Prevention of osteoporosis in men and women in older age and menopause

Features of osteoporosis prevention: tips and advice

Osteoporosis is a thinning of bone tissue.

The disease occurs due to an excess of phosphoric acid: disturbed balance in the body between calcium and phosphorus.

As a result, the calcium leaches from the bones and causes osteoporosis.

A decrease in bone density leads to frequent injuries, the most dangerous of which is hip fracture.

Why do bones crack?

To prevent osteoporosis, should clarify for yourself what kind of phenomenon is the fragility and brittleness of the bones?

If it is an irreversible process, then you need to accept and to be cautious all my life? Or is it a disease that people unknowingly miss in the course of his life out of control?

There is a myth that prevention and treatment of osteoporosis should only women who are already in old age.

Of course, that in 60 years, 25% women, according to statistics, have a severe form of this disease. And 70 years of age, almost 50% of women have had broken legs or arms.

With 45 years of women’s body produces less of the hormone «estrogen», which left a balance in the female body is violated. And here, osteoporosis, as a Highwayman, waylaying a woman.

But today, doctors say the emergence of this disease in adolescence.

Of course, genetics is an important component in determining bone strength, but still real potential shape lifestyle:

  • the devastating impact of alcohol;
  • heavy smokers nicotine literally empties bone;
  • the lack of movement because of sitting in front of computer and TV;
  • an improper diet.

Proper nutrition – prevention of disease

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While still young, many do not leave the illusion that a skeleton with bones and joints after puberty is given to us for long use and can not be changed, as the height of a man or the size of his foot.

But bone is a dynamic component. By 30-35 years, our bone strong and hardy, because in the first half of life cells produce more than is destroyed.

Then begins the opposite process: the loss of bone mass. Especially rapidly this process occurs in women: they lose up to 0.5 % of the total weight. It is necessary to know, to consciously replenish their bone «storage» of calcium.

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Women over 40 need 1-2 times a year to check bone density with the method of densitometry, which is held in the respective hospitals.

Calcium is the basis of healthy bones and joints

The disease can be prevent, alleviate or avoid if to make the menu wisely.

From childhood to strengthen the bones need calcium.

Recommended daily allowance for children aged 11 to 18 years old – 1200 mg for women aged 40 to 50 – 800 mg after 50 – 1500 mg.

Men 18 years of age for the prevention of osteoporosis necessary to take calcium with 800 mg per day.

That means we need to eat more foods containing calcium:

  • it is abundant in all marine products: perch, pike, cod, sea cabbage;
  • behind dairy: whole milk powder, curd, processed cheese, cheese;
  • vegetables: parsley, beets, beans;
  • calcium rich fruits: apricots, cherries, persimmons, peaches, citrus.

In the «win» its members: drinking a black tea, it is possible to obtain 495 mg of this useful element.

And sweeten the paste is not only delicious, but also useful: in 100 g of this product contains about 824 milligrams of calcium!

To remedy the lack of calcium and tablets, bringing the intake up to 1.5 grams per day.

Popular recipes

Prevention of osteoporosis and possible folk remedies:

    1. Crushed egg shells is considered in the people the good substitute of calcium. A pinch of this powder every morning mixed with porridge and washed down with a glass of cranberry juice.
    2. Easy to prepare infusion, which serves as a good preventive measure and speeds up the process of splicing of joints after injuries. It is prepared as follows: dried berries cranberries, the roots and aboveground shoots of marsh cinquefoil, roots of burdock and dandelion, – washed, dried, grind in a coffee grinder. Take 1 teaspoon dissolved in 100 ml of warm water, 3 times a day during meals.
    3. You frequently eat the fish and the bones from her not to throw, and allow to dry, then grind in a meat grinder and take 1 tbsp of the flour, stirring in a glass of water, three times a day.

Quick step – from osteoporosis

Not only food can protect us from this disease. Even the best diet can’t compensate for the lack of physical activity, sports, gymnastics feasible.

Sometimes women, who learned about the disease, begin to be wary of overly physical activity.

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But the movement is one of the prerequisites for not only prevention but also the treatment of this disease. Numerous studies have confirmed that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to bone loss.

Of course, it is not necessary to go into excesses and to take on excessive load.

As preventive maintenance you can do morning exercises in a quarter of an hour, two or three times a week to visit the health group, walk before bedtime.

To avoid osteoporosis, specifically recommended exercises for the hands and feet with the load. It’s pull – UPS, exercises with dumbbells.

Why grannies don’t jump?

With age, bones become fragile and risk of damage to your arm or leg in a bad fall is great. The real test for pensioners be the winter months, exciting March.

Sometimes the usual way to store in the ice becomes debilitating energy and nerves marathon.

Many older people in this period for the first time taking in hands a stick. It has something more reliable!

Women the disease starts to chase earlier than men. Female solidarity in the rejection of sudden movements after 55 years arises from fear, dictated by the instinct of self-preservation.

Bone pain, spine, posture change, reduction in the growth of the disease, which is called the «silent thief», is just as insidious.

Especially active are the backbone of steal from them after menopause. In the blood during this period, the level of «watchdog» of estrogen is reduced.

Prevention of osteoporosis in the elderly is particularly relevant for women who have:

  • low levels of estrogen;
  • removed ovaries or the uterus;
  • menopause;
  • thyroid disease;
  • thinness, weight up to 57 kg.

If you do not intervene in the course of the disease, in 7-10 years it will undermine the thighs, wrists, bend of the unstable spine «widow’s hump» or with a fracture lay in a hospital bed.

Of course, calcium is the main component of bone tissue, but we should not forget that it is practically not absorbed without vitamins, phosphorus and magnesium.

Needed a walk in the sun: effects of UV-radiation activates the formation of vitamin D, strengthens the skeletal system.

In the presence of certain diseases, e.g., gastritis with low acidity, the body does not take calcium. For proper treatment and selection of vitamins should consult the doctor.

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Long-term hormone replacement therapy reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It not only slows down the withdrawal of calcium from the bones, but also capable of restoring weakened bones.

General recommendations against the «silent epidemic»

Not to be left disabled for life, or, in General, not to die, you need to strengthen your skeleton.

Therefore, it is important these simple preventive measures which are quite capable of every person:

  1. A balanced diet, to include in your diet dairy products, nuts, vegetables. Eating foods rich in calcium, reduces bone loss.
  2. Phosphorus is closely associated with calcium in terms of consumption of the body of these minerals. Fish is an excellent source of phosphorus, moreover, in some species, e.g., herring, contains the highest amount of vitamin D that protects the skeleton from disease. Also, this vitamin is produced when ultraviolet rays on the subcutaneous tissue.
  3. Phosphoric acid in many soft drinks, and therefore their use should be abandoned.
  4. Maintaining a reasonable lifestyle because tobacco and alcohol can hinder your efforts in the fight against osteoporosis. These bad habits prevent the absorption of calcium.
  5. Physical activity within reasonable limits: any kind of exercise in any amount is better than nothing. Intensive half-hour walk a Sunny day, Biking or gardening can have a positive impact.
  6. Examination by ultrasound osteometry. It allows you to set the disease in its early stages, it is safe and does not require a doctor’s referral.
  7. The use of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is an effective means of enabling the woman to meet adequately the Golden autumn of her life. The combination of estrogen with a progestin has a beneficial effect on health.

To 30 years the body is stored calcium, which he will need in older age. If this time was missed, do not despair. Still have the opportunity to become healthier, stronger, happier without age restrictions.