Protrusion of the cervical spine: causes, symptoms, treatment

Protrusion of the cervical spine is considered one of the most dangerous and serious diseases. The disease causes cervical to extreme vulnerability. While the affected area of the spinal canal, through which nerves, seriously thinning.

Протрузия шейного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы, лечение

What happens to the discs in different spinal diseases

The appearance of the disease

When the cervical vertebrae are healthy, when moving drives well absorb, thereby offsetting the load on the spine. Under the influence of any adverse factors, there is a gradual loss of the cushioning properties which are cervical discs. This leads to problems in the cervical spine.

It should be noted that the intervertebral disks do not tend to eat through blood vessels. By diffusion, they receive all the nutrients through the surrounding tissue. In case of violation of blood supply to nearby tissues, the nutrition of the intervertebral discs becomes defective. As a rule, this leads to various troubles, one of which can become a protrusion of the spine. It all starts with the water loss of the nucleus, which leads to the loss of its shock absorbing properties.

In addition, nutrients are not getting in the required amount and the fibrous ring that holds the disc — in the region of the intervertebral space. The result is the development of degenerative process of the cervical vertebrae. The density of the fibrous ring was gradually lost. Due to the loss of elasticity on its surface formed small cracks. — Meanwhile, becomes rigid and assumes the entire load. This step protrusion in the cervical spine is characteristic of the absence of pain, which replaces fatigue and of discomfort.

Протрузия шейного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы, лечение

Pathological changes in the disc of the spine: the gradual destruction of the integrity of the fibrous ring

— In this disease of the spine becomes rigid. If treatment is not timely, it leads to pressure of the nucleus to the surface of the annulus, which is affected by the lack of nutrients. It should be noted that the fibrous ring loses a greater percentage of its structure before the occurrence of the protrusion in the cervical spine.

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Protrusion of the cervical vertebrae occurs to the time when the annulus is severely weakened, due to pressure exerted on him -.

The causes of the disease

The reasons can occur protrusion of the spine, different. Among the most common of them are the injuries and the presence of an infection or problems associated with diseases of internal organs, which can disrupt the metabolism in the body. In addition, the protrusion of the cervical can cause genetic predisposition. Due to incorrect posture, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, kyphosis and other spinal diseases occurs protrusion. In some cases, the cause of the disease become age-related changes.

Протрузия шейного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы, лечениеIn many cases, the protrusion of the neck occurs because of incorrect posture. The cervical spine has to experience excessive load. As a rule, the reason of occurrence of protrusion is observed among people whose professional activity requires continuous sitting.

In addition, people leading a sedentary lifestyle, often suffer from this disease, as this is a violation of metabolism. Because diffusion does not cause the intervertebral discs to the required amount of nutrients (if the load is completely absent), the process is broken. But excessive load on certain muscles can also cause pain in the cervical vertebrae.

Symptoms protrusion

As the spinal canal in the cervical spine is very narrow, it is constantly exposed to the various damage. The main problem of protrusion in the cervical spine is the occurrence of compression nerve endings. This causes severe pain and affects the entire body.

Protrusion in the cervical spine, symptoms of which depend on the stage of the disease, is often diagnosed already in the serious stages of development. Only felt pain in the neck, many patients seek medical attention. Pain can occur in the shoulder and arm.

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Symptoms of protrusion in the cervical spine for many be very surprising — it can be a numbness of the fingers and the sensation of «chills». It is important to treat the protrusion on time, as the development of the disease are characteristic such independent signs like blood pressure, noise in the ears, frequent headaches and dizziness. Protrusion often causes irritability of the patient.

It is essential that treatment of protrusion of the cervical spine was timely, but many patients associate the symptoms with heart problems. And numerous studies in this case suggest otherwise. The constant pressure surges can be caused by the emergence of a protrusion, which is the irritant nerve root. As described above, for the first stage of the disease the presence of pain is not typical.

To treat the protrusion is important, therefore, when the first symptoms should immediately see a doctor, otherwise the disease will progress.

The consequences of lack of treatment

Treatment of protrusion of the spine includes a variety of methods. Big role here is played by therapeutic exercises, compound exercises should appoint a doctor. Prompt treatment of the protrusions is of greater importance than it might seem at first glance. The fact that the protrusion of the cervical can cause severely pinched artery that passes near the spine. These arteries tend to feed blood to the brain, and in their compression may be paralysis or stroke.

If the treatment of protrusion was defective, after some time, the disease can remind myself again. Disease peculiar appearance of the inflammatory process in muscles and ligaments, which can lead to cervical radiculitis. As you know, this disease is treated quite difficult and is accompanied by intolerable pain.
Протрузия шейного отдела позвоночника: причины, симптомы, лечение

With acute disc protrusion cervical spine is necessary to ensure complete rest, which is so hard to achieve, because this portion of the spine has the greatest mobility. Possible the spine is stretched and fixed using a specially designed collar. Thus it is possible to prevent excessive load. Further assigned nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and, if necessary, painkillers.

In the case of removal of the inflammatory process is a reduction of compression of nerve endings, leading to symptoms of protrusion.

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Exercise in diseases of the cervical spine

As a rule, similar diseases using conservative methods of treatment. A good effect can be achieved with the help of physical therapy at the protrusion. Ignoring protrusion of the cervical can lead to various complications. We must not forget about the vulnerability of the cervical. This suggests that gymnastics should be curative.

Gymnastics helps relieve pain and swelling. In addition, exercises restores sensitivity in the affected area. After removing the acute symptoms of protrusion of the attending doctor prescribes various treatments, including the aforementioned gymnastics and a course of massage, chiropractic or reflexology. Through the combined treatment can achieve full recovery.

Therapeutic exercises in the first place should be aimed at warming up the muscles of the cervical spine. For example, a circular motion and tilts his head. It is also recommended that physical therapy includes workout of the muscles throughout the back and arms.

All the exercises be sure to coordinate with your doctor and the specialist to determine the optimal number of their performance. After all, the approach to each patient, as is known, must be individual.