Proper diet in osteochondrosis of the basic principles of nutrition

Diet in degenerative disc disease: experts ‘ recommendations

Osteochondrosis — a violation of degenerative nature occurring in the articular cartilage.

Marvel in most cases, the intervertebral joints of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Proper nutrition osteochondrosis — one of the conditions for the successful treatment of the disease.

Regardless of which spine You are concerned about cervical, thoracic or lumbar, power normalization is an important factor in the integrated approach to treatment.

The main principles of the diet that must be followed is:

  1. the predominance in the menu of plant-based foods
  2. low calorie foods
  3. the use of vitamins and minerals
  4. a more balanced diet (not a valid use of mono-diet — rice, kefir, Apple and others, precluding a full admission of all nutrients in the body)

Compliance not only minimizes the risk from side effects of drug therapy, but also will accelerate the rehabilitation process of the affected cartilage.

Correction of body weight

Before you begin the actual therapeutic feeding, it is necessary to pay attention to such important point, as the reduction of body weight in patients with degenerative disc disease (for those of course who have it excessive).

The fact is that every extra pound is an extra load on our spine, particularly the intervertebral discs.

Obesity is one of the indirect causes of the disease, and elimination of obesity is important for prevention and treatment of disease.



Products for the dietary treatment of osteochondrosis

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The food in this disease requires to make a major correction in the diet consumed foods.

What to exclude?

The first thing to do for patients with osteoarthritis, it is removed from the diet too spicy, too salty and too seasoned dishes. Also, do not abuse of coffee, strong tea and alcohol.

In General, spicy, fatty food and refined carbohydrates harmful to healthy people, so excluding them from the menu can be applied as a preventive measure against osteoarthritis in middle-aged and older, at risk for this disease.

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These dishes have a negative impact on what is happening in the body metabolic processes, disrupt the balance of trace elements, reduce the microcirculation in the cells (including cartilage) and affect the body weight in the worst side of the course.
It is impractical to completely exclude from the diet salt, as recommended in osteochondrosis in the last century. Recent medical studies show that deposition of salts is the main cause of low back pain.

In sickness the fault is not salt, and sedentary lifestyle of the person, its inattention to one’s own body, lack of physical exertion on the back muscles and spine.

Even if salts are deposited in the tissue between the vertebrae is a completely different salt, and the excess percentage in the body is determined by the physician using urine tests.

The natural chondroprotectors

Care should be taken about the intake of substances involved in the synthesis of cartilage. Such substances are referred to as chondroprotectors (protecting the cartilage).

These substances can be consumed in the form of medicines that can be prescribed by decision of your doctor.

But they are contained in the mucopolysaccharides that are included in such foods as jelly or jellied fish. In addition, the jelly also includes collagen and protein, which are also extremely useful for connective tissue.

Another product that can provide the body with the natural chondroprotectors is jello (gelatin). This dessert is a great substitute for flour or chocolate products.

Plant foods

Plant food should form the predominant part of the diet. Fruits and vegetables, besides the fact that they contain vitamins and minerals that help to fight obesity. In addition, they are beneficial to the activity of the digestive system.


Sea foods can provide the body with the necessary amount of nutrients — polyunsaturated fats and vitamins, is very useful in osteochondrosis.

Also, seafood contains mucopolysaccharides, which have already been mentioned above.

Vitamins and minerals

In principle, vitamins and minerals are present in considerable quantities in vegetables, fruits and seafood. But it is always good go a month drug vitamin fortification of the body. This will establish the metabolic processes in tissues and organ systems.

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Should say a few words about such an important food item in osteochondrosis, such as calcium. This element must be entered in the body regularly to prevent further degenerative changes in the bone tissue.

Calcium-rich cheese, cottage cheese and other products of dairy origin, as well as nuts and lettuce. However, in order for calcium to be utilized, it is necessary the presence of vitamin D, which is in eggs, butter and marine fish.

Also the synthesis of vitamin D promotes exposure to the sun. Just remember about the dangers of direct and excess effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin — do not abuse solar baths. Read more about calcium, click here.

Another element that helps the calcium to participate in the restoration of bone tissue magnesium. Without magnesium calcium is simply «washed» from the body, not managing to fulfill its mission.

The magnesium contained in sunflower seeds, nuts, and vegetables.

A more balanced diet

This is one of the main conditions for the therapeutic effects of any diets. Nutrition should be as diverse as possible and to ensure intake of all the necessary substances — proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The other thing is that you should change the percentage to each other these three groups of organic compounds.

Osteochondrosis it is necessary to reduce the amount of fat and refined (in other words — harmful, carbohydrates with a high glycemic index) carbs, but the protein contained in the useful types of products (dietary meat, legumes and nuts) must be supplied in sufficient quantity.

Fractional power

Fractional power, which is recommended by some sources in osteochondrosis, in itself, will not improve and will not worsen the condition. Rather, it will benefit the gastro-intestinal tract than cartilage and connective tissue of the spine.

So if you have a healthy stomach or liver, it is not necessary to change the usual routine of meals. Another thing that abundant and rare meals by themselves give the body unnecessary stress.

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There are many harmful for a healthy person.Overeating is far worse than malnutrition.

Drinking regime

There is another prevailing public stereotype that low back pain is a consequence of the drying up of the intervertebral discs. On the one hand, it really is. However, this «drying out» is not because people drink a little, and the fact that vertebrae is not receiving sufficient blood.

So excessive use of water is unlikely to help improve the situation in osteochondrosis. Another thing is that some people do consume too a small amount of fluid. Therefore, the inclusion in the diet of healthy juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and pure water does not harm the common wellbeing, but rather the opposite — will bring some benefit.

An integrated approach

Don’t forget that one change of diet is not enough.

Osteochondrosis it is necessary to adjust not only consumption of food, but also the whole way of life. Therapy for degenerative disc disease in addition to drug exposure, also includes special exercises for the spine, fresh air, massage and manual therapy.