Prevention of osteoarthritis

Prevention of osteoarthritis is a set of measures that are aimed at preventing development of disease or its complications. It is the spine provides people the opportunity to produce a huge number of precise and smooth movements. However, with age, curvature of the spine, and its physiological curves become smoother. This leads to the fact that some people of middle and old age there is a hump that forces them to walk bent forward. In addition, reduced muscle tone, impaired functioning of organs, most of these patients have multiple chronic diseases.

In most cases, all these pathological changes could be prevented entirely or greatly reduce their severity. However, even on the background of already existing diseases are equally important in the prevention of osteochondrosis and its treatment. Only the combination of these two components, you can achieve a significant improvement of the General condition.Профилактика остеохондроза

Recommendations to prevent the development of osteoarthritis

Great care should be exercised in relation to children. Parents should see that their child is not hunched, sitting correct and wore a satchel, not a briefcase. Teachers of physical culture and coaches should control the technique of the exercises and choose the right complexes for the child. Injuries are especially dangerous first year of life, particularly when the child begins to learn to walk. Therefore, the floor should be covered with a special fabric that will soften the force of impact.

Prevention of osteochondrosis of the cervical is to minimize the risk of trauma to the neck. The danger of jumping into the water, where there may be submerged logs and metal. To slow the progression of the disease can regular massage, therapeutic gymnastics and a balanced diet, limiting excessive growth of body weight.

Prevention of osteochondrosis of lumbar Department is wearing orthopedic shoes with arch supports. They reduce the load on the spine, prevent deformation of the arch and the development of flatfoot. Women are not advised to wear shoes with heel height exceeding 5 cm Daytime sleep longer than 2 hours produce relief of spine.

People with occupations that require prolonged standing work, it is advisable to rest lying down for 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours. It is also necessary to control the posture of his body at the table. Most sitting, lounging in a chair, which negatively affects the spine. Prolonged sedentary work is necessary to watch, that there is a physiological curves of the spine. This will provide even distribution of load on the spine.

Seat depth should not exceed the distance from the popliteal fossa to the buttocks. If it is large, then you will not be able to use the back of a chair or couch. Muscles in such conditions, quickly tired, and the back will feel discomfort.

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Manual therapy

Massage is indicated in all patients with osteochondrosis that are not in the acute stage of the disease. Otherwise, the first treatment and then preventive and remedial actions. In this disease massage is focused on the following aspects:

  • reduction of pain syndrome;
  • improving blood circulation in the affected area;
  • reducing muscle tension;
  • the improvement of their functional state.

To massage is in the back area, where there is a pronounced tension of the muscles and the greatest pain. From the very beginning to prepare the muscles. Start massaging your back straight and alternate light strokes with the least painful half. Next, move to cross stroking and squeezing movements. Special attention should be given to the long muscles of the back, where the massage is performed by massaging in circular movements with fingertips.

Профилактика остеохондрозаKneading in the widest region of the muscles is produced by cross capture muscle fingers with compressive movement. It should be remembered that this technique is included in the main part, so start the massage with it. Trapezius muscle warming up as circular massaging the pad of his thumb, and with the help sipavina movements. Massage with the latest technology runs the pads of thumb and index finger when they are fully extending and parallel arrangement.

Prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease is done by massaging the neck on both sides. On symmetrical areas of the neck muscles produce a circular massage pads or phalanges. Also apply the technique of double-ring kneading. For this purpose, two opposite sides from the muscles are straightened fingers. Next, grab the muscle on both sides and lift her, then slip her in different directions.

In close proximity to the spine, the massage should be done only by the fingertips.


Sports can be the reason for osteoarthritis, it can be one of the main methods of prevention. It all depends on the degree of development of muscles, the regularity of workouts and the correct technique of each exercise. Often cause low back pain can unprepared sudden movements. So when you work at the gym or lifting weights in the gym, you need a rational approach to training and strives for the highest technique of practicing any exercise.

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Podiatrists and rehabilitation specialists was drawn up a special set of exercises that helps to prevent the development of osteoarthritis and to improve the health of the patient. This complex contains exercises that can be performed for patients regardless of the severity of the disease. The only contraindication to the performance of any exercise is the acute phase of low back pain.

Proceed to the occupation of physiotherapy is needed with easy exercises that will help to warm up the muscles and bring them in tone.

Original position


The first exercises should begin in the supine position and the hands placed under the head. Next comes breath, followed by a press head in his hands and exhaling. This exercise strengthens the posterior group of muscles of the neck and runs at a slow pace. Perform 15-25 times.
Lying down hands placed on the waist, legs straight. Moving to alternate bending and straightening legs. The focus should be on the back, so that during the exercises were flexion.
Stay in the same position. Bend your knees and breathe. Then exhale to bend, raising the pelvis.
To perform the following exercises in the supine position, the arms are pushed apart. Next is max with his right foot and left hand need to get to the feet. The same should be done with other hand and leg.
The fifth exercise is performed on all fours, in the starting position inhale. Not opening of the limbs from the surface, it should be possible to round the back and make an exhalation.
The last exercise: standing, feet shoulder width apart. Is tilt forward, touch right hand left foot and your left hand on the exhale, put aside.

Профилактика остеохондроза

The minimum number of each exercise – 10 times.

Conservative therapy or surgery?

Shown conservative treatment, which includes conducting orthopedic interventions, physical therapy, drug therapy. Indications for drug therapy is a low back pain of all degrees of severity, accompanied by corresponding symptoms. During exacerbation of the patient limit the range of motion and prescribe bed rest on a solid shield that lasts at least 8-10 days. Is assigned to the stretching of the spine, wherein the cargo weighs about 6-8 kg. thoracic osteochondrosis treatment by traction is not assigned because of severe vertebral fixation ribs.

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Physical therapy (hydrotherapy, ozocerite, mud) provides a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. Heat improves blood circulation in the tissues, that allows to provide them with nutrients and essential trace elements. A pronounced analgesic effect observed during electrophoresis with novocaine and papaverine. Electrophoresis is the introduction of drugs into the tissues by electric current. Such treatment allows to quickly arrest the pain syndrome and go to the lesson, curative gymnastics.

Drug therapy is built on the basis of patient complaints and objective signs. For vascular insufficiency treatment consists in the introduction of Cavinton, which improves blood circulation in the affected area. Severe pain relieved by analgesics, antispasmodics and muscle relaxants. Latest relieve muscle spasm, which is involved in the mechanism of pain. The neurological symptoms produced by the administration of drugs that improve the conduction of nerve impulses – neostigmine and vitamins of group B.

Surgical treatment is indicated when determining the compression of the spinal cord or its nerve roots. If you define a hernial protrusion which leads to compression of the nerve structures, the operation is aimed at its removal. The surgical treatment of excessive mobility of the vertebrae, which creates the conditions for the entrapment of spinal nerve-roots, is to install on the spine of special design. It is designed in order to provide immobility in the affected segment.

Remember that the best way to prevent low back pain – prevention.