Prevention of gout: features and recommendations

Two thousand years ago, mankind has suffered from the so-called disease of kings, which is caused by eating excess amounts of protein foods (meat). We are talking about such kind of arthritis like gout.Профилактика подагры: особенности и рекомендации

Gouty arthritis (or gout) is often associated with inflammation of various joints. It often affects men in their 40s and women in menopause. It should be noted that to date one ailing woman has up to seven affected males.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

When the kidneys fail in their functions and do not take uric acid urine, excess uric acid kristallizuetsya and is deposited in the joints. Later it causes inflammation and the sensation of intense pain. Sometimes develops gout with normal uric acid levels in the blood. Its increase is usually associated with impaired kidney function.

The use of certain medication also has a significant effect on the occurrence of gout. Moreover, existing genetic factors put the body at risk of disease. Among the most common are the following:

  • overweight;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • excessive consumption of beer or wine.

Today known gout acute and chronic forms of disease. In acute gout see the following main symptoms:Профилактика подагры: особенности и рекомендации

  • redness of one or more joints;
  • swelling;
  • acute pain.

In the absence of proper treatment can transition into the chronic form. If symptoms occur from several days to several weeks in a row, this is a direct suspicion of the gout, which often occurs at night. In this case, the affected joint is hot enough to the touch and painful to the touch, it reacts to the slightest touch.

Podagra and gouty arthritis: what is the problem

Frequent and prolonged attacks of gout can lead to serious complications, among which are:

  • damage to the joints;
  • reduced mobility of joints.

A metabolic disease called gouty arthritis that usually occurs due to the high content of purines in the body. Purines — substances that are contained in meat, offal, legumes, fish, tea. Including diet many of these products, people at risk to the disease under consideration.

Профилактика подагры: особенности и рекомендации

In the diseased joint accumulate uric acid crystals and erode cartilage

An additional risk factor — high blood pressure of the patient. A separate case — the use of certain medication. Gout can affect the fingers, ankles, knees. Found that in some cases, the disease occurs in the sternal-rib or spinal joints.

From kidney disease suffers to 70% of patients. Because the kidneys excrete uric acid. Kidney stones holds first place in frequency among renal lesions. Damage to the glomeruli and tubules of kidneys leads to renal failure.

Worsen the function of kidneys may sudden artificial drop in blood pressure. It is therefore very important to define your «working» pressure. Regarding the medication, reducing the pressure necessary to adhere strictly to the recommendations of a physician.

One of the specific features of chronic gout — tophi.

Tophi (dense painless nodules) occur on the ears, hands, feet, elbows. Rarely, but there are lesions of the tongue, the scrotum, sclera, Achilles tendon, etc. the Diameter of tophi sometimes the size of several centimeters. Of course, it is clear that its value affects the affected organ.

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Possible ways of treatment of gout

Fully cured of gout impossible. However, control over the progression of this disease possible. This process is accompanied by the following events.

  • Prescribe painkillers anti-inflammatory drugs: ibuprofen, diclofenac, aspirin. Possible codicil, it is aimed at immediate pain relief, although it has contraindications. Long-term treatment of gout is with allopurinol, but only for a specific prescription.
  • You need to follow the diet. It is recommended to exclude meat and alcohol.
  • It is possible to treat gout yourself subject to certain conditions.

  • The patient should lie; affected area of your body lift up higher with Vishnevsky ointment or making of an application with the content of Dimexidum.
  • The patient is put on a strict diet: gruel, jelly, vegetable soup.
  • A patient needs a lot to drink: a decoction of oats, natural lemon juice, alkaline water, green tea.
  • The patient recommended medications to be taken before prescription anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, diclofenac, Movalis, nimesulide), but aspirin (analgesic) in this period is useless.
  • Профилактика подагры: особенности и рекомендации

    These products should ever leave the menu of the patient and not to provoke the attack

    But most importantly, a patient with symptoms of gout must consult a doctor. Doctor taking the blood analysis, to determine the level of uric acid, diagnosis. Sometimes you may need x-rays of the joints, test of Rehberg. Based on test results, the doctor prescribes treatment, gives advice on nutrition and physical activity. The time it would take a lot, hence the importance of patience, self-discipline and mutual understanding with your doctor.

    The insidiousness of the disease that if he didn’t fight it in 3-4 years irreversibly damages the kidneys. Therefore, treatment and prevention of gout is very important.

    The connection of gout and stress

    Профилактика подагры: особенности и рекомендации

    Menu of the patient should consist mainly of vegetables and fruits

    Modern medicine is called gout disease stress. Uric acid is released at the slightest alarm. Malnutrition — also stress, can cause the disease. Stress of any form leads to a decrease in Pantothenic acid, which prevents the output of urea. And its accumulation and leads to the formation of gout.

