Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis: nutrition, massage, nutrition and other methods of saving joints

Prevention of arthritis — how to maintain healthy joints to old age

Arthritis is an inflammatory process that affects the joints. The disease is virtually untreatable, it is therefore necessary to carry out its prevention.

For that one needs to follow simple rules in the course of their life.

Features and functions of the joints

Joints day-to-day carry enormous loads. When excessive and irregular they observed effects of wear of cartilage.

With the development of arthritis in patients with restriction of motor functions. That is why prevention of arthritis is the key to saving the health of the joints, especially for those people whose activity is connected with high loads.

If attention to this problem will be given is not enough, it can lead to the fact that a person can become disabled.

Who is at risk more than others?

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Particularly attentive to the health of their joints should be people who are at risk.

Arthritis often develops in athletes, especially if the person has had an injury — such people should be especially careful to take care of their health.

At risk also fall those who are obese and those who are exposed to dental diseases and ENT diseases. In this case, plays an important role hereditary factor.

If you do not follow a balanced diet, it can also lead to arthrosis, a frequent companion of arthritis. Thus, most often prevention of arthritis — the notion of identity.

The people who work in specific professional conditions are also at risk.

Arthritis can occur in people with autoimmune diseases that affects the joints and leads to their destruction.

What keeps healthy joints?

The three pillars of saving joints — proper nutrition, physiotherapy and careful attention to the loads.

In order to reduce the risk of arthritis, you need to adhere to certain preventive rules. First, one needs to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

People who tend to be overweight, you need to control your body weight. Also, in order to prevent the disease is necessary to alternate work and rest.

People who are at risk, you must daily do therapeutic exercises. Dependent on working conditions should be possible rationally to optimize his workplace. Also recommended for people already sick with arthritis limit exercise routine.

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If all the rules of prevention of internal and external negative factors will have minimal impact on the health of human joints.

Features prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious disease, which in most cases affects the joints in the fingers, feet and knees.

What methods in the treatment of this disease has not been applied, but to eliminate it completely fail. It is therefore necessary to carry out the prevention of violations.

To prevent the development of RA is necessary to ensure a healthy lifestyle, and it is recommended that regular performance of therapeutic exercises, which is to perform exercises for General body strengthening and aerobics.

Through the regular practice of the weight of a person will always be in the normal range.

Despite the high efficiency of physical methods before use, it is mandatory to consult your doctor. Only a specialist can create a program of study in accordance with individual differences.

With a strong regular pain recommend the use of mud baths. This procedure has a positive effect on improving joint mobility, ensures reduction of pain and eliminate spasms.

When consuming junk food from a person other than the guaranteed excess weight and «other related joys» can also develop inflammation of joints.

Therefore, for the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis need to follow a strict diet. Despite the fact that through diet, get rid of the disease is impossible to eliminate the aggravation and reduce the pain is still real.

Patients are strictly forbidden to use sugar, and foods that include it. You also need to limit the starchy foods. The menu should consist of cereals, vegetables, fish.

Arthritis can strike at any joint of the human body. It is recommended to pay attention to those joints that are most susceptible to excessive loading.

At-risk knees and feet

To prevent the occurrence of arthritis of the knee joints and joints of the foot people, it is especially important to monitor their weight. When the extra body weight these joints most susceptible to stress, which leads to their destruction.

It is not recommended to people who are at risk to lift weights. If they have such specific work, it is necessary to change their activities.

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Also prevention is to:

  • dynamic lifestyle;
  • the correct mode of the day;
  • temperature;
  • proper nutrition.

Prevention of arthritis and osteoarthritis of the knee it is especially important to adhere to temperature. This is because the knees are very poorly tolerate cold. For the purpose of preservation of heat in the joints of people with access to the street must wear knee pads.

For their production the most commonly used dog hair, which is one of the warmest. Knee pads can be not only warming, but also the fixing effect, allowing them to use athletes.

Also cold very often give in the joints of the hands, so in the winter you must wear warm mittens. All the joints adversely tolerate cold. It is therefore recommended to be especially careful to protect the joints in cold season.

The hip joint is afraid of inactivity

In order to prevent arthritis of the hip joint must move more. If the patient has healthy joints, it is necessary to perform the exercises in the power, and the frequent and high-intensity movement.

It is therefore recommended to walk, run, swim. It burns excess weight, which in most cases is the root cause of disease.

The regular movement produced stimulation of the blood microcirculation around the joints. The cartilage lacks blood vessels, therefore, to enrich it with oxygen it is necessary to provide intensive blood flow in the surrounding tissues.

Our fingers are tired….

To prevent the development of arthritis of the joints of the fingers exercises is quite rare.

Prevention of diseases of the joints of the hands is especially important to provide proper nutrition to the person. Food should consist of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

The diet of the people who are in the risk group should consist of foods with a minimal amount of fat. Best of all, the menu is of a man consisted of lean meat, vegetables, seafood, fruits, steam-cooked meals.

In order for prevention to be truly effective, a diet for a person should choose a dietitian.

Trauma — arthritis — osteoarthritis

Each person faced in their life with a trauma of a joint. In the face of trauma, the patient is recommended to undergo proper treatment with physiotherapy and medicines.

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If this is not done timely and properly, can develop arthritis, smoothly or abruptly develops into osteoarthritis.

Way of life — it would seem, what’s the joints?

In order to prevent arthritis, arthrosis and other joint diseases is necessary to make correction of your routine.

The rhythm of modern life dictates its own terms, which are not always to the liking of our joints. Therefore whenever possible it is necessary to observe the correct way of life, which is sufficient duration of night sleep, and frequent walks in the fresh air.

Also the person recommended to provide a balanced diet. Oddly enough, but stressful situations have a negative impact on the joints. Therefore any person it is important to ensure a positive emotional background.

Women dedicated to

The fair sex to eliminate the possibility of developing arthritis and osteoarthritis are advised to wear heels that are stable and comfortable.

It is strictly forbidden to stack one foot to another while sitting.

If after a long walk she feels fatigue in her legs to take it off you need to lie on your back and perform the exercise bike.

Also to relieve joint fatigue, you can use aerobics.

A little outside help

If all the above methods have an insufficient level of exposure, the patients, the use of chondroprotectors. For data of drugs characterized by the presence of cumulative effect, which positively affects the condition of the joints.

For the production of this group of drugs most frequently used animal products, which ensures high level of safety during their admission.

Despite this, before using medicines, you should consult a doctor.

Summing up it is possible to note five key points for saving healthy and strong joints for many years:

  • keep the joints warm;
  • rationally eat;
  • recommended correct mode of the day;
  • necessary sports and gymnastics;
  • avoid injury.