Prevention: scoliosis can be prevented

Профилактика: сколиоз можно предупредить

Scoliosis is a disease associated with curvature of the spine. The disease can be congenital or acquired. Curvature of the spine is considered a children’s disease, as it develops in the ages of 6-7 and 15 years. Therefore, the prevention of scoliosis is the main task of parents. They need to ensure that the posture of the child is formed properly. Preventing curvature of the spine should be conducted in kindergarten and in school. Fight for good posture and a flat back should be primarily parents of students. Think how much time your student sits at a Desk in the classroom or for homework? And then also computer games playing. But prolonged sitting can lead to abnormal development of the bones and muscles of the spine.

Prevention of spinal curvature

Parents should understand that prevention of osteoarthritis in a child should begin in infancy. You should not rush things and put your baby ahead of time. He will sit down, when the time comes.

When a child begins to learn the turns from back to stomach and Vice versa, keep it turning in different directions. When the child begins to walk, you need to drive over one, then the other hand. As much as possible walk with your child outside, because fresh air and sunshine tiny saturate the body with vitamin D, which is essential for bone growth.

Forget that there is a pillow, at least until the baby turned one year old. Babies under a year are intensively formed curve of the neck, and in order to avoid further problems with the cervical spine, put the baby to sleep on a flat surface. Try to teach your baby to sleep on your back to avoid strain on the spine.

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Профилактика: сколиоз можно предупредить

It should constantly monitor the proper posture of the child. The head should be slightly raised, shoulders deployed, but not to play for the blades. Line of the belly should not go beyond the bust line. Desk and chair for a toddler or school student must meet the growth. Distance from table surface to the eye shall be not less than 25 centimeters. It is important that briefcase or backpack student was with two straps. Better if the back is orthopedic. Don’t allow them to wear the backpack on one shoulder. Don’t try to make the child a soft bed, give her a memory foam mattress.

The best prevention of scoliosis in schoolchildren is considered to be reading a book or watching television in the sitting position. After all, you know that children love to read or watch TV lying down. The child still should not sit more than half an hour. After that it is recommended to get up and do small exercises. Make sure that children sat closer to the edge, the legs should be bent at the right angle. Need to get the back was straight, and his hands and elbows lay on the table or on the arms, this will avoid a heavy load on the spine. Very well, if the child engaged in certain types of sports:

  • swimming;
  • running;
  • skiing;
  • gymnastics.

Sports improve respiratory, endocrine and nervous system, which is important for the prevention of scoliosis in children.

Signs of scoliosis and its treatment

The signs of scoliosis can be noticed if you ask your child to undress and get back to you. Hand should be lowered along the body, and the heels put together. The line of the spine from neck to tailbone should be smooth and straight. The ears and shoulders of the child should be at the same level.

Scoliosis is usually discovered during the medical examination. If there is suspicion, the children are sent for x-rays. This is done for more precise diagnosis.

Treatment of scoliosis is the application of physical culture, massage and physical therapy. All appointments made by a doctor. The course of treatment and methods of treatment depend on the degree of scoliosis. If he has just started to develop, the child can attend sports classes at school, and at home with their parents should be doing specially designed exercises. If the diagnosis of scoliosis, that home charging will be insufficient. Will have to visit a medical institution to conduct a course of massage and physiotherapy.

If you want your child was a beautiful and straight back, take with all responsibility and seriousness to the prevention of scoliosis.