Protrusion of the spine: development, diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Протрузия позвоночника: развитие, диагностика и лечение заболеванияProtrusion of the spine — the most common form of fracture of the discs of the vertebrae. When you experience this disease, the discs fall down, with the result that the fibrous ring bulges beyond the boundaries of the spine, but remains intact. The protrusion can be considered as the initial stage of development of the hernia, which, in turn, can affect all parts of the spine.

Protrusion of the thoracic spine is much rarer than in other departments, due to small mobility and fixation of the vertebrae with the ribs. If not promptly diagnose and treat this disease, the progression of the protrusion may lead to herniation.

Causes and stages of destruction of the ridge

Protrusion of the spine is characterized by a rather long period of its formation, which consists of 3 successive stages:

  • The first stage is considered as the main prerequisites for the development of the protrusion. At the initial stage begins the process of destruction of the disk, which becomes less elastic as losing a significant amount of water moves down. In the fibrous ring diagnosed cracking. In the first stage can be destroyed to 2/3 of the disk. The person may feel a sharp pain at the injury site drive.
  • Протрузия позвоночника: развитие, диагностика и лечение заболевания

    Pathological changes in the vertebrae of the spine

    The second stage is characterized by the appearance of protrusions (2-3 mm) of the fibrous ring due to the strong destruction of the disk. Pain becomes more pronounced and long-lasting. They can seriously be felt in other parts of the body. Movements become more difficult and constrained.

  • In the third stage of the disease there is a significant bulging disk, which may lead to violation of the integrity of the fibrous ring and the formation of the hernia after the protrusion of the spine. The patient feels a sharp, radiating pain. At this stage, the motor function is significantly reduced.
  • A major factor in degeneration of the disks is the development of a patient of osteochondrosis, as with age, the human body ceases to obtain in the required amounts of vitamins, minerals and water. All tissues lose their elasticity (including intervertebral discs back). Due to the gradual destruction of the drives can’t function as cushioning for the vertebrae, whereby the vertebrae compress the disk and its contents beyond the boundaries of the vertebral column.

    Often protrusion of the spine develops in the lumbar spine, rarely in the neck or thoracic spine. In many cases, protrusion of disks is not accompanied by the manifestation of characteristic symptoms.

    To the development of the protrusion and can cause other negative factors:

    • serious fractures and distortion;
    • various kinds of injuries, leading to deformation;
    • congenital anomalies of the back;
    • unhealthy way of life.
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    Symptoms of protrusion and its diagnosis

    The signs typical for the disease largely depends on the place of occurrence of bulging disk.

    Протрузия позвоночника: развитие, диагностика и лечение заболевания

    Normal and diseased vertebra in the context

    Quite dangerous is the protrusion of the cervical, because even a slight protrusion for a very narrow spinal canal is considered dangerous and a serious cause for concern. Symptoms of occurrence of this type of protrusion may be different. As a rule, in the case of disease of the thoracic spine symptoms may include the following:

    • headache or dizziness;
    • numbness and weakness in the hands.

    For the thorax with protrusion of the spine characterized by a kind of pain and stiffness in the middle back, which can give in the chest or abdomen. In some cases, you may neuralgia a different degree of manifestation. Protrusion of the lower back can manifest in the form of acute pain when changing posture, General weakness and numbness of the limbs.

    If you notice signs of protrusion of the thoracic spine will need qualified medical help. After a visual inspection must be done x-rays and ultrasound damaged areas of the spine of the patient.

    An integrated approach to diagnosis provides a unique opportunity to determine the state when a protrusion of the spine, to determine the existing risks and understand how to treat the disease.

    Features of treatment

    Протрузия позвоночника: развитие, диагностика и лечение заболеванияTreatment of protrusion should be comprehensive. If timely start to treat the protrusion, it is possible to do without surgery. The most difficult and dangerous is the treatment of the cervical, because the disease is for the narrowest portion of the spine. The patient is prescribed physical therapy (exercises, physiotherapy), regularly observe the patient for several years.

    Typically, when the protrusion shown conservative therapy, which includes different methods, among which the most efficient are the following:

    • therapeutic massages;
    • physiotherapy;
    • Exercise;
    • reflexology;
    • medication;
    • creams and ointments;
    • manual therapy.

