Protrusion of the lumbar spine: symptoms, treatment

Protrusion of the lumbar spine has its own distinctive symptoms and signs. Treatment protrusion is carried out under the supervision of a specialist, as this pathology is often a complication. Osteochondrosis — that’s why you receive the protrusion of spinal discs of the lumbar spine.

What is a disease

Протрузия поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, лечениеProtrusion is the condition in which there is protrusion of the disc tissue of the spine. The protrusion is evident outside of the spine, but without rupture of the fibrous ring. Pathology is of several types, depending on the location of the: protrusion of lumbar disc, protrusion of the lumbosacral spine and cervical vertebra. As described earlier, a frequent cause of low back pain becomes a pathology. It is manifested due to the shortage of calcium and water in the body. Thus, the joints become thinner and the vertebrae, which are available in each Department of a backbone in the end deformed.

In protrusion of the discs of the lumbar (for example), lose their elasticity, resulting in a getting smaller height. The danger of the disease that it often leads to serious consequences, such as a herniated disc.

Because of the protrusion of the spine the space between vertebrae is reduced, so person feels pain.

Who is included in the risk factor

First of all, the athletes who don’t always visit doctors, and therefore are at greater risk than others. If we talk about the causes of protrusion of the lumbar spine or the cervical vertebrae, we’re talking about excessive back strain that an athlete experiences on a regular basis. Protrusion of the spine is observed in old age, when people are too passive a way of life.

Among the other important causes are infectious diseases of different nature and such ailments as scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. The protrusion may be a consequence of diseases of the spine: a variety of injuries give a similar result. Sometimes women who have undergone a difficult birth, sick with this illness.

He feels sick

Протрузия поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, лечение

Such changes in the spine lead to the formation of hernia

Narrows the spinal canal, leading to inflammation and edema of the adjacent tissues. When this occurs, the compression of the nerve roots, therefore, struck the place where he found the bulge, gives a dull pain.

Besides the fact that hurts the area where the bulging disc, the patient feels pain in the whole back, especially in the course of the spinal nerves. Because of this, the patient disturbed coordination of movements and there is a weakening of the muscles. He can no longer perform usual physical activity.

Protrusion of lumbar: symptoms, stages, causes, development, diagnosis

Such a disease needs to be treated immediately after its detection. It is known that the pathology is stage 2, so try not to postpone a refresher course before the onset of complications.

Protrusion of the lumbar discs has its own distinctive features. However, it is useful to know about the symptoms common to all types of protrusions to prevent the occurrence of complications. For example, the disease is characterized by prolonged pain in the affected location and across the back. Feel stiffness, sometimes there is a burning sensation. Later the pain takes chronic and bother you constantly. There is a weakness in the muscles, you can’t run for a long time physical work, as tired quickly. Sometimes you may feel a tingling in the extremities (hands and feet). When the protrusion of the lumbosacral arises sciatica.

Протрузия поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, лечение

The photograph shows the pathological changes in the vertebral discs

Because the disease is degenerative in nature, the treatment of the protrusion is recommended to start with the first symptoms. They can be General, and then some of them appear to a greater extent that helps to determine the affected area of the spine. Each type of protrusion is accompanied by a separate, distinct symptoms. If you are diagnosed with protrusion of the lumbar, you will feel the pain in the lumbar region and temporary numbness in the groin. In case you have discovered a protrusion of the cervical vertebrae, it will numb all the limbs. The pathology of this type is accompanied by headaches and dizziness.

Protrusion of the thoracic spine is characterized by sharp jumps in pressure, intercostal neuralgia and numbness of the hands, often, fingers. It is not excluded and pain in the shoulder. The symptoms are protrusion of the lumbar often occur in the full numbness of one leg while at an early stage, the person feels like the pain experienced in the limbs. In this case, will help you exercise at the protrusion, therapeutic exercises, and taking the necessary medicines. However, before starting treatment should undergo necessary examination and to establish at what stage the disease is at the moment. Then the treatment of the protrusions assigned to the individual, in accordance with the physiological characteristics of the patient.

The prevalence of protrusion of lumbar quite large. Why? Almost all physical activity is performed in this part of the spine. Degenerative changes in the discs of the vertebrae being treated by a conservative. Surgical intervention usually is rarely. The disease disappears soon if the correct method of its treatment.

Протрузия поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, лечениеWhat causes protrusion of the lumbar spine? It is primarily a spinal injury. They don’t disappear without a trace and almost always have consequences. Prostrate is one of the most common consequences of repeated back injuries. Another factor is the wrong way of life. This applies to those who too often creates pressure on the spine, and those who are not involved in sports.

In addition, bad habits have a negative impact on human health. Age is considered a frequent cause of diseases of the spine. Especially affected are the lumbar, as withstand a load many years. Old age manifest themselves many diseases that are «piling up» for months, or maybe decades.

The danger of protrusion of the lumbar in that it can be asymptomatic for some time. Then, when happens the pinched nerve endings, there will be first symptoms that are typically expressed pain.

What happens to the vertebrae at different stages of the disease

In the first stage, as a rule, the process of bulging of the disc. Purposee — moves, that is, begins to push on the outer part of the annulus. As a result, a small bump that does not bring much symptoms. Further, when developing protrusion of the lumbar in 2 stages, there is an increase in convexity. It has already a lot of pressure on the entire structure of the spine. Symptoms of protrusion gradually begin to arise. The final stage is characterized by the formation of a herniated disc. The fibrous ring is broken. Some part of the nucleus pulposus bulges out.

Протрузия поясничного отдела позвоночника: симптомы, лечениеThe main causes of protrusion of the lumbar, as described earlier, are considered to be injuries, age and unhealthy lifestyle. However, pathology may provoke osteochondrosis and problems with metabolism. Especially detrimental to the spine is affected by a sedentary lifestyle. Why? The fact that the vertebrae have no blood vessels. Their nutrition is provided by diffusion. But if the person is not moving, it is a kind of starvation of the intervertebral disc. Because of this, there is a development of degenerative processes.

Protrusion of the lumbar sacral spine, like other types of diagnosed with the help of special equipment. As a rule, one survey and inspection is not enough to make an accurate diagnosis. It is necessary to apply x-ray or a CT scan.

Treatment of protrusion

In this case, the doctors always suggest non-pharmacological method of treatment. It includes a variety of procedures:

  • gymnastics;
  • massage;
  • exercises.

In rare cases, prescribe any medications, physical therapy is quite effective in this situation. Thus, the treatment includes extracorporeal shock wave therapy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy and other physical therapies.

Remember that Wellness policy must contain therapy. Exercises with protrusion of the lumbar spine play an important role, they accelerate the healing process. Gymnastics is assigned exclusively by the doctor, a self to do the forbidden. Do not forget about your diet, it should contain a balanced diet. Vitamin b is also important in the protrusion, so eat fruits and vegetables with lots of its contents.

Cervical protrusion and protrusion of the lumbar sacral spine are treated in the same way. The restoration of the vertebrae is a long time, so be patient and effort.

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