» is «thigh»).

To the same end, lead to the condition when, sparing a damaged knee, the patient «falls» when walking, the whole weight of the body resting on the hip joint («duck walk»). The result of such a load the joint just «suvived» is destroyed and requiring replacement.

It is like «to settle on a residence» in the hip disseminated hematogenous infection: tuberculosis, brucellosis, rheumatism, psoriasis, requires treatment specreports.

The use of symptomatic painkillers often only stretches the process for years, during which the arthritis becomes arthritis, and ends with this self-torture with disabilities.

Prevention of injury and development of osteoarthritis of the hip joint is to avoid traumatic effects on the joint capsule and irregular unnatural load.

It all starts in the head

Summing up:

  1. Prevention of arthritis of all joints should begin from an early age by teaching children the correct biomechanics of movement to avoid possible injury – causes of disease.
  2. Regardless of the design of the joint and its function during the development of any pathology should follow a clear plan that includes a mandatory initial consultation and subsequent close cooperation with a specialist.
  3. If the cause of osteoarthritis is the hematogenous infection will need treatment by an infectious disease doctor if the TB in a TB (without the use of spectrapure treatment success will not have).
  4. To identify the causes of osteoarthritis and the degree of damage caused to them need thorough diagnostic «investigation», which is often the cause turns out to be a totally different nature than previously thought (up to the cancer metastases in the pelvis and scapula).
  5. Irreproachable adherence to the recommendations of the doctor during examination and treatment from the patient is required, assist patient efforts of the attending physician repeatedly facilitates the search for causes of disease.
  6. Rejection of the proposal stationary examination and treatment complicates the process of healing of the disease.
  7. No the modern medicine can not replace own efforts of the patient by bringing order to your body. Therefore, strict adherence to a prescribed diet, the motion and rhythm of life must be met.
  8. Without revisiting the sick many own attitudes treatment success also will not have.