    Treatment of protrusion after use of the method of physical therapy, usually beginning with the appointment of a special pain medication broad-spectrum and b vitamins To restore and strengthen cartilage widely used dietary SUPPLEMENTS with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Course these drugs should be long enough. We should not forget about the mandatory compliance in each particular case of contraindications to the use of a particular drug.

    In order to eliminate the pain the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs (Nise, Ketonal, etc.).

    Gymnastics and alternative medicine in the fight against the disease

    Протрузия позвоночника: развитие, диагностика и лечение заболеванияFor lumbar use special creams that are applied to the damaged area of the spine. Your doctor may prescribe other forms of medication (for example, by injection or for oral type of use). Treatment of protrusion of lumbar must include physical therapy. Remedial gymnastics helps to strengthen the back muscles, increase motor function of the joints. In this case it is recommended to start with the most simple exercises, over time, gradually increasing the load.

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    Gymnastics should always be accompanied by the supervision of the attending physician to for any uncomfortable sensations (increased heart rate, pain, sleep disturbance) could correctly reduce the load or change the time. To get a positive effect, enough to do physical therapy 3 times a week, but regularly. Exercises should be delayed during the period of SARS or severe chronic diseases.

    Before starting any exercise is an easy warm-up to warm up muscles. Exercises should be performed slowly and smoothly. Need to make sure that does not linger on the breath, as in this case, significantly reduced the flow of oxygen in the body. While increasing physical activity the need for it increases.

    Physical therapy sessions are mostly done in supine position or on all fours. The specialist picks up for each patient individual exercises. Gymnastics and massage it is desirable to use as the basis of treatment.

    Protrusion of the lower back may be the first time to occur completely asymptomatic, so they often treat her begin in the last phase close to the herniation of the spine. If the protrusion can be effectively and quick treatment, when the hernia increases the possibility of using surgery. This is the main reason for the danger of this disease. When the risks of occurrence of protrusion should be possible to monitor closely the condition of the intervertebral discs and to take timely measures for treatment. The lumbar region is most often affected by the protrusion due to the high load on the vertebrae of this part of the spine.

    Протрузия позвоночника: развитие, диагностика и лечение заболевания

    On MRI photograph shows the damaged vertebrae

    Today for the treatment of protrusion of widely used alternative method. These include acupuncture, which can relieve muscle spasm, pain and to relax muscles. This significantly increases blood circulation, resulting in essential micronutrients faster into the discs, normalize metabolic processes. To remove stagnant processes and spasm help vacuum therapy, acupressure, hirudotherapy, etc. Massage should only trust the experienced professionals. Massage helps increase the blood supply to the affected vertebrae to strengthen the spine. The massage should be done only by an experienced specialist. Lumbar protrusion first the massage should last no longer than 10 minutes. Gradually, the procedure time is increased to 50-60 minutes.

    To treat the protrusion of the popular methods, neglecting conservative treatment is not possible because none of the existing popular recipes does not give the desired result. Consequences of the destructive changes in the spine can eliminate only doctor.

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    Surgical treatment and prevention

    Surgery for protrusion shown in the case of the transition of its development to the stage of hernia. However, it should be noted that in disorders of the cervical surgery is practically the only method of treatment. Without the timely application of the operation, the patient can develop serious health problems, including brain.

    Surgical treatment of protrusion of lumbar disks occur in the following cases:

  • Conservative treatment does not give a positive effect after 6 months of treatment.
  • The size of the drop of the annulus may threaten with disabilities.
  • With the rapid development of protrusion is affected when increasing the area of the spine.
  • If neglected diseases can completely break down a slipped disc. This pathology can be eliminated only by surgery, otherwise the person may face disability. With timely diagnosis and proper compliance with the recommendations of the experts, the prognosis is always positive.

    After successful treatment it is necessary to take care of prevention of the protrusion and a herniated disc. For this purpose, patient will need:

    • keep a correct posture;
    • to normalize the weight;
    • every day to do gymnastics;
    • constantly change the position of the body to prevent overload of certain muscles of the back;
    • to avoid the long walk on high heels or flat shoes;
    • evenly distribute the load in both hands;
    • to set the monitor face to avoid stooping neck;
    • use a mattress of medium hardness;
    • regularly ride a bike, visit the pool, enjoy a brisk walk.

    The main recommendation in preventive action is the understanding of the following principles: to treat the disease is always much more difficult than prevent its development.