    The amount of vitamin E depends on the number of cells responsible for formation of uric acid. It is found in meat, which can quickly deteriorate. Oils and supplements destroy vitamin. Therefore, the need for vitamin E is constantly increasing.

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    For people suffering from gout, dangerous protein imbalance. 10 depressogenic person amino acids must be delivered into the body at the same time. The most important of these is glycine, which in patients with gout faster turns into uric acid than healthy. It is important to monitor the usefulness of them eat protein and avoid gelatin.

    The growth of intestinal bacteria is important for patients with gout. Onset of illness is associated with antibiotic. They kill intestinal bacteria, respectively, increasing the level of uric acid in the blood. It is recommended the consumption of yoghurt, acidophilus milk, normalize intestines microflora.

    Psychological stress, suppression of anger can also be cause of gout.

    Experiencing anger and other unpleasant emotions, we need to remember that it is advisable to give the body a chance to free themselves from the effects of stress. This helps the sport, or at least fast walking or running, active movements of hands. If not, then the lack of protein affects it limbs.

    Gout treatment popular ways

    Ways to treat gout, people are looking for from the most ancient times. And each time they proved to be ineffective. However, some people’s advice to alleviate the suffering of the patient can still. There are many recipes for poultices, lotions, teas. For example:Профилактика подагры: особенности и рекомендации

  • In the morning every day, eat 200 grams of celery juice.
  • The pulp of boiled turnips attach to the sore spot.
  • Three times a day before meals, take the following mixture. Connect 200 g of garlic, 300 grams of onions and 0.5 kg of cranberries. Day to insist. Add 1 kg of honey, then mix well.
  • It has long been treated gout and foot herbal bath. The most effective are the following recipes:

  • A decoction of wild daisies (pharmacy). 300 grams of chamomile flowers pour 5 liters of boiling water. Insist 2 hours, strain. Pour into the tub.
  • A decoction (tincture) from the calamus root. 3 liters of water to put 250 g of calamus root. Bring to boil, drain. To pour into the bath at a temperature of 36 degrees.
  • For the treatment of gout are drug charges from oat straw, nettle root, chamomile, sage, leaves of currant and others.

    Massage is one of the ways to facilitate the exacerbation of gout. Massage the area around the sore spot, and then the joint itself. Start with stroking, rubbing and light massage. During exacerbation of massage shouldn’t be done.

    Sometimes you can find description and such methods of treatment that can cause doubt. For example, a slurry of activated charcoal to apply at night on the sore spot; to make pain relief a piece of frozen fish fillet; use lettuce, pribinova them to the inflamed joint. What tips to adopt is up to you. It is important to remember that the prevention of the onset of symptoms of gout prevention is essential.

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    Prevention of disease development and its features

    To prevent the development of gout must first begin with patient compliance to a certain diet. The requirements of such a diet can be summarized as follows.

  • It is recommended to monitor calories, eat more fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt.
  • It is better to give preference to bread made of wheat flour.
  • Need to increase the amount of fluids you drink up to 2.5 liters per day, because it dilutes the concentration of uric acid in the blood. In addition, the water supports your kidneys, will not be allowed to form kidney stones.
  • Alcohol increases the crystallization of uric acid and its deposits. Having the symptoms of gout, avoid beer and other spirits.
  • It is necessary to limit salt intake. To stick to nutritional advice, even if there is no pain. Often these simple rules will eliminate the symptoms of gout.
  • Prevention and treatment of gout is not possible without sports. Take a brisk walk, Cycling, swimming, gymnastics. During class do not forget about drinking plenty of water. Vegetable juice, weak tea, alkaline water («Borzhomi», «Luzhanska»). Dehydration affects the kidneys and increases the concentration of uric acid in the blood.

    Prevention and treatment must go hand in hand. Plan the unloading days. Discard the meat and fish on this day. Do not combine meat with alcohol. Eat at least one orange a day.

    If worried about gout on the foot, you should wear only comfortable shoes. Home try to walk barefoot. After the long walk useful relaxing massages and baths.

    Treatment and prevention of gout relate to the activities of several specialists: therapist, urologist, neurologist, rheumatologist. Useful 2 times a year to take the test to determine the level of uric acid in the blood. Do not overload yourself physically, not to exercise during exacerbation of the disease. Ditch unhealthy habits. The most effective means of preventing gout is to eat right and not abuse alcohol.

    With timely treatment and prevent the development of gout, the prognosis is favorable. If left untreated complications resulting few years, the inevitable disability.